2. Quest of Dungeons General hints and tips

The biggest tip I can give you about this game is to be patient. It is way too easy to get into a mindless rhythm and die unexpectedly. Quest bosses are much stronger versions of regular enemies, and they look exactly like a normal weaker enemy except for a slight green tint to their colour. If you are not paying attention, it is to easy to rush one of these enemies for an easy kill, only to be destroyed before you knew what was going on. Take your time, scan the room, and plan out your attack.

On Easy, every floor has a shopkeeper for you to buy and sell items. I recommend purchasing keys and health potions mostly. It may be tempting to purchase a shiny new sword, or piece of armour with a modest stat increase from what you are wearing, but more times than not, you will find something equal or better within a few minutes of leaving anyway, and its just not worth wasting that money. I only suggest purchasing armor if you are missing that piece entirely. If you have not yet found a shield, go ahead and purchase one, as the stat increase is too great to ignore. Purchasing keys helps with locked doors and chests, which almost always give you better gear. On higher difficulties, shops start disappearing. On Hell, you may only see one shop every 3 floors or so. You will have to spend some time backtracking to previous floors to sell gear before you locate a new shop.

Another tip is to pay attention to your exp bar. Your health and mana both refill every time you level up. If you are close to leveling up, do not worry about casting expensive spells or using health potions unless you are fighting a particularly tough enemy. Timing things right will save you the use of a health or mana potion.

Destroy everything you see in a room. Every vase, every tombstone, every table, everything. These items will almost always have something. Money, gear, valuable stones, skill books, etc. Loot everything and sell what you don't need at the shopkeeper. Step on every red trap as well. Spawning extra enemies is good for exp gain, as the enemies that spawn are never strong.

Lastly, there is a huge trick to beating most of the games bosses. This will not work against any enemy with a ranged attack but most do not. If you locate a boss and know that a set of stairs or a floor trap are close by, you can beat almost all bosses in the game without taking any damage yourself. If you have a ranged attack while playing as a character like the assassin, wizard, or necrodancer, look for a set of stairs. Get the boss directly next to you and hit the stairs. If you re-enter the stairs you will spawn right next to the boss again standing on the stairs. If you move in the direction away from the enemy, the boss can NOT stand on the stairs so they will be forced to move in another direction around them. You are then free for two turns to use a ranged attack to hit them twice and when they reach you, use your turn to head back down the stairs. You can repeat this as long as necessary. Hit the stairs, come back up, fire twice and head back down. If you do not have a ranged attack, or if you know where a floor trap such as a set of floor spikes or a bear trap is, try this next tip. Get the enemy right next to you and head to the trap. Circle around the trap until you are standing diagonal to it and the enemy is standing right next to it. if you move around the trap in the direction away from the enemy, the enemy will follow you. 50% of the time the enemy will move to where you were just standing, but the other 50% of the time he will move RIGHT INTO THE TRAP! He will take a small amount of damage and you are free to repeat this as many times as necessary. This process is slow but nearly foolproof. Extremely strong bosses will sometimes disarm the trap, but this is not common. If an enemy is damaged by the trap once, it will work every time. I have never seen an enemy get damaged by the trap before they disarm it on a later move.

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