11. RAGE Part 08: Wellspring Bound


- Collector Cards: 1
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


Arriving at Dan's place, he'll be happy to welcome you with the supplies he asked you to fetch. As a form of gratitude, Dan Hagar will give you his beloved Crossbow with some ammo. Your time at the Hagar Settlement is done now, and you'll be informed to make your way back to Wellspring. Before we'll do that, we'll do our first Job Board Mission, let's head back to the Ghost Hideout and make sure you have at least one Lock Grinder in your inventory.

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Reward: $200

After entering the Ghost Hideout, you'll notice that nothing has changed. The main thing we're here for is the cash reward and another Collector Card (and off course achievements laugh). Once you reach the first open area, look in the direction of the right back corner to notice a locked door: that's why we needed that Lock Grinder.

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Open the door with a Lock Grinder to find this card on a desk with a Night Blossom and some Feltrite Crystals.

Apart from that, this quest is straight forward: keep moving up while dealing with incoming enemies until you reach the point where the Ghosts captured you during "Quell The Bandit Threat" and interact with the body laying on the floor. At that point, the mission is over. While you return to the exit, a handful of Ghosts will come say hello so deal with them accordingly. Once you've made it out of the hide-out, return to Wellspring.

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Upon entering Wellspring, Joe will inform you that both the Major and the Sheriff are looking for your services. Although you can choose freely, this guide will opt to finish some quests for Major Clayton first. Before we move onto the next mission, it's recommended that, in between missions, you do some races to gain Racing Certificates which then result in vehicle upgrades. Races are not recorded for obvious reasons, but use the following tricks to help you win some of the toughest races:

  • Don't use the Shield in early stages of the race, it's better to save them for the last lap
  • Use your boost whilst in the air to gain speed when you land, don't use it before you hit a jump or right after you land it: you'll actually lose speed
  • Focus on being in first place instead of destroying opponents
  • For faster turns, use the handbrake (use cn_B) instead of regular braking (done with cn_LT)

During the races, you'll be able to pick up 3 different items and are limited to the type of race you'll be in. Boost Recharges are recognized by their blue color, the pick-ups for Minigun - and Homing Rockets ammo are only available during Minigun Rallies, Rocket Rallies and Rocket Races. For a full overview of the races you'll need to complete in order to obtain the Obsessive Compulsive achievement, I'll point you to the checklist.

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- 02:48 - Collector Card: Ghost Pistol

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