1. Quake 4 Walkthrough overview

Hello, and welcome to the Quake 4 achievement walkthrough. I shall be giving a run-down on how to obtain every achievement in this game.

I would generally recommend that you find a group of people to boost this with and also that you schedule regular sessions for the multiplayer. The single-player achievements are fairly straightforward, although some aren't all too clear. Please note that the achievements for completing the single-player campaign are NOT stackable, and so you will have to play the single-player campaign once on each difficulty setting.

The multiplayer achievements, on the other hand, are what make this game so hard to complete. They will need to be boosted as no one plays this game anymore, and some are simply impossible to obtain legitimately anymore. All multiplayer achievements have to be done in ranked matches.

The single player walkthrough is based on information from the Quake Wiki, as well as from first-hand experience of playing through the game myself, whereas the multiplayer walkthrough is based on methods devised by myself and my boosting group, as well as on solutions already on TA.

Note that some versions of Quake 4 come with Quake II. If you need a walkthrough for Quake II, then check out BulgyDragonZord's walkthrough.

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