3. Quantum Break Story Walkthrough - Act 1Update notes

Act 1

Part 1

You take the reigns of Jack Joyce, a native of Riverport returning home after a long time away due to a falling out with your brother. Paul Serene invites you back to Riverport to see what your brother Will and him have been working on. You'll start the game with a cutscene, which while you can choose to skip it if you so wish, I recommend watching them in order to pick up on the story.

Your eclectic cab driver drops you off at the steps on the University and you begin. As you begin walking forward, you'll get and take a phone call from Paul while wandering around. Don't wander too far, try to stay in this first area so you can get the collectables around here without having to double back on yourself. Once you regain full control of Jack, you'll want to do your first collectable hunt. There are quite a few in this area.

First up, look to your left and go over to the Riverport map (#1/16) and examine it using cn_X for your first collectable. Advance through the walkway and inspect the Protest Flier (#2/16) on the table to your left. Continue on down the walkway until you see a noticeboard ahead on your left with one of three posters lit up. Inspect the lit up poster called "Stop Monarch Problems" (#3/16). Turn left and head on where you'll see another lit up noticeboard on your left. Examine this notice board for Sofia Amaral Seminar Poster(#4/16). Double back, go past the "Stop Monarch Problems" poster then head up the path to the left towards to statue in the middle. Next to the "Please Go Around" sign, you'll see a small camp chair with a radio on it, which will play the Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show (#5/16).

Run around to the left and you'll find a large LLP sign and a girl, called Amy, standing next to it. Start up a conversation with her and you'll enter a cutscene, you can make any conversation choices you like. After the cutscene finishes, inspect the board just to her right for Amy's Monarch Timeline (#6/16). From here, head into a small tent just ahead. Inspect and turn on the TV which gives you the a video file called Return (#7/16). Head out of the tent and to your left, heading towards the Physics building (opposite direction from Amy). Before you head inside, inspect the two newspaper articles just to the left of the door; Dr Kim Memorial Article (#8/16) and the Paul Serene Focus Article (#9/16). Open the door and a cutscene will start where you meet Paul Serene. Once you gain control after this cutscene, head behind the reception desk and inspect the computer to get the email RE: William Joyce Clearance (#10/16). Head over to where Paul is standing to continue the story a little more. Follow him up the short ramp into the next room, but instead of following him in the lift (elevator), head past the lift and look to the right for another noticeboard. Here you'll find a Monarch Job Fair Poster (#11/16). Head back and enter the lift with Paul. On the next floor, as soon as the lift doors open, you'll see a presentation prepared straight ahead of you. Head to one of the front seats and interact with it to sit down and watch the presentation (on later playthroughs where you have already got all the collectibles, you can ignore this). Watching the presentation will not only give you the Project Promenade Presentation (#12/16) but it'll also give you your first achievement;

From here, follow Paul into the lab, down the ramps and then up into the control room. Just inside the door of the room, look to your right and you'll see a picture and a ram statue. Inspect the Photo of Jack and Paul (13/16), then at the left hand side of the desk, inspect laptop for and email RE: Project Promenade Beta Test (#14/16). Paul will continue his story and will soon open the next door allowing you to continue. Follow Paul down the ramp, then on the left-hand side of the desk on your right, you'll find a PDA that contains another email RE: Coming Home? (#15/16). Continue to follow Paul and you'll see another board on the left just on from the PDA. Inspect this for the Corridor Schematics (#16/16). Follow Paul to the end of the corridor, then activate the core by interacting with it then pushing cn_LSu. Follow Paul back round to the first control room and he'll give you a key to activate the core from there, turn the key then follow Paul around a little more until you see a button you can press. Hit it and let the story unfold. and turn the key. Turn to set up the machine again, where Will will arrive. After a brief encounter Will will try to stop the machine, but something goes wrong. After this, you'll unlock;

When you regain control of Jack, turn left and head to the control room to try to speak with Will. Head back down to the core and try to get Paul out of the machine. During this cutscene a wave of Monarch soldiers, your enemies, will flood into the room and start shooting. Once you regain control, follow Will to the hatch he came in, then follow him for another cutscene to finish Part 1.

Part 2

Follow Will through the underground section, and on the way Will tries to explain what just happened to you, and you can also pick up some pistol ammo on the way. You'll reach a door that Will can't open which you'll have to interact with to bash your way through. This doorway leads to a server room. As soon as you walk in, you'll have to hide behind some of the servers and follow Will along a side passage to continue the story. Once you make it out the other side of this passage you'll regain full control of Jack. Head through the first door to re-enter the server room, but before you enter the open double doors to the right, head to the computer in the middle of the room and inspect it to get an email for Paul Serene Lab Clearance (#1/4). Leave the server room via the double doors and advance to the lab room. Here you'll be attacked by a few more Monarch troops and will be given a quick shooting tutorial. After this, keep to cover and wipe out the rest of the soldiers that come your way. Head over to their corpses and you can usually pick up and SMG as well as your pistol. Before you leave this room, head to the right side of the room. You should see a large whiteboard laying vertically against the glass. This is your first Quantum Ripple and also second collectible, which are linked to the TV show element of the game, and to a couple of achievements. Inspect the whiteboard and Will comes over and finishes the equation on the board, Quantum Ripple (#2/4).

Head onwards to the next room where a lift will come down. A few enemies will spawn from inside the lift, as well as from just beyond it. Wipe out these enemies the head towards the lift. Run around the left side of the lift and you'll come across a few sofas. On one of these sofas is another PDA containing the email FWD: Library Protest (#3/4). Run back around and enter the lift with Will and ride it down. Open the elevator door for a short cutscene, then when you can, unfreeze Will and exit the lift. While time is frozen, you can run up to the soldiers and take their weaponry right out of their hands. Just behind this first set of soldiers on the desk is another PDA with the final email in the level, called University Operation (#4/4) then continue with Will. You'll run past a load of frozen people and soldiers on the way, head forward and towards a building on the right, although if you get lost, simply let Will take point and follow him. Once in this building, you'll enter a closed door into a lecture hall where time will unfreeze. Head out the back of the lecture hall where Will offers you his car keys. Take Will's keys and open the door to head into the car park. Once outside, you'll unlock Time Vision, which is kind of like Eagle Vision from the Assassin's Creed series, allows you to locate enemies through structures and obstacles, as well as detect ammo and other useful items. Eliminate the enemies here and head to the back right of the car park. Find Will's car using the Time Vision for a short cutscene. Once the cutscene finishes, you'll be given access to Time Stop. Practice this new ability on the enemies that spawn in, then eliminate them all. Make your way back to the lecture hall. Just inside the door, you will meet Beth Wilder and unlock the next achievement;

Part 3

Once you re-enter the lecture hall, you'll find that Will has been captured. In order to find him, head to the front of the lecture hall and use your time vision to check for a time echo. You'll see an echo of Monarch Soldiers taking Will up the left set of stairs. Make your way up the stairs after them and open the door. You'll be introduced to your third ability here via a short cutscene, Time Dodge. Once you regain control, use Time Dodge in combination with your other powers in order to wipe out the enemies. Head on to the next room which is the cafeteria, where you'll be introduced to Focus Time. When you use Time Dodge, you can aim immediately after the dodge has finished, in order to slow down time for a few seconds. You can start making progress to another achievement here. Once you have an idea of how far you travel with a time dodge, get just within that range away from an enemy then time dodge into them. This will cause that enemy to recoil in front of you. If you do this, quickly aim to activate focus time, aim at their head and kill them with a headshot. You'll need to get 10 headshots like this. You may be able to get this in the cafeteria area if you're able, but if not, keep working on it over the game and you'll get it over time. You have the whole game to earn this one and you'll become more proficient with aiming in focus time as you progress through the game. Once you have all 10, you'll earn;

After wiping out all the enemies in the cafeteria, head outside. Head over to the gate that leads to the library to find that it's locked. Instead, head to the left of the area to where you find a raised platform, then a row of three Portaloos (the portable toilet cubicles) on top of the platform. Climb onto these then jump over the wall. Before continuing, head towards the barrel just in front of you and listen to the radio on the top for the Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show (#1/1). Turn around and you'll see a series of makeshift platforms behind you. Climb up the first two then turn right. You'll see a blue scissor lift in front of you, which will drop down if you jump onto it. Instead, aim at it and use time stop to hold it in place. Quickly jump onto it then over to the other side. Go up the ladder ahead and climb into the building through the window. When you enter the main library area, you'll be introduced to Time Shield, which you can use to protect against and deflect bullets. Fight your way up to Will. Once you're with him, you'll be ambushed. Survive the ambush, and make full use of your power doing so, then make your way out of the library. There will be another cutscene as you try to leave, however this is another with spoilers in it, so I'll leave this up to you. This is the end of Act 1, so you'll earn;

Junction 1

This is the first junction, where the choices you make have an effect the storyline. In this first junction, you take control of Paul Serene. After a short cutscene, walk with Mr. Hatch. You can use time vision here to detect the three collectibles in this area. All three are located virtually next to each other. After going around the first two lorries, you'll come across two Monarch soldiers in yellow hazmat/ decontamination suits. Look behind where these guys are standing. On a box just before you get to them, find and inspect the Ram statue (#1/3). This is the second Quantum Ripple. On some crates just beyond this ram statue, and still behind the Hazmat soldiers, you'll find two more narrative items, the Will Joyce Dossier (#2/3), and the Jack Joyce Dossier (#3/3). Head onwards to where you'll see Amy knelt down. This is where you make your first decision. You'll be offered two choices here, PR or Hardline. There is an achievement for each choice. When you first select an option, a short cutscene will play out, telling you what will happen if you choose that option. After that cutscene finishes, you can choose to watch what would happen if you chose the other option, or can make you final decision on your choice. For this walkthrough, I chose PR. Different collectibles appear in the Hardline choice, so if you choose this, my walkthrough may not directly match up.

If you are doing as I suggested, choose PR, as I have. Since you'll be playing through again on Hard difficulty, you can simply choose the other option on your second playthrough. If you are trying to get everything in one playthrough, choose Hardline first. Once the achievement pops (I'll be tagging this one in on a later page, as it doesn't follow this guide otherwise), you'll need to click cn_RB, then select cn_start and press "Restart from Last Checkpoint". Once this reloads, go through the scene again and choose PR.

Choosing PR will play out a short cutscene showing you what happens, where you'll be awarded;

This completes this first junction, and will start the first episode of the Quantum Break TV show. Assuming you followed this guide and collected both Quantum Ripples in this level (the whiteboard and the ram), once the episode starts, you'll unlock;

Each TV show episode is around 25 minutes long, and although you can skip it if you wish, they are pretty good in my opinion and add even more info into the storyline in a unique way. After this episode finishes, you'll start Act 2.

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