Quake 4 (DE)

Xbox 360

Quake 4 (DE) Achievements

Most Earned

The machine16 (15)Completed a level using only the machine gun.
Untouchable12 (10)Completed a level without taking any damage.
Solar Star of Courage28 (20)For courage in battle alongside Viper Squad, CPL Mahler has awarded you the Solar Star of Courage.
Blaster Master25 (15)Completed a level using only the blaster.

Least Earned

Seasoned warrior335 (50)Played over 5000 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Rhino Squad425 (75)Over 10000 frags in Ranked matches.
Combat Veteran135 (25)Played over 1000 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Raven Squad260 (50)Over 5000 frags in Ranked matches.
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