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Xbox game releases — May 10th to 16th

Xbox game releases — May 10th to 16th

Next week, 14 games make their way to the Xbox platform, including arguably one of the biggest launches of the year, Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Posted 2 years ago by Sean Carey

Quantum Replica Screenshots

ON3D Studios has shared some new screenshots for upcoming title Quantum Replica, which combines high speed stealth with Metroidvania action and exploration.

Posted 6 years ago by Lucy Wood

Time For A New Trailer For Quantum Replica

After not hearing about the title for nearly a year, we have a new trailer for the upcoming blend of Metroidvania and fast-paced stealth Quantum Replica, courtesy of the Bogota-based developer ON3D.

Posted 6 years ago by Andy Mills

Quantum Replica Announced

Bogota-based developer ON3D has announced Quantum Replica, their first-ever console game. A cyberpunk metroidvania, you are tasked with using time manipulation, not only to evade guards but to find out who you are.

Posted 7 years ago by Andy Mills

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