18. RAGE Part 15: Defibrillator Upgrade


- Collector Cards: 3
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


Before we leave for this rather extended mission, make sure you stock up on Bandages and Wingsticks as well as shotgun ammo. You will also need an RC Bomb Car to be able to reach one of the collectibles, but after the last mission that shouldn't be a problem. On top of that, a dozen of Sentry Bots and Turrets wouldn't hurt. If you have some money remaining, spend it on the items to craft Pop Rockets: we'll be fighting some big enemies and you are never prepared enough for this mission. It wouldn't hurt grinding some money on your favorite mini-game, with Video Poker being the highly recommended one if you have the DLC installed. Before we travel to Dead City, we'll also finish one side quest as well as another Job Board since we're on our way there anyway. Activate the "A Proposition"-mission (found on the Wellspring Job Board) and head to Hagar's Settlement.


Go and see Phalinx just outside the garage. He has news that the Shrouded are working on an Advanced RC Bomb Car, and he would be willing to share the schematic with you if you go and fetch the prototype the clan already crafted. With that being said, we'll be making our way back into the Shrouded Bunker.


You've been at the Shrouded Bunker before, and the challenge hasn't really changed. This is another chance to pick up any Collector Cards you might've previously missed, so check that related page for more information should you need it.

In the first main area you'll encounter two Shrouded AR's and a Shrouded Minigun. Deal with them however you'd like and take the elevator down. Once you've landed a floor below, you'll immediately be greeted by three more Shrouded AR's and in the main room that follows you'll find some more Shrouded AR's as well as another Minigun. Don't stick around in the same area too much, because HE Grenades as well as Bomb Cars will find their way towards you. Advance until you come to the first area with the lookout point in the same area where the door was that you had to open with the key card. Once the Shrouded decide to fall back, this door will open and another AR will come and greet you.

Advance through that door and stay up high to avoid those Bomb Cars and yet another Shrouded Minigun. Pick them off until you find it safe to progress to the bottom floor but thread carefully: more bandits are waiting for you. Once the room is cleared, pick up the prototype and go up the stairs. Follow the path again until you come across another elevator and take it to the top. Once you've made it there, there's a handful of enemies to deal with before you can exit out again.

You can turn in this mission whenever you like, I chose to turn it in after the next main mission


Save often during this mission, especially on Ultimate Nightmare. From this point on, all Collector Cards are missable items. If you forget to pick them up during this mission, you'll have to buy them later in a story. If you want to avoid splashing out lots of money on these items, follow this guide carefully!


Before you interact with the hatch to enter the Dead City, find this collectible hidden near debris on the right side of the entrance.

Once you've entered, you'll find yourself in a small hallway leading to something that looks like a destroyed highway. Grab the things you can find on the dead body (he won't need it anymore anyway) and enter the only doorway available to progress. Inside you'll find some ammo and quick use items on some shelves, and after picking those up, you should head up the stairs. You'll immediately get a glimpse of what's to come, but first we'll focus on what's to come one challenge at a time.

Move forward until you come to a big open space, and carefully move forward until you spawn some Grunts. Deal with them however you like (a well-placed turret at the back of the area is really helpful!), and soon you'll see another type of Mutant with a very fitting name: the Giant Mutant. The trick is dealing lethal damage to something that appears to be its head with armor piercing ammo, so focus fire on him while your Sentry Bots and Wingsticks deal with the other Grunts. After clearing out the area of threats, you can find a Small Battery Pack in a nearby garbage can along with some other goodies. Once you've looted the area, head up the stairs.

At some point, you'll be in a room that's divided in two equal parts and soon you'll find out that Mutants can actually lure your character in a trap as well. Place a Sentry Turret aimed at the boarded up windows in each room and pick one side to keep your turret safe. It's doesn't take a long time to stay in this room, although it would feel as an eternity (the devs created the atmosphere really well!). Once the right-hand side opens up, slowly move out but you'll soon see two Scoop Mutants throwing some of their well crafted Molotov your way. Use your Sniper to dispose of them and carefully descend: three Dagger Throwers will spawn and attack you. Clear them out and keep a lookout for a drainage pipe: your next collectible is near!


Before entering the main building, look for a small drainage pipe (there's a Beer Bottle on top!) and guide an RC Bomb Car through it. In the adjoining room, you'll see yellow explosive tanks near a barricaded door. Detonate your RC Bomb Car there and go up to the building. You'll find a stair set leading down. Head through the doorway and go to the left of the room right after entering to find this card on a barrel.

Enter the room and drop out down to a parking lot (or something that looks like it) and you'll find yourself in a battle with a Kraken soon. This is an enemy you will already know by now, so use your preferred means to deal with it and fend off the regular Grunts with Wingsticks and a Sentry Bot. Once you've cleared the area of potential threats, we'll be going for our final collectible on this page.


Enter the gory room the Kraken came out from. You'll find this card on top off ... Well, something...

Head down the stairs in the back right corner to have another look at that abdominal monster. Continue to ascend the stairs until you reach a switch. Before you interact with it, head to the right-hand side of the area and pick up any item you can find up on the shelves: some extra money for supplies will come in handy after finishing this mission! Once you've looted everything you can find, interact with the fuse box at the end of the "store" and head back to the switch. Interact with it and whilst it's powering up you'll need to defend yourself against Grunts. Once you can open the door, head down the stairs to meet up with a Slime Mutant.

These enemies have two attacks: melee attacks and spitting acid. They can take a lot of damage, but they also reward you with both ingredients to craft a Bandage once you've killed and looted them. You can take this one out with headshot using the Sniper Rifle, but deal with it however you prefer. Go through the door to enter Dead City Central and flip this page to continue.


- 15:49 - Collector Card: Enforcer
- 24:00 - Collector Card: Large Mutant
- 25:30 - Collector Card: Kraken

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