10. RAGE Part 07: Dan's Message


- Collector Cards: 6
- Recipes: 3
- Minigames: 3
- Side Missions: 0


With the barricade gone, and your Buggy ready to hit the road; we'll be accepting our next quest from Dan Hagar. This one is fairly simple: drive to Wellspring and deliver Dan's note to the Major. There's one catch though: on your way there you'll be facing armed vehicles, and yours doesn't have any defenses equipped. It is important to just boost yourself past enemy vehicles so you don't die on your way there. No need to go and see Halek, we'll be visiting a new shop soon. Get in your buggy and follow the mini-map to reach Wellspring.

Screenshot - Dan's Message


Map #06: Wellspring

When you arrive at the gates of Wellspring, a guard will stop you. After a brief moment, he'll allow you to enter the town. First things first: go visit Major Clayton. He'll welcome you and agree to collect everything Dan needs. During that time though, you'll need to try to fit in with the people of Wellspring, so we'll start with changing our clothes.

Screenshot - Dan's Message

Screenshot - Dan's Message

On the major's desk, on the right, you'll be able to pick up this Bobble Head.


Go see Coffer, he runs the shop. He'll trade your suit for something else, which you can choose. The choices are listed below:

- Wastelander: Receive a discount on all cash purchases, vehicle parts not included
- Roughneck: Increases protection from everything that hurts, vehicles not included
- Fabricator: Enhance everything you craft (more durability, extra damage, extended duration and increased production)
- Crimson Elite: Combines the three types up top (only available after purchasing or redeeming the Anarchy DLC pack)

Screenshot - Dan's Message

Personally, I would opt for Wastelander or Roughneck if you don't have the Anarchy DLC installed, but the choice is up to you. With that done, you can either opt to sell your junk to Coffer and to stock up on other supplies. There are various interesting items for sale (prices listed below do not include discounts):

  • Supplies: Shotgun Extender ($500), AR Stabilizer ($350), AR Concentrator ($400), Light Armor ($500)
  • Collector Cards: Starter deck (including: City Guard, Club Mutant, Major Clayton, Jetter & Sheriff Black - $50)
  • Schematics: Fat Mammas ($475), Pop Rockets ($550) and Sentry Turret ($300)
  • Weapons: Authority Machine Gun ($500)

Once you are ready, head back outside to see a board flickering. This will be the Job Board. You can already accept "Missing Person", we'll complete this fairly soon. For now return to Major Clayton. He'll tell you he can't have your vehicle parked just in front of his main gate, which brings up the next mini-mission.


Screenshot - Dan's Message

Head across the open space and enter the garage. You'll meet Mick, who won't charge you any rent as long as he can do all repairs on your vehicle. Well, that was easy! Let's go find Sheriff Black. Go past Coffer's shop and continue straight on, ascending some stairs when they cross your path. He'll tell you that the supplies for Dan are ready to go, but he doesn't want to you on the road with an unarmed Buggy.


We need to go see Rusty (descend the stairs and go right), but he'll tell you to win some racing certificates. He'll tell you to go talk with Jackie Weeks (the guy in the middle of the open area), and he'll direct you to Slim (behind him). You can pick whatever race you want, but keep in mind that Time Trials are affected by the difficulty you're playing on and your vehicle isn't ready yet to take on these tight tracks. Whatever you choose to do, win the race to obtain 15 racing certificates and you'll be ready to buy the Minigun. Let's go back to Sheriff Black.

Screenshot - Dan's Message


With the Dune Buster armed and ready, Sheriff Black allows you to take the supplies and bring them back to the Hagar Settlement. Before we leave Wellspring, we'll go and visit the Second Chance bar. Behind the counter is Sally, and she asks you to take out bandit vehicles in exchange for a cash reward ($10 per destroyed vehicle) as well as racing certificates (1RC per destroyed vehicle).

Screenshot - Dan's Message

After destroying your first bandit vehicle, return to claim your reward and receive this collectible as a bonus.

One last thing before we leave: let's activate our first Job Board Mission. We'll go for "Missing Person" first, since we'll need to return to the Ghost Hideout (which is close to where we need to be). With all that done, leave Wellspring and return to Dan. Don't forget to destroy some vehicles on your path!

Screenshot - Dan's Message

From this point on, there are 3 mini games available in Wellspring: Five Finger Fillet (Second Chance Bar), Rage Frenzy (Second Chance Bar) and Tombstone (next to Coffer's shop). Just complete one round and take your winnings to win a single round.


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