1. Quantum Break Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Quantum Break walkthrough. I'm your host, ManicMetalhead.

Quantum Break is a third-person shooter, originally released back in 2016. The game centres on Jack Joyce, granted powers of time manipulation after a failed time-machine experiment that takes place in the first act. Jack comes into conflict with his former friend Paul Serene over how to deal with an apocalyptic End of Time scenario, created by a fracture in time.

What makes Quantum Break such an interesting game is the blend of features, especially an integrated live-action television show, featuring the actors of the characters, that you'll almost seamlessly drop in and out of while playing through the game. While it is mostly an action-oriented third-person shooter, you'll also have to take on more platform game elements in the less action-oriented segments.

Similar to games like Mass Effect, there are also junction points that affect the game's outcome depending on the choices you make (or don't make). As such, the characters in-game interact with your choices, displaying the results of the decisions made. You will also come across small collectables called Quantum Ripples that will slightly alter how the junction points play out, even if it's just the odd line in the TV show here or there.

I'm currently still plaything through this game myself, and I'll play along while writing this guide. I will try not to reveal too much, however I will leave a spoiler warning here just to cover myself. If you don't mind spoilers, read on.

Overall, you should be able to complete the game in 15-20 hours, although some gamers have finished it in as little as 10-12 hours. It should only require one playthrough if you don't mind being particularly daring and going straight into the game on hard. Personally, I played this game in two playthroughs, and that is how this walkthrough is laid out. The first was on normal difficulty, finding all the collectables and all the other story filler items (that don't count towards achievements) and just generally enjoying the game and finding all I can, then the second, I rushed through on hard to mop up the remaining achievements.

When you reach the aforementioned junction points, the decision you make has achievements related to it. You can get both in a single playthrough, which I'll mention how to do on the next page. Also, the three difficulty-related achievements all stack, however I recommend playing through on either easy or normal first, before attempting hard, just so it's easier to hunt collectables and work on achievements without having too much worry.

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