1. RAGE Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

An asteroid is heading to earth and you've chosen this game as the last one you wanted to play? Well, welcome to the RAGE walkthrough! In case you haven't seen it yet, my gamertag is MC0REBE and I'm here to guide you to total completion. As I've done previously with the Borderlands 2 or Tomb Raider walkthrough (shameless plug, but what can you do about it? laugh), this walkthrough is divided in different sections where all main mission are covered in the most logical manner. All side missions are covered throughout our adventures and (mostly) have the same in depth written sections as they deserve.

How should you use this guide you ask? Allow me to kindly give you the intel:

  • We'll start off by covering all Weapons and Quick Use items: you'll be able to tell yourself what the best load out will be and how you will approach this game. I like to approach with a certain level of stealth, whilst you might want to go in gun blazing. This is the page to find out what weapons are available for your playing style!
  • The best way to defeat certain enemies is knowledge, that's why I decided to give you a brief overview of the different types of enemies you will fight during your adventures.
  • Sections 4-35 will hold most valuable information for most of you: an in depth strategy to tackle certain area; complete with maps, screenshots and a video guide whilst playing on Ultra Nightmare. There's nothing holding you back from putting this game in your trophy case!
  • Want a spoiler free guide? Section 36 only holds a checklist for Obsessive Compulsive that contains anchor tags to the location of where you'll pick up certain collectibles!
  • Here for the co-op missions? For those missions, I've also provided an in depth approach with a video guide (and screenshots if needed). Shout out to lifebringer23 for his help!
  • To finish this game off, we should also take note of the Road RAGE-achievements. There's only two in the game, but can also be obtained whilst following this walkthrough
  • Last but not least, a simple overview of the DLC achievements: the missions will be covered during our adventure in the Wasteland.

Thanks for the support and patience, feedback is definitely appreciated. Feel free to comment in the Walkthrough forum and let me know how I can improve my future walkthroughs.

Without further ado, let's dive into the Wasteland and all it has to offer!

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