2. Quake 4 General hints and tips

First of all, be prepared to spend a long time on this game. This is certainly one of the hardest games out there to complete. Secondly, you will need a dedicated group of boosters in order to complete the multiplayer. Unfortunately, every multiplayer achievement is a grind, albeit with some achievements being even more arduous than others. You have to earn a specific amount of a variety of different in-game awards, 5,000 win points, 1,000 flag captures, 10,000 kills, reach the top rank in the All Gametypes leaderboard, and play a staggering 5,000 ranked matches.

I definitely recommend having a selection of movies to watch in the background or some background music to keep yourself occupied, as well as copious amounts of caffeinated beverages. I, for instance, have a 1.6L (56 fl. oz.) tea mug just for such purposes. Well, more like a flowerpot with a handle, but you get the idea. Even if you’re the kind of person who is able to focus on one thing for lengthy amounts of time without getting bored, it is good to have something other than the game.

One good thing, however, is that the single player campaign allows you to save manually at any time. Thus, when it comes to completing the campaign on General difficulty, save and save often. Do NOT, however, overwrite saves as you could potentially screw yourself over by getting to a part you cannot get past but lack the ability to go back and re-do previous parts so that you are better prepared for it. Do not run in guns blazing, but instead try to remember what you have to do from your previous runs, and, importantly, utilise cover. Constantly strafing is another effective tactic, as a moving target can be as hard to hit as one behind cover.

There are three achievements associated with each difficulty: one for completing the first act, one for completing the first and second acts, and one for completing the whole campaign. The four difficulty levels are: Private, Corporal, Lieutenant, and General. These achievements do not stack across difficulties. However, this can be to your advantage, as it will allow you to familiarise yourself with the layout of the game on easier difficulties in order to prepare yourself for harder ones. The campaign is divided into levels, spread across three acts. There are a total of thirty-two levels, which include vehicle sections.

Other general hints include saving your more powerful weapons for tougher enemies, and using weaker weapons on weaker enemies. Lastly, make sure you go into the game settings, which can be accessed from options on the main menu, and set 'auto weapon switch' to off. This will prevent your weapon from changing every time you run over a weapon pick-up.

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