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Quantum Break has junction points as I mentioned before, some have achievements related to each decision. In order to unlock both achievements in a single playthough, you can make one decision then wait for the achievement to pop. Once it does, you'll need to click cn_RB, then select cn_back and press "Restart from Last Checkpoint". After that you can just replay the scene and make sure you choose the other choice, allowing you to pop both in one playthrough. You can then repeat this if it's the decision you want to play the rest of the game with, or copy the method above to re-select the first option. However, if you're doing this in two playthroughs on different difficulties, you can just leave it and make sure you choose the opposite decision to your first run-through.

I personally did this in two different playthroughs, and that is how I've laid out this walkthrough.

Also, it should be noted that you should not turn your brightness up all the way. While this usually makes a game easier than it's intended to be, in Quantum Break, at many points in the game, you'll find yourself completely blinded. So in this instance, I'd suggest keeping it around medium brightness.

Throughout each act, there are a number of collectables that you have to collect, all of which are linked to an achievement. These collectibles include quantum ripples, narrative sources, intel and chronon sources. If at any point you accidentally miss one of these, simply pull up your timeline and press cn_X to get details on which collectibles you have and haven't found, however if you follow this walkthrough, I'll make sure that these are all pointed out along the way, so hopefully you won't miss any. During the first act, you will also unlock a power called time vision. Once you have this, and you use it in an area, all collectables will glow orange for a few seconds. I will give the best descriptions possible for the location of every item, but if you get a little lost, just use time vision and you should be able to see the item(s) I'm describing.

A number of the achievements in this game are linked to the use of your abilities. While I have listed the places that I unlocked these, which are some of the best spots to grind out the achievements, many of them will likely unlock as you play the game, especially if you do two playthroughs and if you make the most of all of your abilities, rather than just your gun.

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