Quake II

Xbox 360

Quake II Achievements

Most Earned

Establish Communications
Establish Communications (0)Establish a communication link to the command ship
Destroy Strogg Logistical Train
Destroy Strogg Logistical Train (0)Destroy the Strogg logistical train and restore power to key warehouse components
Destroy Security Grid
Destroy Security Grid (0)Enter the security pyramid and destroy the security grid protecting the industrial region
Navigate the Mines
Navigate the Mines (0)Navigate the mines to find a service entrance to the factory

Least Earned

Assassinate the Makron
Assassinate the Makron (0)Neutralize Strogg leader's communication system
Destroy Black Hole Generator
Destroy Black Hole Generator (0)Close main hangar bay door and destroy the Black Hole Generator
Destroy the Big Gun
Destroy the Big Gun (0)Destroy the Big Gun
Destroy Strogg Main Reactor
Destroy Strogg Main Reactor (0)Infiltrate and destroy Strogg main reactor
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