12. RAGE Part 09: Feltrite Crater


- Collector Cards: 1
- Recipes: 1
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 2


Visit Major Clayton, and he'll inform you that the Shrouded Clan are digging north of Wellspring and asks you to go and get a sample of whatever they're doing. Before we'll head into the Wastelands, it's worth stocking up on Minigun Ammo, quick-use items such as Shields and Bandages as well as ammo for your favorite guns. Once you feel you're ready, it's time to head out. Before tackling the main story mission, we'll go ahead and complete yet another Job Board Mission in the Wasted Garage, as well as another Side Quest you can accept from Richard in the Second Chance Bar ("Miracle Cure"). Small detour, but needed nonetheless.

Mission #09


Reward: $200

You'll enter the garage where you left it during the "Find The Buggy Parts"-mission so it means you'll be going through the garage backwards. Luckily, we won't have as much resistance as we previously had. The path again is straight forward, and normally you should've picked up all collectibles during your first visit; but should you have missed one, here's a chance to pick up what you've missed. Keep progressing from the bottom until you've reached the third floor. The stolen crate is located near the stairwell. Upon interacting with them, this quests ends and you'll get your cash reward. The crate you've picked up also transformed into 8 Beer Bottles in your inventory which means the Bandits already had or were having a party. Return to where you've entered, and make set the "Feltrite Crater" as active so you'll get guided there with the mini-map.

After leaving the Wasted Garage, you can now re-enter this location to unlock the Quake Room. There are three buttons located in the garage you must interact with to unlock a hidden passage. The locations of these buttons are rather hard to describe, but the video below should help you find them all. After interacting with all three of these buttons, you'll be able to walk over the previously blocked stair set recognized by the Quake Logo. Pick up the Shambler Plush, which you can either keep in your inventory or sell for a juicy $150.


This mission really doesn't hold much difficulty. Activate this mission from your control panel and drive towards the designated location. Once you arrive at a lake, you're at the right spot but don't move just yet.

Mission #09 Collectibles

Go in the small shack on the right to find this one on a table.

Right now, we'll be finishing our mission. Cross the lake and pick up the Night Blossom, then return to your vehicle to continue your quest. This Side Quest is finished upon meeting again with Richard in the Second Chance Bar.

Mission #09


Received from Richard after successfully completing the "Miracle Cure" Side Quest.


On your way to the refinery (if you can call it that), you'll notice that more vehicles are now present throughout the Wasteland. On top of that, you can also complete challenges which are always the same: destroy a certain amount of vehicles and receive a cash reward. Take note of the bandits in Turrets and destroy them (if you can) by smashing your buggy into the towers. Once you reach the designated location, you'll be greeted by two or three enemies so you'll be forced to deal with them.

Mission #09


Mission #09 Collectibles

Before moving toward the objective and going up the stairs, go to the right side of the area and enter the container. At the back, you'll find this well-hidden collector card./infomessage]

Mission #09

Go up the rig and interact with the device on the left-hand side. Once you pick up the sample, two more enemies will spawn from the opposite side of the rig so make sure you're ready to give them a warm welcome. Jump in your vehicle and return to Major Clayton in Wellspring.


- 13:17 - Collector Card: Crazy Joe
- 15:09 - Collector Card: Shrouded Minigun

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