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  • FlartfulFlartful224,282
    26 May 2016
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    It's strange that such an old game was released on Xbox One. This game finds it's roots from between 2004 and 2006. Of course, that is when the original Xbox was supported and the 360 was just released (to put a date on this game).

    This game doesn't not belong on Xbox One or any platform besides on a computer. In my opinion the coding and customization is 75% of the enjoyment in this game. Though ROBLOX allows you to use these futures you have to have a computer to access this stuff in the first place. So, if you have a computer, what's the point in using an Xbox for this? I don't think you need a lot of RAM or a beefy graphics card to run this game... compute

    As mentioned above, ROBLOX's content is strictly designed by amateurs. So, as you can expect, many of the "games" are buggy, small, and overall redundant. Probably the most fun I found was in the side-game "Retail Tycoon" [Shown Below].

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    ROBLOX is quaint. I would absolutely categorize it more than just shovel ware. But, I would also put it in the same camp with Bejeweled, Hexic, and Peggle as far as enjoyment value.

    It's worth your $0 or £0 or €0 or 0 "Robux" to pick up this game for an easy 1000gs.
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    KexolNice review. This game isn't that bad. I definately had some really fun moments with friends. I just had to give the game the benefit of doubt. I think if the game retailed at $5/ $6, I would have bought it.
    Posted by Kexol on 27 May 16 at 07:28
    FigbenderWait, roblox uses the futures?1
    Posted by Figbender on 29 May 16 at 01:14
    SPACE ODDITY@Kexoi. I wouldn't say this is a review, more like a forum post.
    Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 05 Dec 19 at 02:02
  • DerekBrody23DerekBrody2356,591
    22 Jan 2024
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    I have a deep affection for this particular game, but as time passed, I noticed that it hadn't received any updates. At present, I find it difficult to motivate myself to play it because I feel like I am engaging with an incomplete product that hasn't been updated since 2016.

    When I was 12 I remember playing an Obby and jumping a lot (A) but then a pop-up came up and because I was rapidly clicking (A) it caused me to spend 5,000 Robux ($62.50) This is why Roblox is a heavily micro-transaction game. If you're not paying attention to your screen and are just clicking you may accidentally purchase Robux.

  • PangoBaraPangoBara2,890,686
    02 Feb 2016 29 Mar 2022
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    This review was written about the release version of the game and is outdated. God knows I will never touch this thing again, so other reviews may have different ratings.

    Roblox is a multi-server/ multi-gamemode multiplayer game. It currently doesn't have that many gamemodes for a game of its style (just garbage; with nothing to look at because of horrible, horrible graphics), however gamemodes will most likely be added in waves. Also, this game's art style looks like if someone took Legos and rubbed them in nasty wax. Roblox is heavily micro-transaction based as Robux (All of Roblox's in game money) can cost anywhere between $4.99 to $199.99. This shall be an achievement hunter's dream after they fix the broken achievement because all of the achievements are ridiculously easy and are worth a lot of gamerscore.

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    Warning: This might have only happened to me, but every time I have played this game it has had a glitch were it froze. Each time I had to dashboard and reset.

    There are 15 total gamemodes at release. Here are quick descriptions of each:

    Bird Simulator: A game where you fly around as a bird trying to survive by eating, drinking, and not losing health. There are a total of 12 birds (1 is given, 11 must be purchased) and 4 difficulties (1 is given, 3 must be purchased).

    Coalesce: There is a hole in the middle of the middle of the platform by spawn that spawns in blocks. Players are also initially spawned in with a rocket launcher (which, for me, never worked even when I equipped it and used the own screen command to shoot). The point of this gamemode is unclear, but I assume it is to mess with people that are climbing into the air using the spawned in floating blocks.

    Cube Eat Cube: This is just a really glitchy, laggy, worse clone of with way too many customization purchases (real life money is required to change color).

    Fisticuffs: This game is exactly what it sounds like. Players must run around a map and fight each other. There are multiple gamemodes (at least Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch). A player dies by falling off the map. There are powerups to get by punching them. Bodies go flying when KO'd which makes the deaths common. Also, it is possible to buy power upgrades using in game money.

    Framed: (Multiple game modes/ Variations)
    Framed as the Framed - Each player gets a target to kill and if they kill their target they must escape.
    Framed as an Officer - The officers must kill the Framed after catching them with a weapon/ attacking their target.
    Framed as an Undercover Officer - The same as the Officer, but it doesn't say Officer over their head.
    Hunted Man - Everyone has the same random target and one life (at least in my experience). If a player is the target then they must try to survive. Otherwise, it is just everyone trying to kill the target first.

    Giant Survival: Everyone tries to kill a randomized giant in a random place. If someone dies, they keep playing. However, only people that made it until the giant's death get the bonus survival money.

    Hide and Seek Extreme: This is just Hide and Seek. There is one randomly chosen seeker. Everyone one else are hiders. If the seeker finds and tags a hider, then the hider dies.

    Natural Disaster Survival: This is a gamemode where the only goal is to survive until the round ends. A random map is chosen such as Arch Park or Sky Tower and you must survive a random natural disaster. Some examples of the natural disaster include (literal) acid rain, volcanic eruptions, and blizzards. If someone dies they are sent to a watchtower and must watch the chaos from above.

    Reason 2 Die: Multiple game types such as Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, and Infection. There are level ups to earn and weapons to buy.

    Roblox Dodgeball: There are two teams of 6 (of course being Red Vs. Blue). The rules of the game are 4 hits and you are dead. Also, there is no such thing as catching. After each game (and an annoyingly long "Winners" screen) there is a 25 second intermission. If a player is in their shop when the intermission ends, then they are not put into the game.

    Speed Run 4: There is a start line at the beginning of each stage; this causes a speed up and the speed run to start. The entire game is complete a course, go through the portal/doorway at the end, then repeat.

    Stop It, Slender! 2: There are two sides to this gamemode. Slenderman is one side and the humans are on the other side. Slenderman's goal is to kill all humans and the humans' goal is to find all 8 pages. Slenderman is randomly chosen at the beginning of each round and the games begin.

    Strobe II: This is a "3rd person team shooter." There are 4 classes to choose from in the customization menu. Each class has a different weapon. (Tip: If one teammate shoots another teammate then that teammate is healed).

    Super Blocky Ball: This is a racing gamemode. Each player is a ball. There is an area each player waits in to race. There players can change skins and textures. This is also where my favorite part of the entire game is. Remember: "Gotta go fats"
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    Tiny Tanks: This is top down tank combat. This gamemode starts off immediately with a quick tutorial. There are at least 2 game types (only Team Deathmatch and Domination ever popped up for me). Honestly, this may be the best game on the list. It actually feels a little bit like a real game. There is a decent user interface, a tutorial, and a well made scoreboard at the end of each game.

    (Warning: Roblox is a heavily micro-transaction influenced game. If you're not paying attention to your screen and are just clicking you may accidentally purchase Robux.)
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