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Sheriff has a problem, and who else would be the man for the job? The problem is that Sheriff Black believes you need a vehicle needs an upgrade. He'll task you to go and talk with Jackie Weeks, the person in front of Slim (where you can choose to complete races). Jackie Weeks has a Cuprino ready to be donated, but you'll need to win it in a sponsored contest. Since you haven't gotten one, he'll tell you to go and see JK Stiles. Before heading out, stock up on Wingsticks, Bandages and Shotgun Ammo, as well as Feltrite AR Rounds. If you have some more money to spare, you should invest it into parts for Sentry Bots and Turrets. Once you feel you're ready, leave Wellspring and make your way to JK Stiles.

Part 11 - Cuprino Needed


Mutant Bash TV - Map

JK Stiles is the owner of a TV show which basically is a shoot or die-event. He'll sponsor you on one condition: you must make it out of his program alive. Luckily, it's a lot easier than it sounds if you are well-equipped so before you activate this mission, make sure you have plenty of Shotgun Ammo and Wingsticks. Feltrite AR Rounds will help you during the last round, and those Sentry Bots will keep you covered throughout this mission. Are you sure you're ready? Alright then, let's get started!

During this mission, you'll receive a cash reward based on your accuracy and the time it takes to clear an arena. Being quick and accurate will result in more money!


Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

This room is more or less a warm up round, and is pretty easy to get past. There are 20 mutants to fend off, and none are an exceptional notable enemy. During wave two, some Scoop Mutants that throw Molotovs will spawn on top of "towers", but Wingsticks or a close range shotgun-shell should take them out easily. Once you get the message that this room is cleared, you're free to move up to the next one. Before taking the elevator up, pick up the items on the left- and right side.


Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

The first thing you'll notice upon entering is the giant gorilla. It's safe to say you don't need to take the time to pet is, since it's covered with deadly spikes. At the start, mutants will enter the room by the lodges positioned at the ceiling so take this opportunity to kill them before they land. This room only holds a dozen of mutants so finishing this wave shouldn't be too troublesome or take up too much of your time.


Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

At the start of this round, you'll be able to make some quick money. The principle is simple: Shoot the target when a dollar sign is aligned in the center to receive $1. If you match three dollar signs (3 times '$$$'), you'll get a $9 bonus. Use your Settler Pistol so you preserve your ammo. Once you hit the inevitable skull, be ready to take on 6 mutants.


Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

If you thought this would be a complete walk in the park, you're in for a treat in this arena. To start off, the floor is covered completely with holes. Why you ask? At random times, spikes will pop up. Luckily, you can recognize them popping up by a red beam of light. Once you've gotten past the regular mutants, it's time for a real challenge. Meet the Kraken! Although the spikes stop popping up, this enemy is not easy to take down. Keep your bandages as Quick Use Item and shoot the creature in the head with the Feltrite AR Rounds. The Kraken has two forms of attack: a rushing tackle and a tentacle slap. Keep an eye on its behavior until you've dealt with him.

Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

One you've finished off the Kraken, look on the left-hand side off the room to the ceiling. There are three spotlights you need to shoot from right to left. After this action, a Dopefish will appear swimming through the waves three times. In the short amount of time he'll be visible, you just need to shoot it once. Each hit will reward you with $200. This action can only be done once every time you decide to run through Mutant Bash TV (and it's Reruns).

Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

Leave the final arena. Whilst making your way through the adjoining corridor, you'll find this collectible on the left-hand side

You'll get to some kind of podium with a roundup of how you've done. If you scored at least $750, you'll be unlocking the following achievement:

You'll also receive the following story related achievement:

Image 1

JK Stiles is so happy you've made it out alive that he'll not only reward you with a sponsorship, but also with another Collector Card!

Before leaving, JK Stiles informs you he'll be happy to let you run through Mutant Bash TV as much as you'd like. If you don't have the DLC installed, this will be your best bet of making some quick money. Jump back into your Buggy and return to Wellspring.

FIELD GOAL #02 - MUTANT BASH TV: Should you have come here with the ATV, you are able to do this field goal. Instead of going to Wellspring, go the opposite direction. At the left, outside of the playable area, you'll see the posts. Crash the ATV into the wall to lunch your character over the will. Might take some tries, but shouldn't take you long to complete.


Part 11 - Cuprino Needed

Return to Jackie Weeks and you'll be able to race in the Dusty 8 with a special vehicle. There's nothing to note about this race as it is basically a Rocket Race, but instead of rockets you have a special weapon. Use your boosts and ammo wisely. Once you finish the race, you have a brand-new Cuprino in the garage. Not only does this vehicle have better resistance against incoming fire, it also allows you to switch between Rockets and your Miniguns. Finally, return to Sheriff Black.


After successfully completing the Sponsored Event, you'll receive this collector card.

The next story related quest "Resupply The Watchtower" is covered on the next page since I recorded that one specific mission at the same time. In case you don't have the DLC installed: it's basically only a delivery message before returning to Wellspring whilst taking enemy vehicles out along the way. We also tackle another side quest which will result in having a vehicle upgrade as well as a Collector Card in Hagar's Settlement. For that, just speak with Durar in the garage and complete the race. Should you wish a more extended explanation, you can read the first part on the next page. In case you don't, you can skip to Part 14 instead. Sorry the confusion wave!


- 16:40 - Dopefish Easter Egg
- 16:56 - Collector Card: Scoop Mutant
- 17:20 - Collector Card: JK Stiles

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