6. Quantum Break Act 4Update notes

Act 4

Part 1

At the beginning of this penultimate act, you'll find yourself as Jack in an alleyway. As soon as you've gained control, run straight to the end of the alley and down the small set of stairs leading to a closed door. Activate time vision for this Act's first Chronon Source (#1/11). Turn around and climb onto the bin behind you, then onto the pallets and then the roof. Don't climb up any further than this first roof, instead head right and across the corrugated metal awning, activate time vision and collect the next Chronon Source (#2/11). Now climb up onto the next roof and then up the ladder. Run straight over this roof area and through an open window. Once inside, look slightly right and you should spot a TV on a table in front of you. Interact with it for Night Springs (#3/11). Follow the path around to the right and you'll enter a short cinematic cutscene.

After regaining control of Jack, travel down the ramps in front of you and look to your right at the bottom to find a radio on a wooden bench. Interact with it for Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show PR (#4/11). Turn around and follow the path down a set of stairs and around the bottom floor of the building until you have to open and climb out of a window. On the other side of the window, turn around and activate time vision for a Chronon Source (#5/11). After collecting that, turn around, run along the platform and down the ladder. You'll start a short cinematic in which another stutter will start, then when you regain control, you'll see a few Monarch troops with Chronon harnesses. After taking these guys out, you'll have to go through a gate that you'll need to bash open. Once you've gone through this gate, turn around and head behind you and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#6/11). Travel back the correct way and go up the ladder ahead.

Jump through the train carriage, then follow the path around and up a few flights of stairs up to the bridge above. At the top, head through the open gate, Go around the front of the first car you see and on the opposite side, just next to the bonnet, inspect the noticeboard that is there for Monarch Noticeboard (#7/11). Turn around and look towards the lorry that is now in front of you. Examine the picture that the Monarch soldier is showing the lorry driver for Jack Joyce Mugshot (#8/11). From here, turn right and run towards some of the cars. Hook around past a bright yellow stop sign, then on a table behind this stop sign, is a laptop. Examine this for Monarch Field Orders Update: Martin Hatch (#9/11). Note that this piece of intel will be titled Monarch Field Orders Update: Dr Sofia Amaral, if you chose differently at the end of the last Act.

From this laptop, head past the stop sign again, then activate time vision. On your left, between a white car and a Monarch 4x4, you'll find another Chronon Source (#10/11) then head through the gap in the blockade behind you. You'll have a bit of a fight on your hands as you go through, as you'll be attacked by a Monarch Juggernaut along with a few Strikers. Same as before, take out the Strikers first then focus entirely on the Juggernaut's weak spot. After beating all of these guys, head up the ladder to the left and you'll scale the bridge and arrive at the top. Follow the pathway at the top of the bridge around, but don't go down the yellow ladder just yet. Instead, at the end of the walkway activate time vision and you'll find the last collectible in this part, another Chronon Source (#11/11).

Climb down the ladder and run across the top of the bridge. While on the bridge, the stutter will end and time will unfreeze, causing a bit of a disaster. When you regain control of Jack, you'll be in a pretty sticky situation. This next section is a fairly linear path, so make your way along it. For any moving sections caught in the stutter, remember that time stop, time rush and time dodge are your friends, and in some cases, you'll likely have to use two abilities at once. Once you make it through this short section, part 1 will end.

Part 2

After the opening cinematic, you'll find yourself back in control of Jack, at the restaurant area of the swimming pool/ Will's time machine. First up, on the table to your left where Beth is standing, interact with the paper on the table for Beth's 2010 Plan (#1/16) then head towards the door out of this first room. Before you go through the door, on the right of it, is a noticeboard, which will give you Martin Hatch Dossier (#2/16) upon examination. From here, look right and go through the door. You'll find yourself in a room you've been in before, where you found a Chronon Source in the previous act. In here, interact with the radio on the table for Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show PR (#3/16). Head back into the previous room and speak with Beth in order to continue. Follow Beth down to the room containing the time machine. In this room, head left, past Beth, then up to the control room where Sofia is. Carry on past her and down the ramp to the other side, near some old seats on the left. Activate time vision near these seats for your next Chronon Source (#4/16).

Speak to Sofia and help her reset all the power switches. After speaking to her the first time, she'll lower a ladder for you. Walk over to it and climb up and Sofia will tell you what is needed. Climb up the platform to your left, then onto the long tube on your right, up to first red relay light. Climb over the girder and activate the first relay. To reach the next one, you'll have to climb back down.

Travel back through the control room, past Beth again and then into the far side of the room (where you found a newspaper article about Jack and Will's parents in a previous Act) and you should find Amy on her laptop. Interact with Amy a few times and she'll talk about a "Jack Joyce sightings website" and that she's putting false tips in. This is another Quantum Ripple (#5/16). After this, interact with Amy's laptop for Dream Journal 5 (#6/16). Look right, and on a set of boxes, you should see a pile of paper that you can examine for Transcript of Monarch Communications (#7/16). Just to the right of this again is a set of shelving, where you can find the Lifeboat Document (#8/16) and on the platform next to you, you can find a Monarch Employee Chart (#9/19) and once again, just to the right of this, you can find On the Unique Nature of the Lifeboat (#10/16) and right next to it is the Monarch Mission Statement 1999 (#11/16). Further on to the right, in a blue folder, you can find Monarch Solutions Three Phase Plan (#12/16).

That's all the collectibles in that little area, from here, you'll want to turn around and run forward, up a wooden pallet ramp and through a set of brown doors. You should be able to spot the brown doors from the area you're currently in. Behind these doors is a room that has been slightly left to nature, then turn right into the next room. On a desk in front of you, there will be a photo in a frame which you can examine and see a Jack and Will Photo (#13/16). Head to your left from here and enter the next door and a cinematic will start. DO NOT skip this cinematic. After it has finished, you will earn;

When you regain control of Jack, look to your left before moving anywhere and stand next to the mattress on the left. Here, you can examine Beth's Notebook (#14/16). Follow Beth into the next room, which is a toilet, and go into the corner cubicle on the right side, activate time vision and collect another Chronon Source (#15/16). Head back out and climb up the broken, lit-up cubicle with the yellow tarpaulin on it. You'll on the roof of the cubicles, so follow the path around through ha broken wall. Go up the stairs then to the right and jump onto the broken diving boards. From the top board, jump onto the hanging platform, then activate time vision and walk forward. Collect the last Chronon Source (#16/16) of this part. Head right and activate the last red relay switch. Head back to the platform that you had to reach by climbing the ladder (where Sofia told you what was needed) and activate the corridor.

Set the date and then go to enter the time machine to start a cinematic, ending part 2. You should also now earn;

Part 3

You emerge from the time machine in 2010. You first port of call is another collectible, as you may have guessed. Run down the ramp and towards a table in the swimming pool area on the left. The first thing you can interact with is a laptop, which gives you an email called RE: The Countermeasure (#1/9) and just to the left of this is a radio where you can listen to Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show 2010 (#2/9). Travel towards and then up the stairs in front of you then go left, towards where the sun is streaming into the building. Drop down into the other dry pool area and activate time vision. On the empty side of the pool, underneath the window, you should spot another Chronon Source (#3/9). Head back towards the time machine, and you should start to hear a banging noise, that sounds a little like gunshots. Investigate these and interact with the door and you'll find that it is locked. Head to the opposite side of the swimming pool and interact with those doors (where you found Beth's painting and the photo of Will and Jack in the last part) to start another cinematic.

After this cinematic completes, you'll be facing Beth's wall painting. Look to your left and interact with the book on the table there for Beth's Journal (#4/9) then leave the room. When you exit this room, you'll enter a corridor with Beth waiting for you on the left. However, you'll want to go right first, then go up the first flight of stairs, but not the second. Once you've scaled these stairs, activate time vision to find another Chronon Source (#5/9) then run back down the stairs towards Beth. Before reaching her, examine the wall on the right for Wall of Calendars (#6/9). Speak to Beth and follow her to the locked door.

Once Beth has unlocked the door, follow her along the path. Once you're through the first set of doors, and before you go up a small flight of stairs, you'll see a dark room on your left. Walk in here and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#7/9) then follow Beth up the stairs into the restaurant area. Once in here, run forwards towards the table ahead. Interact with the paperwork on the table for Beth's New 2010 Plan (#8/9) and then black free-standing note board to your left for Rise of Monarch Whiteboard (#9/9). Check out the tables on your right, next to the windows that overlook the pool area, and you'll find an array of guns that you can pick and choose from. Once you've chosen your equipment, interact with Beth for a cutscene, and the end of part 3.

Part 4

After a cinematic, you'll regain control of Jack near Will's workshop. Follow Beth along the path and over a bridge between the two building. Keep following her around the next corner, then on your left, you'll see a well-lit wall with a power box on it. Interact with this for the first collectible of this part, and also the last Quantum Ripple (#1/9) in the game. If you've followed this walkthrough and found all the Quantum Ripples up to this point, you'll pop;

Continue to follow Beth along the walkway, and jump down to the ground below. When you land, run left and go to the gate with the "No Trespassing" sign and activate time vision for a Chronon Source (#2/9) then turn around and head back towards Beth. Bash the door down into Will's workshop. Run forward and go up the small stairs the quickly head to the right, before reaching the tables. Around the back of here is a small area, activate time vision and you'll find another Chronon Source (#3/9) then head back around to the desks and examine the paperwork on the right side desk for Countermeasure Designs (#4/9). Examine the three computer screens on the end table to take a peek at Will's Journal (#5/9). Look left, on the red set of shelving you'll see a radio, interact with it to listen to another Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show 2010 (#6/9).

Head right down some stairs, then turn left and travel towards another bench up ahead, next to an slightly open door. There's a set of rectangular wooden crates that you can scale here, so do so and climb up to the roof of the building. Once up here, look right and activate time vision for yet another Chronon Source (#7/9) then jump back down and enter the slightly ajar door. Look straight to the left as you walk in and you'll see on the wall right next to you is a whiteboard, which you can examine to see a load of notes and pick up Will's Whiteboard (#8/9). Turn around and run over to the red light on the wall behind you. Rewind time to restart the power then quickly run to the left, towards the glowing green computer and activate it before it disappears (you may need to time rush or time dodge here to get there in time).

Leave the room and go back the way you came, and you'll now be able to enter a room to the left that was previously closed off. Beth will already be in there. Before speaking with Beth, examine the board just behind her on the right for Time Machine Designs (#9/9). Speak to her and let her crack the safe. You'll hear Monarch troops arrive and you'll have to wipe them out. Leave Will's workshop by the door you entered and you'll have to take out all the troops outside. There will be a handfuls of snipers on the left rooftop, and a fair number of soldiers at ground level, but that's it really. There's a number of explosive barrels that you can destroy here too, so try and get kills with them.

After wiping them out, you'll hear that Paul has got to Beth. Return to her and a cinematic will take over. After this cinematic finishes, you'll end Act 4, earning;

Junction 4

You'll regain control of Paul Serene now. Leave the room you're in via the door up ahead, then seal the CFR chamber using the button on the left outside the door. Leave the room and head towards your office up the stairs. Got up the second set of stairs and into your office at the top of the stairs, where the Monarch solider just came from, and interact with your laptop for an email entitled Mr. Hatch's Arrest (#1/1). Leave your office and speak with the soldier and interact with your treatment on the table. You'll now have to make your choice between Control or Surrender.

Here, I chose Control on my first playthrough, which pops;

  • Rational Thought

    Despite the pain and turmoil within, Paul remained rational and in control of his faculties.

    Rational Thought

You'll now enter the final act of the game.

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