4. Quantum Break Act 2Update notes

Act 2

Part 1:

You'll start part 1 of Act 2 with a short cutscene, continuing the story from the end of the last chapter. As soon as you get full control of Jack, look ahead and to the right TO see a white glow. Walk over to this, which is you first Chronon Source (#1/18). If you don't see a white glow here, activate your time vision to highlight it even more. Collecting these allows you to upgrade Jack's powers. Use it to upgrade Time Stop. Doing so nets you:

From here, turn around and head left to some boxes on the ground and a gap in the railings on the walkway above. Head along the walkway, out the door, then drop down through the gap. Head into the opening on your right up ahead. You'll see a crane holding some steel. Shoot at the pulley, which will drop the steel onto the crates ahead, allowing you to carry on. Head through the newly created gap and activate your time vision as you run through. Ahead and just to the right you should find Chronon Source (#2/18). There are more achievements relating to upgrading powers, but following this guide you'll get all of them, so for now, I recommend upgrading time dodge. Head back over to the opening you just made and head left up the plywood ramp just in front of it. Follow the path upwards and at the top, hold cn_Y to revert the dropped steel and recreate your path for you, then for added measure, use time stop to get across. Carry on over the metal and planks until you drop down into a little room with a closed door. Make your way through the door. Once you're back in control of Jack, look to your left to see a laptop on a desk. Interact with the laptop for the next narrative email called Monarch PR Plan (#3/18), this is also the next Quantum Ripple (#4/18). Look left towards the noticeboard and read the Monarch PR Strategy Poster (#5/18). Turn left again and head towards the room exit. Just before you leave the room, examine the poster on the wall to the right for the last narrative piece in this room, Ground Zero Map (#6/18).

Make your way out of the room, and eliminate all of the enemies in the next area. If you haven't been able to get it yet, remember to try to work on getting headshots in focus time. Turn the generator on along the right side wall and head to lift. Take the lift up to the next level then head to the right. Run along the path then when you reach a pillar with a CCTV camera attached, activate your vision pulse. Here you should be able to see and collect your next Chronon Source (#7/18). Use this one to upgrade your time vision. Head out the door up ahead for a short cutscene, then go along the partially broken pathway. As you approach the window, you'll spy two Monarch thugs holding Amy hostage. The platform will collapse as you reach the end of it, alerting the guards. Take them down through the open window, then climb through that window to enter the room. Head over to Amy to start a conversation with her, and while that is going, make your way around the room. On the table just to the right of where Amy is standing, you'll find an Eye Drop Bottle (#8/18). As this is your first piece of collectable intel, you'll unlock;

From here, turn around and look at the window you came in, on the table in front of it will be a laptop that you can examine for RE: Ground Zero Operation (#9/18). Head over and exit the room with Amy. While Amy heads to the gates on the left, you need to head to the locked door on the right. Barge through and hit the gate controls on the left as you want in. Let Amy through the gate, after which it will close. Use the control panel to open it up again, then cast time stop on the gate and use time dodge to get through it before it shuts. Now follow Amy through the middle of some train carriages then look to your right. You'll see a set of boxes that allows you to climb into one of the carriages. Climb up the first set of boxes, head left and climb up a large pile of planks, where you'll see a yellow sheet hanging down. After climbing the planks, leap over to where the sheet is hanging, then activate time vision. Just to the left of you, you should find another Chronon Source (#10/18). Use this to upgrade your time shield. Head along this platform to the right and jump off onto the roof of another train carriage. Run down the carriage the jump onto the building rooftop on the left. Head forward and fall down the gap into the building beneath you. Activate time vision in this room and you'll find another Chronon Source (#11/18).

Climb back up the boxes and out onto the roof again. Jump back onto the train carriage roof and then head left. Jump off the carriage roof and head forwards towards another train carriage. head down the right side of this until you reach some more boxes (there should be some blue graffiti on the train carriage). Climb these boxes, then onto the carriage roof, jump onto the corrugated metal roof in front of you, then jump onto the train carriage that it just inside a fenced off area, ahead on your left. In the middle of this fenced off area on the floor, use time vision and you should find another Chronon Source (#12/18). Jump back onto the corrugated metal roof, then onto the train carriage. Instead of jumping down, look left and enter the walkway that crosses the train yard. On the other side, you'll have to run across some more corrugated metal. Part way along this will fall down. If you fall down with it, you'll have to run around again and get back to the top. Use time vision, and you'll be able to rewind time to bring the fallen metal back into place. Run across this before it falls down again (if you struggle here, you can use time stop to hold it all in place while crossing it). Continue to the end of the metal and climb into the open window on the left.

Drop down the hole in the floor, then open the door in the room below and let Amy in the door. Follow her over to the computer in the back of the room, and she'll play a video back, which is Amy's Confession Newscast (#13/18). You'l lunlock this narrative piece as soon as it starts playing. Now look to the right of this computer and there will be another laptop on the boxes next to you. Interact with this for the email RE: Jack Joyce (#14/18). Turn around and look at the wall with the large screen on it. On the table in front of it is a radio, so interact with it for the audio file Internal Monarch Comms 1 (#15/18). Soon after this, Amy will open the door ahead for you. Head out this doorway and through a blue door ahead. Here, you'll be shown how to use Time Blast, and is also your first chance at another achievement. Once you take control of Jack again, wait for the middle enemy to walk forward a little, then press and hold cn_RB. Use the time blast on the middle soldier, and you should be able to kill the other two with the same blast. Killing all three with a single time blast will net you;

You should be able to upgrade your time blast as well, since you have a couple of Chronon Sources available at the moment. A few more enemies will pour into the end of the room, so finish them off too. Run down the room and exit through the open door on the left. Head right once outside and go down the end of the alley. You'll see a closed door on the right up ahead. Ignore that for now and climb onto a graffiti-covered bin, then onto the corrugated metal roof bit. On here, activate your time vision and you'll be able to see the usual glow just ahead. Walk as close to the edge of the metal platform as possible to collect the Chronon Source (#16/18). Jump back down and try to enter the closed door. Once you regain control of Jack inside switch on your time vision and locate the explosive next to the heavy soldier. Shoot this to damage the soldier then he should only need a few more shots to be finished off, if not already dead. Clear this room of enemies (time blast can be quite useful here!). Head down to the door in the back right of the room on the top floor, use time vision to locate it if you get lost. You'll have to find a control panel to open it. Activate your time vision to highlight the door you need to head towards and go there. Once at the door, you'll have to rewind time to gain access. Once inside, head towards the screen at the end of the room and interact with the laptop to find FWD: Monarch Concerns (#17/18) then look to your left and you'll see a radio on a box. Interact with this for the audio file Internal Monarch Comms 2 (#18/18). Look at the tower of equipment just to the right to the desk and interact with it to open the other door. Turn back around and the boxes you initially removed to enter the area have reappeared. Climb over them the get out of the little area. Enemies will spawn in at the end of the room again, so take all of these guys out too. If you see any chance for kills using environmental explosions, take advantage of these as they contribute to another achievement. Head through the newly opened door, and through the corridor just beyond it, another stutter will start. When you go through the next door, part 2 will begin.

Part 2:

Make your way through the warehouse until you get to a more open room with a desk, a computer and some screens on the left side. Head to the large screen here with a picture of a woman's face on it and examine it for Sofia Amaral's Chronon Presentation (#1/22). You'll come under fire from soldiers in the lower level. Dispatch all of these enemies and then head down the stairs (if you haven't already) and go just beyond the machine in the middle of the room. Behind it, on a table, you'll find another laptop. Examine it for the email Chronal Tech Phase 2 Milestones (#2/22). Turn to your right from here and look up at the pulley holding the girders in the air. Make sure you're not underneath it, then shoot at the pulley to drop the girders. Climb onto the fallen girders, then hold cn_Y to rewind time. Once at the top, quickly jump from here onto the platform to your right. Head down the stairs to the left here then hook round behind them at the bottom. Activate time vision and you'll spot the next Chronon Source (#3/22). Go back up the stairs and instead of jumping off the way you came, head straight down the walkway until you reach some boxes at the end. Climb up these onto the roof of the room ahead. Follow the path on this roof around to the right, then to the left at the end of the roof. Fall down the gap here into the room below and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#4/22). With all these Chronon Sources, upgrade any skill that you wish. There are achievements related to upgrading certain abilities, as well as fully upgrading all abilities. Following this guide, you'll be able to get all of these by the end as there are enough Chronon Sources throughout the game to upgrade everything in one playthrough, so there's no real rush to get these yet.

Clamber up the boxes and head back to the rooftop, then head up the small ramp to the left. Run along this platform until it starts to slope downwards, then jump down onto the walkway below, and head forwards out the door and outside. Drop down to the ground outside, then look to the right. You'll see a small tower-type structure. Head near this and use your time vision and collect another Chronon Source (#5/22). Turn left and head over to the parked Monarch car and examine the document of the bonnet for Trailer Note (#6/22). Go around to the open car door and interact with radio to get the audio file Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show PR (#7/22). Head inside the building with the open door just to your left and head to the briefcase inside. You'll pick up an earpiece that allows you to speak to Beth Wilder. After interacting with that, turn around and you'll see a laptop on the table behind you. Interact with it for My Screenplay!!! (#8/22). Look left and walk all the way down to the end of this building, where you'll find another laptop at this end. Interact with it for RE: Next Steps (#9/22). Turn left and head out the door before you, run down the stairs and head straight forward into the open garage/warehouse area. Head to the back left corner, activate your time vision and, tucked in behind the large tanker container, you'll find another Chronon Source (#10/22).

Leave the little corner that you're in and head through the warehouse. You'll come across a locked door that you can't pass. Head to the right and you'll find a small window into the new room. Instead of climbing through, shoot the barrels that are in front of the door and then take cover. They'll explode and obliterate the door and most of the surrounding wall. Head through the newly-blasted gap and rewind time to reset the scatted shelving inside. Run up the stairs before everything falls back into place, then head up the ladder.

Head out the open door onto a balcony and drop down to the ground. You'll be attacked by a few enemies in this area and the area just up ahead. Wipe them all out until a Monarch vehicle comes crashing through a gate, when another stutter will start. Climb over the vehicle and into the next area where you'll have a short cinematic introducing a new type of enemy. You'll be attacked by some Strikers. these fast moving enemies are equipped with a Chronon Harness which allow them to move during the stutter, the same as you. They are quick and will time dodge towards you and hit you with melee attacks, as well as having guns at range. They can be defeated in the usual way, by filling them with bullets, or you can destroy the Chronon Harness on their backs, which prevents them from moving in the stutter. There is an achievements related to destroying these Chronon Harnesses, so aim for these as often as possible.

Once they're all taken out, head into the Ground Zero quarantine tent and around the corner. Before continuing, examine the Ground Zero Warning Sign (#11/22). Follow the path through the tent and you'll experience something unusual. Once you're able to move properly again, climb up and over the fence, then head along to the end of the alley and open up the doorway to the left. You'll now be inside Will's lab. Watch the broken time events unfold. Once you're full back in control of Jack, you'll see a small set of stairs downwards and a doorway just in front of it. Inside, you'll see a blackboard and another flight of stairs upwards. Head to the left of the stairs, behind the blackboard and you'll find an item you can interact with. This is another Quantum Ripple (#12/22). Head up the stairs and all the way along the ever-changing corridor. Go through the door to your left and follow the indoor fencing around. You'll come across another open door, but before leaving, head to the right of this fencing and examine the laptop on the desk for the email TRESSPASSER ALERT (#13/22).

Head out the door on tour left, down both flights of stairs, and into the Monarch containment lab. In the second area, you'll come across a couple of soldiers, take them both out, then look to the desk on the left. You'll find a laptop here with an email called RE: Dr. Kim's Lab and Serene's Treatment (#14/22). Turn around. You'll find a book on the table, which is a piece of intel, called Sudden Stop (#15/22). Turn around and head over to the opposite wall to find a little PDA on a set of shelves, examine it for the email RE: Jack (#16/22). Head out the doors to your right, then out of the lab. You'll see another quarantine tunnel ahead. Ignore this for now, instead turning right and heading around the outside of the lab you've just passed through. Head towards a bit of wall at the back with an elephant painted onto it. Activate time vision and you'll be able to grab your next Chronon Source (#17/22).

From here, head back around to where you were and enter the quarantine tunnel. Continue through the tunnel and you'll pull your phone out. In one section not long after using your phone, there will be a laptop on the left quite close to the door you just entered. Examine this for the email RE: Liam Burke's Status (#18/22). Continue through the tunnel until you reach the outside area. Once outside, head around one of the boxes ahead of you and towards the left. Activate you time vision for another Chronon Source (#19/22). Turn around and head towards the next tent, passing by the Monarch vans. The first van on the right will have its back doors open. Examine the PDA sat on the floor of the van for the email Liam Burke Psych Evaluation (#20/22). Head into the tent opening up ahead. Through the second door inside, you'll enter a cloakroom/ armoury with lockers, on one of the benches on the left, you'll find another PDA with the email entitled Amy Ferrero (#21/22). Finally head up to the end of this cloakroom, but do not leave the room just yet. Instead, when you reach the last set of lockers on the left, hook around behind them and activate time vision for the last Chronon Source (#22/22) in this part. Before you leave, look as the side of the room opposite to the lockers for a load of weaponry, change out any guns you want and restock whatever you decide to keep. Carry on through the tent and when you leave the other side, you'll start a cinematic.

Once you regain control of Jack, use your time vision to check where you're going, and head towards the half-crushed container. You should be given the option to rewind time here, allowing you access through the tunnel. Time dodge through the tunnel and wait on the other side. You'll see some scaffolding up ahead continually falling over and lading on the path ahead, rewinding back in time then repeating again. Wait for the right moment to dodge through here too. Head to the right after making it through this, go up and over a lower piece of scaffolding into the next area. There will be more falling down here. Climb up onto the containers on the left side, wait for it to be destroyed then remade before dodging through there too. Climb up the next block and onto the upper container. On the upper container, head across to the next area and time your jump onto the moving yellow container.

Once you're here, the stutter will collapse, causing the hull of the boat to fall down. Another stutter will start moments later. Run to the right and jump onto the next container. The path here is pretty straightforward, so follow it along until this second stutter finishes and a third stutter starts. A portion of the ship hull will fall in front of you and block your path. Once you're back in full control of Jack, you'll be attacked by more strikers. Remember to try and take out their Chronon Harnesses, although easier said than done sometimes. Once you've wiped them all out, head up a large ladder on the left side. While climbing this ladder, a cinematic will start and you'll finish part 2.

Part 3:

Once you regain control of Jack outside the swimming pool, run up to the entrance, then go around to the right and past a taxi that is parked there. Head beyond the taxi to the back of this area where you'll come across your first an area where you can rewind time. Do so, then climb up the bin and the roof in front of you, then head left and jump onto the scaffolding climb onto the next roof with the skylight windows and look to your right. Wait for the time that you rewound to revert back to the present day, then jump over the edge onto the wooden walkway that is now there. Jump onto the little outcrop, then climb up the brickwork and go forward into the room that is up here. Activate your time vision to find your first Chronon Source (#1/16). Head to the back left of this room and climb onto the table then over the wall into the next area with an open window in front of you. Jump out the window, you'll see the area on the left is the roof with the skylight windows you went past just now. Head to your right, along the roof, and continue until you reach the graffiti that says "AWE". Activate time vision and pick up another Chronon Source (#2/16).

Head back inside the loft area and go up the ramp to your left and climb up to the area above, where the yellow tarp is hanging. Go through the gap just ahead and land on the orange scaffolding and jump to the floor again. Go through the gap on the left and drop down to the room below through the hole in the floor. Turn left when you drop down and head over to a set of desks under some scaffolding framework. On the left desk, you'll see a radio with the file Schrodinger Diary (#3/16) on it, next to it is Riverport Discreet Moving Services Bill (#4/16) and on the next desk along in front of the PC, you'll find the Bradbury Swimming Pool Deed (#5/16). Turn around and go through the café area. Next to the bar on the right side, you'll find a smaller desk with a radio on it. Examining it will give you Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show PR (#6/16). Exit through the closed door just ahead of you (with employees only written above the door) behind this narrative item into a kitchen type room with a bench and an extractor in the ceiling. Head around the opposite side of bench and activate time vision, look up at the extractor and you'll find a Chronon Source (#7/16).

Exit through the door on the left (conveniently marked "Exit") and go down the stairs to the large doors in front of you. Open these doors to let Beth in. Follow Beth through the next area and watch the video with her. Help her open the double doors. Once they are open, follow Beth, but don't push the big red button just yet. Instead, go all the way down the room and go through the white door on the left at the end. Go between the lockers and out the other door. Follow the yellow and red wires on the floor into another room then look at the stepladder. Activate Time Vision and you'll get another Chronon Source (#8/16). Travel back to Beth and hit the red button. Watch the next cinematic cutscene in full and you'll earn;

Don't activate the new core just yet. Go left and up the small set of stairs. On a black noticeboard on the left, you'll find a Time Machine Room Map (#9/16). On a table just to the right, you'll find a newspaper article entitled Physicist on the Rise (#10/16). Turn around, head back past the door and the two sets of scaffolding, one each side of the door. Just beyond the second scaffolding tower is a little area with a whiteboard and a PC on a desk. Examine the PC for RE: Where are you? (#11/16) and then the whiteboard for Countermeasure Schematics (#12/16). Look to your left and a little ahead, you'll see another larger whiteboard with Time Machine Schematics (#13/16). From here, follow the path around to the right into another bit of the swimming pool with more desks. On the first desk you see, you'll find another newspaper with the Parents Killed in Riverport Car Crash Article (#14/16). Activate time vision, then go around the right of this desk. On another desk right in front of you, you'll find another Chronon Source (#15/16). Finally, go up the pallets to the left of this source to the left and then follow the wall around to the right until you find another desk with yet another PC. Just next to this PC is another article called A Civilian's Guide to Time Travel (#16/16).

Head back to the desk where you found the Time Machine Room Map, and hit the switch on the desk to activate the core. You'll be told it needs to be reset, so head down and into the opening that leads beneath the core. Interact with the PC that you are directed to, then head back to the first button. Wait for the PC next to you to display "Core Activation Ready", then activate the core. Head to the right and go to the PC that is next to the Time Machine Schematics whiteboard and activate the corridor. With the corridor active, head to the left and go to a PC that's on a wooden platform in front of the core activation platform to set a date. This will start a cinematic that will lead to the end of Act 2, earning you;

You'll now enter Junction 2.

Junction 2

When you gain control of Paul Serene, instead of running towards Mr. Hatch, turn around and run to the PC on the desk. Interact with it for What Happened To Dr. Henry Kim (#1/1). Follow the scene through and make your choice between Business or Personal.

For the purpose of this playthrough, I chose Personal, which unlocked;

If you're going for both in a single playthrough, remember to reload and choose the Business decision as well (and proceed with whichever you like). If not, I'll be including all the other choices in the Hard section.

Watch the next episode of Quantum Break, then you'll reach Act 3.

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