15. RAGE Part 12: Scorched Refinement (DLC)


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With your new vehicle available, the Sheriff is ready to give you another task: delivering some supplies to one of his outposts. Stock up on vehicle consumables: Shields, Rockets, Minigun Ammo and get ready to head out. This time around, you'll need to drive past Kvasir's lab (or home) to find a lonesome guard in the middle of the dessert. All you need to do to turn in this quest is getting out of your vehicle and go near him: he'll accept whatever it is you were carrying and you can go back to Wellspring to meet Sheriff Black.

Scorched Refinement

This guide will point you to your second DLC mission though, since the time has come to get Jackpots open (an easy way to gain cash quickly). Press the cn_back-button and select the "Scorched Refinement"-mission. The mini-map will guide you there, but don't forget to stock up on supplies at Hagar's Settlement if you have too. Proceed to follow the mini-map until you come to the Scorched Hideout.


Scorched Refinement

I took the opportunity to do this DLC mission at this point in time, since money will become a necessity and the Video Poker-game will provide just that in a very easy manner. Before we can do that though, we'll need to find some plans that describe the Firestorm project. Before we dive in: stock up on ammo. Pop Rockets are recommended as well as Fatboys and Sniper Rifle rounds. A collection of Wingsticks as well as Sentry Bots (not Turrets) will help you along the way. Finally, a Lock Grinder or two will allow you to loot all areas, although it's not required. The entrance of the refinery is almost right across the Outrigger Settlement (which is now closed). Before entering, pick up the Feltrite Crystals on the left.

Scorched Refinement

Upon entering, you'll find various items for crafting as well as ammo. Move up and you'll hear enemies. Hug the right of the corridor until you can enter a small hallway and have the Nailgun ready with the Slugs. If you aim carefully, you'll be able to take out two Scorchers at once, unlocking another DLC-related achievement:

Wall Hack

Kill 2 enemies with one Railgun Slug shot through a wall

Wall Hack
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Some more enemies will start spawning in, including two heavily armored ones: this is where the Pop Rockets come in. If you don't have a lot of this ammo type, try Headshots with your Sniper Rifle or shoot them from close range and aim for the tank at the back. Once you do enough damage there, this tank might explode and kill the Scorcher in the process. Advance your quest by ascending the stairs after looting the first area.

Scorched Refinement

Once you reach the top, hop onto the roof and move towards a ladder. Once you ascended the ladder, you'll encounter two Scorcher Jetpacks. Make sure to deal with them before riding the zip line to the other side of the room. Once you've made the transition, you'll encounter three more Scorcher Jetpacks. Use your Sniper Rifle to get rid of them and head down the stairs to progress. Before reaching the end of this hallway, you'll encounter two more Scorchers where one of them will move towards your location and the other one will flee and close a gate behind him. Kill the Heavy, and flip the nearby switch to open the gate.

Scorched Refinement

The next area will hold a dozen of enemies, but use the Shotgun and Assault Rifle since you've probably already noticed that they have a habit of closing in on you. Just progress through the area with caution until you reach the end of this area with two Scorcher Jets awaiting your arrival. After dealing with them, you can advance into the next room and ascend another stair set. You'll eventually come across a ladder which leads to a small room that has a Second Chance Bar sign as well as some items and more importantly the plans for Firestorm. Grab them and continue your path to enter the final room.

Scorched Refinement

Scorched Refinement

If you still have some Sentry Bots remaining, I would strongly recommend using them here in combination with your Shotgun and Wingsticks. A handful of Jets will spawn outside the room, and your best bet is taking them out before they land in the room. Once you've dealt with them, the final enemy will spawn in. Use your remaining Pop Rockets on the Heavy Scorcher and after dealing with him, take the zip line down to make your way back to Wellspring.

Scorched Refinement


Before we head back to Wellspring, we might as well pass by Durar since we have some unfinished business. He offers you a nice boost for your Buggy if you beat his time. I should point out however that the time to beat depends on your difficulty level: on Easy the time limit will be 45 seconds, on Ultra Nightmare your time will be 31 seconds which basically means a perfect run. Remember to use your boost will being airborne and use your handbrake (cn_B) to make short turns. Once you've beaten this small side-quest, you'll have the Evenflow 2x Boost as well as another Collector Card.

Scorched Refinement

Awarded when successfully beating Durar's Time Trial

We're ready to head back to Sheriff Black in Wellspring now, but before we do that, we'll tackle yet another DLC-mission!


- 21:19 - Collector Card: Dune Buster

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