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    It's like Doom 3 but without the substance, or the kickass lighting, or even a steady framerate. In short Quake 4, dispite being a fun game, is just way too simplistic in todays world, and it barely functions on the Xbox 360.

    *Note i've played AND completed this game on the PC as well*

    So what is quake 4? Well it's a direct sequel to Quake 2, where you kicked the strogg's (Bad dudes) asses off earth, but this time your going to Stroggos (Their home planet... creative name I know) to kick their asses. You play as a mute man named Kane who is apparantly imfamous for... something (As your fellow marines frequently exclaim; "The corporal Kane? Thought he'd be a lot bigger") but that really doesn't matter. The games about kicking ass, plain and simple.

    Now Doom 3 was known for it's solid combination of cramped gunfights and creeping through the shadows, always looking around the corners to see what will pop out. Not Quake 4, this is a balls-out action game that requires no strategy to play. Think of Serious Sam, but with less enemies on screen at a time.

    Doom 3 also had phenominal graphics, even on the Xbox port... and boy does Quake 4 fall flat here. It's not an awful looking game, (it's still one of the best looking games from the launch window) but that framerate, OH MAN. The game never runs at a perfect framerate, it ranges from "oh this isn't bad" to "OH MAH GAWD ITS A DAM SLIED SHO!" I found in the campaign the framerate was tolerable throughout, but bogged down significantly at points. (Usually involving explosive barrels)

    You also get mutalated into a Strogg about half-way through the game, (Its not really a spoiler as it says it ON THE DAMN BOX) but this really doesnt change the game at all. You move slightly faster, (I think) have a small health increase, and can read their language, which really isn't more than "PRESS B TO GO UP." Interestingly you actually witness this through first person... first person mutaliation! You get your legs chopped off, stabbed with various needles, etc... I actually got nauseous the first time I saw this, and had messed up dreams the second time. Why didn't the media flip shits over this scene?

    The game isn't that tough either. Play on any difficulty except General and you can just blast through this one in no time. On General however you can get taken down in ONE MELEE ATTACK, so it's not a fun ride. I'm only about 20% done this difficulty and I can say it's not gonna get any easier.

    There are vehicle sections too. I don't really need to comment, they try to break up the monotony but DON'T, but at least they work. You man a turret, drive a tank, and drive a walker that looks like it came from mechwarrior. They can all inexplicably regenerate too, but you can't complain right?

    Online is fun... but the community is essentially dead. Matchmaking is terrible, because you can only choose one gametype and length at a time. (DM, TDM, CTF, ACTF, or Tourney, and Short, Normal, or Long) Even if you find someone you have to wait 2 whole minutes (that's 120 seconds) for the game to start. Yikes. Everyone i've played either sucks or clearly plays this game WAYYYYY to much. (Im looking at you, Shotgun 10111)

    For achievements, the game is an absolute nightmare. Its about 50/50 between solo and online play, but they are both overkill. In solo you have to beat the game FOUR TIMES, (difficulty don't stack) and beat a level using just one gun. You also have a few instances where you have to keep some idiot AI buddies alive. The online stuff is an absolute joke however, 10000 kills? (BEFORE Gears did it) Capture 1000 flags? Get 500+ impressives? (Double Kills) Play 5000 games? And who could forget the imfamous "get to number 1 in the world?" It's not possible unless you cheat, and even if you do cheat it's gonna take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

    In conclusion, Quake 4 is as simple as they come. It's an "all balls and no brains" shooter that may last a few days. It looks pretty bad and runs awful by todays standards, and is in short a horrible port, dispite Doom 3 on the Xbox being an excellent port, and one of the best games on the system. Achievement whores dare not touch this one, however fans of older games like Doom should give it a shot, but if you really need an old-school shooter fix, pick up PainKiller for the PC.
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    Tasty PastryGood review. I bought this game for a ten, but it is too scratched to play. Sooner or later I'm going to get it buffed up. I bought it as a mindless shooter just as a game to play when I don't need to bother listening to plot, so it looks like it will serve the purpose.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 16 Nov 09 at 17:07
    SpectreSubZeroThis game is currently $4.99 at Gamestop! I purchased it and returned it within 2 hrs. The gameplay sucks, graphics are old school, and you will only be able to unlock 20% of the achievements! This game is over priced lol! It should come free with a purchase of another game
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 16 Nov 09 at 18:34
    SpectreSubZerolol, I guess so
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 17 Nov 09 at 13:10
    goofynewfie72I agree with your review but I still managed to get some mindless fun out of it. I also got 23 achievements out of it too, though none of them were online. Still, that`s not too bad for the $5 I paid for it. Now I just have to beat it on "General" difficulty and I`ll have all the single player achievements. Considering how hard (and unfair) the game was at times on "Lieutenant" difficulty, I can`t say I`m looking forward to it.
    Posted by goofynewfie72 on 19 Jan 10 at 08:53
    OfficerBarbradyhow come it says that there is no author for this review?
    Posted by OfficerBarbrady on 05 Jul 11 at 04:24
    JIng1esIt says there's no author, because no one wanted to be associated with the review for this game. :)

    As much as I enjoyed the game, the review is right. It gets old and fast. Graphics are terrible, even for launch in my opinion. As far as achievements go, it's obvious no one had a clue about how to make achievements, but then again... it was one of the first games to have them. You'll only get any enjoyment out of it if you liked FPS games from "back in the day".
    Posted by JIng1es on 15 Apr 13 at 00:29
    Shadow 00 FoxTerrible review... I've never played, seen, or know anything about Doom 3.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 21 Aug 16 at 21:39
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