1. Quest of Dungeons Walkthrough overview

Quest of Dungeons was originally released as a cellphone game, and was adapted for the Xbox One. Having played it on both systems, this is much more fun on the Xbox. This is a turn-based dungeon crawling RPG. The way this game works, is that every movement or action you do is a turn. If you take a step, that's an action. Drink a potion, thats an action. Attack an enemy? You get the idea. After every action you perform, all enemies on the screen are then free to take their actions simultaneously. The game has a much faster pace than it sounds like at first.

The achievements in this game are broken down as follows...

12 achievements for completing the game in specific ways
3 achievements for defeating bosses
2 achievements for completing quests
2 achievements for earning and spending money
3 achievements for unlocking and disarming traps/chests/doors
1 achievement for finding hidden items
1 random end-game achievement

This game can be completed in as little as 5 playthroughs, but the easiest way to obtain the full 1000 is to break the many tasks you will have to accomplish into 8 separate playthroughs. The classes you can play as in this game are not balanced at all. The assassin is MUCH more powerful than the other classes, and the harder achievements such as winning the game in under 30 minutes, and defeating the game on hell difficulty are all much easier when using the assassin. The order in which I have listed the achievements in this game are not necessarily the fastest way to obtain them, but it is certainly the easiest way to obtain them.

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