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Posted on 14 April 11 at 04:24, Edited on 30 July 11 at 15:35
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Alright, now onto my review of Gears of War!

The Gears of War series is.....wait...what? You're telling me that this game isn't Gears of War? You are aware that April Fools was on the 1st of April, right? ...You're serious? There's no way that this isn't Gears! Hold on I'll go ask Jim just to see if you're messing with me.

Hey, Jim! You see this game here on the screen? Yeah that one. That's Gears of War isn't it? ...WHAT? IT ISN'T? Well can you tell me what game it is then?....Quantum Theory? Well dammit, I thought I was playing Gears of War this entire time! Is at atleast made by Epic?....NO?!?.... TECMO?!?! Damn I was way off! Well, I guess I better review the game anyways.

Ok, sorry folks. Anyways, onto my review of Quantum Theory.

Quantum Theory is a 3rd person shooter developed and produced by Tecmo Koei. It was released on September 28th, 2010 in America, September 24th, 2010 in Europe, and September 30th, 2010 in Japan. I'm suprised that a Japanese game gets released in Japan last.

This game has gotten a generally negative reaction from the gaming community and it really doesn't deserve all of the negativity.

The game sold a whopping 4,740 copies in the first week in America and an ENORMOUS 1,458 copies in the first week in Japan.
Altogether the game has sold 27,297 copies in America, 41,898 copies in Europe, 4,629 copies in Japan and 73,793 copies worldwide. I was extremely shocked at the Japanese sales considering this game was made in Japan.

Story: 5/10
The story follows your main character Syd as he is on a quest to the Diablosis infected tower. The majority of the story takes place inside the tower. Near the beginning you team up with a militia squad who is also set out to destroy the tower, but you won't stick with them for long. There are also a few flashbacks of Syd and how he set out to destroy the infected tower. The flashbacks can be sort of confusing since the game doesn't tell you exactly that it is a flashback so you could easily think that you are playing as a different character as part of an episodic plot. Overall, the story is pretty boring, but the game takes large breaks from the story, which kind of takes away from the plot a bit. The basic set up for the plot is: plot, fight, fight, plot, fight, fight, plot, fight, fight.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are very beautiful in this game. The environment is very detailed. When you get into the garden in the tower you are greeted by lush vegetation and beautiful flowers. Later on, when the tower gets more infected, it feels as if you are in the stomach of the final boss from Shadow of the Colossus. The entire tower will be completly engulfed in black and red goo. The character and enemy design is also quite phenominal. Syd looks like a total badass. His gun looks like it was forged out of a dragon's skull. The enemies look like aliens in armour suits. The bosses are huge and really make you panic when you arent in cover. Although, the lip sync is very off and at times it looked like the characters mouth wasnt even moving at all. Overall, this game is very pleasing to the eye.

Sound: 5/10
This is probably this games weakest point. The guns almost all sound the same. The enemies sound like they are choking all the time. Syd only has a few things that he says out of cutscenes which usually consists of "Mmm... ammo" or "Bye, Bye". If you can tolerate hearing the same phrases over and over again then you will have much less frustration from this game. The music is pretty much non existent for most parts of the game besides cutscenes and boss battles, and if there was any music anywhere else it must have been extremely quiet. The voice acting is averagely done. Don't expect any of these voice actors to become famous from their work for this game.

Gameplay: 5/10
Incase you didn't already realise, the gameplay is almost the exact same as Gears of War. The only real differences are you dont have any hand grenades, you cannot use Gears' "active reload" feature, and you cannot traverse through different covers. There are a huge variety of guns you can use ranging from semi-automatic, fully automatic, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, shotguns, snipers and so on.
One of the most unique guns in the game is the Saw Gun. Its a gun that fires Saw Blades at your enemies. While the concept of this gun sounds awesome, it really isnt that great of a weapon. It takes about 1.5 seconds for the blade to hit what you were aiming at and it doesnt hold alot of ammo. When you are with Filena, your partner, you can do melee combo attacks which can devistate pretty much any enemy. These are extremely useful when you have no cover. Although, you dont spend alot of time with Filena. Atleast, not for how far I have gotten in the game. Overall, the gameplay isn't too great, but it isnt very addicting and gets tedious after long ammounts of play time.

Multiplayer: 2/10
The multiplayer for this game is dead. There are only boosters online. I cannot give a rating on the multiplayer because there is no one to play with.

Aside from it being dead, the game offers 4 different online game modes. 2 for ranked, 2 for non-ranked:

Executioner: This is your basic Free For All game mode
Dead or Alive: This is your basic Team Deathmatch game mode

Non Ranked:
Guardian: Protect your team leader while trying to take out the opposing team's leader.

Controlled Chaos: This is a game mode where the host selects all of the settings such as time limits, revival, and friendly fire. This can be played in either Free For All or Team Deathmatch.

There is also no scoreboard or pause menu when playing online. There are also anit-boosting measures put into this game. When you start out the most you can get is 15000 points a match before it turns into negative.

Achievements: 3/10
This game is nowhere near an easy 1k. Most of the single player achievements come from playing the game on Hard. Right now, Im on my Easy playthrough and I find it quite difficult. I cannot imagine how hard it must be on Hard. I consider myself a decent shooter. I have gotten a quite a few chopper gunners on my own in Modern Warfare 2, but this game is alot more difficult. A few achievements come from defeating certain bosses under a certain amount of time, and another few from random objectives like not letting a certain character die at a certain part. Then theres the online achievements. Right now I am in the process of getting a boosting group together to boost the rank achievements which has said to take around 40 hours. If you expect to get 1000 in this game make sure you have a dedicated boosting group together. Simple one or two sessions wont cut it.

Story: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Sound: 5/10
Multiplayer: 2/10
Achievements: 3/10
Overall: 27/60

The ratio for this game really should be less than 3000. There are alot of easy achievements that have huge ratios. If you are a huge fan of Gears of War and cannot get enough of it's gameplay then this game might be a good thing to try out. The game is only $20 new so If you are interested in this game then that is a decent price to pay. If you go into the game thinking its gonna suck, you probably wont think differently after playing it. However, if you go into it with an open mind you could get a bit of enjoyment out of it. Be prepared for a long grind for the mulltiplayer achievements.

If you decide to leave a negative vote, please let it be because you think I didnt write a good review. Please dont let it be because you disagree with my opinions on the game.
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