5. Quantum Break Act 3Update notes

Act 3

Part 1

Once you take full control of Jack, follow Beth around the corner and exit the area. Just ahead, you'll learn how to Time Rush. Once you take out the guard, what you'll want to do quickly is use time rush and run around up and down the room you are now in. After you've run around the room in circles for about 5 minutes, you should unlock;

Once you're ready, and your time rush is at full energy, push the button on the left wall (that the guard hit to shut the first doors), activate time rush then run to the door at the far end of the corridor before it shuts. If it does shut, just repeat until you make it out. Head to the left and up the ramp. Once you drop over side, you'll see a red light appear in the distance. This is a turret. Before you continue though, take cover. When you're ready, pop out from behind the cover and activate your time shield (cn_B). Do this until your shield disappears and take cover again. Repeat this until you block 200 bullets (it should only take a minute or two) and you'll unlock;

After popping that achievement, use time rush to run up behind the turret, making sure you don't run into any of the mid-air bullets. Once behind it, interact with it and you'll be able to equip the gun yourself. Before continuing, head back out into the area you just came through and on your left, you'll see a set of stone spiral stairs. Run up these and activate time vision to find your first Chronon Source (#1/28). Go back past the turret and climb the wall to the right. Rewind time here to rebuild a metal walkway, then use time rush to get over it before it collapses again. Up the stairs to the right, you'll find a couple of enemies.

Take them out, then head past the well lit circular placement in the middle and examine the board on the wall behind it for Gull Island Sign (#2/28). Turn around and head back the way you came a little. Just on your right, you should find a load of metal tubes. Activate time vision and rewind time to reconstruct the cannon emplacement. Run up the wooden ramp to the right, then climb up the wall on your right. Follow the wall around to the right until you reach the end of the wall. Activate time vision and you'll be able to collect another Chronon Source (#3/28). Travel back along the wall and jump down, rebuild the2 cannon and go up the ramp again. This time, climb onto the barrel of the cannon and run along it to the other side. Run down the stairs to your left and you'll be able to collect a third Chronon Source (#4/28). Go back up the stairs and squeeze through the gate on your right.

You're going to have to fight your way through a fair number of enemies in this next area. On the top level here, you'll also find a turret or two, which you need to hide from or destroy as soon as possible. While wiping out enemies, try to use time stop often and fire as many bullets as you can into the stop. You can also use it around yourself to stop bullets from hitting you as quickly. There are also ammo rucksacks in this area. If you get low, restock from them and even once all enemies are dead, keep firing into a time stop. If you keep this up, you'll eventually unlock;

While doing this, and slight after unlocking this, I also just kept using time stop, until I racked up 5 minutes of stopped time. This unlocks;

Take out the turret first in this battle if you can. After defeating all of the enemies in this area, you'll want to head to the yellow gate to the right of the turret. Activate the panel to open the gate and travel up the hill. At the top of this hill is a little cubicle, activate the radio inside for Theresa Sedmark Riverport Radio Show PR (#5/28). Head out of the cubicle then go towards the helicopter behind you. Just under the tail, activate your time vision and you'll be able to run forward and find another Chronon Source (#6/28). Turn around, run back up the ramp and go past the door to the opposite side. You should see a set of yellow stairs heading down to another roof. On this roof, activate time vision to find another Chronon Source (#7/28). Go back up the stairs and head to the yellow door marked with "Restricted Area" and enter the building. As soon as you open the door and enter, you'll automatically pick up a video file called Martin Hatch's Speech on Gull Island (#8/28). Head left and interact with a laptop on your right in this building (on a desk in front of a window). This will give you a Quantum Ripple (#9/28). Leave the room via the opening behind you, and enter the lift/ elevator and head down to the labs. Face the glass at the back of the lift as it goes down. After around 10-15 seconds of descending, you'll be attacked by Monarch guards. You'll find that once the attack starts, time will stop for a few seconds, allowing you to easily take out the guards. In the third time stop, turn around and open the lift doors and you'll jump down to the floor below.

Once you're back in control, run past the frozen guard in front of you, inspect the yellow map on the wall for Research and Development Facility Map (#10/28). Travel up the ramp to the right of you and use time stop on the door. Follow the path around and take the first right up towards the lab, then enter the lab. You'll pass through your first chronal dampener, which deactivates you time powers. Deactivate the dampener in the middle of the lab. Look to your left and you'll see a bench against the glass lab wall. Interact with a laptop on here for an email, called The Lifeboat Protocol (#11/28). Look left again and in the opposite corner of the room, you'll see a whiteboard. Interact with that for the Shifter Presentation (#12/28).

Leave the lab via the door you entered and go right. Continue onwards past the next lab and the frozen Monarch guide outside. Go up to the two yellow signs on the wall behind this guard and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#13/28). Turn around and head back towards the lab that contained the chronal dampener, then head past it towards the slamming door. Time stop the door and at the end of the corridor to the left, you'll find two more shifters. The first guard should be facing away from you, giving you an easy harness to destroy, then take out the other soldiers harness if you can, or just finish him off. Just to the left of the door behind the second Monarch soldier, mounted on the wall, is the Monarch Technology Timeline (#14/28) and from here you'll want to turn left and run all the way along to the end of the corridor, past both the labs on your left. Activate time vision at the end of the corridor for another Chronon Source (#15/28).

Travel back along the corridor and through the open door to the right of the technology timeline, where two people are next to the door looking out. Go left and squeeze through the next door to start another cinematic. Here, you'll meet your first Monarch Juggernaut and instantly come under fire. The best way to take down the Juggernauts is to first get rid of the smaller enemies first. After clearing these guys out, focus on the Juggernaut itself. Every Juggernaut you face will have a weak spot on its back, marked by an orange fan/circle. Use time rush to dash around the back of it and hit it with everything you can. You'll have to do this multiple times in order to kill the Juggernaut. Hide behind cover for e few seconds to let you abilities regenerate, although don't hang about too long as the Juggernaut will eventually damage you.

After finishing off the Juggernaut, head to the back left of the room near an exit door. You'll be able to rewind time here, which moves a suspended platform along and down to the ground. Run onto the platform (using time stop if necessary) and wait until time runs as it should. Jump off the platform onto the raised walkway in front of you and follow the walkway around to the other side. Jump off onto the platform in front of the "Stutter-Proof Zone Beyond This Wall" sign, the follow the walkway around to the right and use time stop on the door ahead.

In this area, first you'll want to look right and examine the whiteboard on the wall for Gull Island Monarch Noticeboard (#16/28). Turn around and go into the first open off on the right, office #201. Examine the laptop on the left desk for an email entitled Gala Speech (#17/28). Leave the office and enter the next one, #202. This office has someone tripping and throwing papers out the door. Look right once inside and examine the laptop for the email RE: Joyce in Custody?? (#18/28). Head to #203 and examine the laptop there for Instructions For Tonight (#19/28).

Head into office #204. This is Sofia Amaral's office. Head to the desk in front of your and examine the laptop for FWD: Dream Journal 1 (#20/28). Head slightly right and examine the table in front of the whiteboard for Projected Fracture Progression (#21/28). Look right again and at the end of this first table, you'll pick up a Chronon Harness that Beth can wear. This will net you;

Examine the laptop just to the right of this for Chronon Disrupted Wave Function Subjects (#22/28) then next to this is a piece of intel called CRF Briefing (#23/28). Leave Dr Amaral's office and head into #205, examine the laptop for an email called The Purpose Of The Gala (#24/28). Leave the office and run all the way back to the entrance of the room and travel down the stairs past some lockers and frozen scientists. Follow the path forward and enter the first office on the left, #102. Examine the laptop on the right for The Time Machine (#25/28). Go next door to office #103 and examine the computer ahead for RE: What's up Girl (#26/28) then turn around and examine the mug on the table behind you for another piece of intel Brenner's Mug (#27/28). Run back along the corridor to the stairs, up the first flight and enter the decontamination area to the right, opposite the lockers and scientists. Follow the walkway along and head towards the two frozen soldiers at the end. Look between the two rows of lockers right at the end of this path and activate time vision for grab the last collectible of this part, a Chronon Source (#28/28).

Head up the stairs to the right and through the other decontamination area and through the door into Part 2.

Part 2

You'll now be heading towards the Monarch Gala. Once you've come through the door from the last part, head right and into the first room ahead of you. Examine the whiteboard on the wall for Lifeboat Presentation (#1/17). Leave this meeting room and head to the next one along, then examine the laptop of one of the guys sat at the table, just as you walk in, for Adventurous Religious Singles Dating Website (#2/17), then examine the laptop opposite him at the empty seat for RE: Time Machine Core (#3/17). Travel left out of this meeting room and up the flight of stairs. Ignore the first meeting room and enter the second one, which has the lights on and a woman standing outside the door. In the far corner of this meeting room, next to the large screen, activate time vision for a Chronon Source (#4/17). Leave the room and run right until you reach the slamming doors. Before leaving this area, turn left at the bottom of the stairs, and run over to the plant that is to the left of the lift and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#5/17).

Time stop the slamming doors and enter the garage. While you're here, the stutter will collapse and all the Monarch soldiers will turn on you. Fight you way through everyone and try to enter the yellow room at the back left of the garage to turn off the alarm. You'll be attacked by a single shifter, take him out then disable the alarm inside. With that off, leave the room and you'll be attacked by another handful of normal troops and a shifter in the main garage. Take them out, but don't leave the garage just yet, there a couple of collectables here.

Find the pillar marked "B2" and find a green box just nearby. Interact with the PDA on this box for an audio file called Erotic Thriller (#6/17) and this is also a Quantum Ripple (#7/17). Head over to the maintenance exit of the room and interact with the radio on top of the red generator for Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show PR (#8/18). Go through the roof access door and into the corridor. Look to the right of the stairs and activate time vision for a Chronon Source (#9/17) then head up the stairs. Travel up all the flights of stairs to the top. After you've finished the top flight of stairs, look towards the right and you'll see some metal fencing with a "No Trespassing" sign on the gate. Climb the flight of stairs to this gate and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#10/17).

Go left and jump over the gap, then jump over to the broken walkway and continue to jump over the walkway. Just up ahead, you'll reach an area with enemies wandering around and a chronal dampener, inhibiting your time abilities. Now, just as you reach the edge of the red circle from the dampener, you'll hit a checkpoint. From here, you can grind out another achievement quite easily. You should see an enemy up ahead with Chronon harnesses. Stand on the walkway, just inside the red dampener sphere and shoot the harness, then restart the checkpoint and repeat until you've destroyed 15 Chronon harnesses (you'll likely have got a few of these already, so won't need to get all 15 here). Destroying 15 will pop;

From here, restart from the checkpoint once more and sneak into the compound, where a few guards will be patrolling. You'll want to sneak across and deactivate the Chronal dampener first, before engaging, as you'll get your time powers back. Having done this, take out the Monarch guards. You'll also find another Juggernaut here and this one carries a portable dampener. Take out all the other enemies first, then focus on the Juggernaut's weak spot, but remember, you can't get too close otherwise you'll lose your abilities.

After clearing the area, find a white van blocking a gap in between two set of yellow fencing with a stop sign. You can rewind time just to the right of the van to pull it mostly out of the way. Use time stop to hold the van in place then time rush up to the roof of the building next to you, then jump over onto the van and jump down the other side of the fence. Follow the road down and you'll come across the entrance to the gala.

Enter the gala, and on the right as soon as you pass the first bouncer, head to the truck on the right with the open back door. Interact with the phone for Shocked Text Message (#11/17) then head further into the gala. On the left side, you'll see a stage with an empty lectern. Head towards this lectern and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#12/17). Head through the gala and you'll find Beth frozen, interact with her to continue.

Once you're back in control of Jack, don't follow Beth just yet, instead look right and head towards the orange doors. Examine one of the tables in front of the settee/ sofa/ couch (whatever you to call it) for Fiona Cocktail Sword (#13/17) then activate time vision and look at the sofa for another Chronon Source (#14/17). Now follow Beth up the set of stairs behind you. Once you reach the top, before going inside, look at a white bench on the right and examine the clipboard on it for My Screenplay Part 2!! (#15/17). Follow Beth inside and out of the next open door. In this outside area, turn left and run to the end of the balcony, then activate time vision and look to the left of the left pillar for another Chronon Source (#16/17). Follow Beth and rescue Sofia Amaral.

Once you regain control again, take out the Monarch troops that attack you once the stutter collapses, and keep ducking behind cover and making your way forward to avoid the sniper. Once you've taken everyone out, including a turret that you'll need to run behind and dismantle, same as all the others, head towards the structure that the sniper was standing in. Look for some tall flowers in a pot on one side, then active time vision for your next Chronon Source (#17/17).

Just right of this Chronon Source, you can go down a few flights of stairs into a little building. You may find one last enemy soldier in here, so wipe them out and in this room on the left, you'll find a switch to interact with to let Beth and Sofia escape the area. You'll then have to fight your way through the gardens and towards the mansion. You'll encounter another sniper here, along with a couple of heavy troops (not Juggernauts though). Follow the objective arrow to find the garage and steal a car. A cinematic will take over and after that you'll have finished Act 3. This will pop;

Junction 3

There are no collectables in this Junction, so all you have to do is see how the story unfolds, then follow Martin Hatch down to Sofia Amaral's laptop. Here you'll make your choice. For my first playthrough, I chose to trust Sofia. Doing this will unlock;

Remember to reload if you're doing this all in one playthrough and make both choices. Feel free to watch the next episode of Quantum Break, before heading into Act 4.

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