17. RAGE Part 14: Destroy The Bomb Caches


- Collector Cards: 5
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


Back with Sheriff Black, he'll tell you the Shrouded Clan are causing troubles in the canyon between Wellspring and Kvasir's Lab. He'll ask you to destroy the bomb caches (as the title already suggested) in their hide-out. What else can you do besides accepting this noble quest?

Destroy The Bomb Caches

Upon accepting this mission, you'll receive this schematic from Sheriff Black.

Before going out on a rampage, let's visit Coffer. You'll see he'll have the Authority Machine Gun for sale. Don't buy it: you'll be able to pick it up for free provided you have a Lock Grinder with you. Instead, opt to buy the Armor upgrades if you haven't already. Stock up on useful Quick Use Items as well as ammo for your favorite guns, but don't forget to purchase any items your vehicle might need. Once you are ready, head out and follow the mini-map to the Shrouded Bunker.


Shrouded Bunker

As soon as you enter the bunker, you can pick up Oil Liters on the right. There are about five Shrouded in the first area, and they will send Bomb Cars your way the moment all hell breaks loose so make sure you can pick them off safely while also taking note of your surroundings.

Destroy the Bomb Caches

Picked up on a ledge on the left of the first room.

Once you've dealt with the enemies, use a Car Bomb yourself and guide it through a narrow tunnel. Once you reached a dead end, you'll probably be in the correct position to destroy the first cache so press cn_X to detonate your newly acquired toy. Since the explosion won't be silent, a few will take an elevator up to check out what happened. You can easily use your crossbow to take them out quietly, but do so as you wish. Before taking the elevator down, don't forget to pick up the Steel-tipped Bolts on the shelves on the left.

Destroy the Bomb Caches

Once you are one floor below where you've started, you'll notice another Shrouded member. You can also use the crossbow to take him out. In the next main room up ahead there will be quite a bit of resistance, and I personally prefer to advance with the Sniper Rifle ready to blast some heads off. A few enemies will fallback into a nearby corridor but keep moving up until you've cleared the room.

Destroy the Bomb Caches

Destroy the Bomb Caches

After clearing the second room of all enemies, look on the right-hand side of the room to find this collectible on a rack where you are also able to pick up Water Purifiers

Move through the adjoining corridor to encounter a locked door. If you took notice of my advice above, you should have a Lock Grinder ready. The room has a lot of goodies, including an Authority Machine Gun, as well as some Beer Bottles, Bandages, Fatboys and Shotgun ammo. Continue your path of destruction and collect a bomb car along with Pistol Rounds. On top of some rubble, you'll find some Bandages. Continue through the pipe and you'll hear some enemies talking. You can use a stealth approach to clear them out, or you could go in gun blazing. However, you decide to approach this situation, keep in mind that there's a handful of enemies on the floor below you.

However, you decide to take on this room (and the floor below), sweep the area for sellable or usable items. To advance, you'll need to find a key card. To give you a brief description: From where you left the pipe, continue through the adjoining corridor and go left. Descend the stairs and on the right you'll find a closed door: the key card is inside this door. Interact with the door to open it (no Lock Grinder needed). Before moving on: don't forget the final Collector Card.

Destroy the Bomb Caches

Once you've left the aforementioned pipe, continue through the adjoining corridor and go right when you are able too. In another pipe, you'll find this collectible.

Return to the corridor to find a locked door on the left-hand side. Use the key card to unlock it and immediately crouch. The Shrouded below will be alarmed by an alert send out by one of their members. They immediately become suspicious of their surroundings, but you could use the upper floor as an easy way to pick them off with either the Sniper Rifle or the Crossbow. Watch out for a COD World at War scenario when they spot you: it will be raining grenades if they do. Once you've dealt with them, you are free to destroy the second bomb cache. As soon as the explosion goes off, there will be reinforcement sent towards your location including some Shrouded Heavy.

Go through the hole you've created with the explosion and shoot the guards that are a level above you with the Sniper Rifle. Continue up the stairs and deal with the enemies as you encounter them. You'll soon be back in the second main room. The Shrouded that are in this room decide to aim at you from long range, and there will be an enemy firing a Minigun from above as well. Kill them using any means, and notice that the big gate on the opposite side of the room is now opening as well.

This will be your first encounter with a Shrouded Minigun, and an easy way to get rid of him is by using Pop Rockets, Fat Mammas or Sniper Rifle Shots to the head. Focus fire on him and deal with his minions after. Continue forward and you'll encounter the third Bomb Cache. After sending in another Bomb Car, the bunker is about to be completely destroyed, but we still need to get our character out alive. Proceed forward and another Shrouded Minigun will spawn. Once you've dealt with him, take the elevator up and try to avoid incoming bullets by using the strategically placed crates as cover. Once you reach the main floor, you'll have to worry about 2-3 more Shrouded AR's, but they should be easy to deal with.

Destroy the Bomb Caches

Once you've cleared this final room, head through the hatch and make your way back to Wellspring. You should have unlocked the following achievement on your way out as well:


Complete Shrouded Bunker in the Campaign

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- 01:44 - Schematic: RC Bomb Car
- 05:24 - Collector Card: RC Bomb Car
- 09:25 - Collector Card: Shrouded AR
- 13:45 - Collector Card: Shrouded Heavy

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