13. RAGE Part 10: Feltrite Sample


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- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0


You could leave this until we start doing the "Defibrillator Upgrade"-mission, I chose to include it here though.

Report back to Major Clayton, and he'll inform you that the substance you've picked up can't be something that should fall into wrong hands. He'll tell you to bring it to Kvasir, a scientist. We don't really need to prepare ourselves for a long mission, but it is recommended you stock up on consumables for your Buggy. Once you're ready, make your way towards Kvasir's lab.

Mission 10

Once you've reached Kvasir's Lab, he'll almost recognize you as an Ark Survivor and tells you he'll be able to upgrade your defibrillator. Before we'll do this quest however, we'll return to Wellspring, so we can finish some other missions first, so we can come back better prepared. If we do the upgrade mission now, we'll miss out on a collectible, and we obviously don't want that to happen. Activate the quest to go and see Sheriff Black, and return to Wellspring for now.

Mission 10


- 00:38 - Schematic: Apophis Infusion

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