19. RAGE Part 16: Defibrillator Upgrade (Part 2)


- Collector Cards: 2
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0

REMINDER: Save often during this mission, especially on Ultimate Nightmare. From this point on, all Collector Cards are missable items. If you forget to pick them up during this mission, you'll have to buy them later in a store. If you want to avoid splashing out lots of money on these items, follow this guide carefully!


Once you enter Dead City Central, go the left-hand side. You'll find this collectible on a round table.

Before we activate yet another switch, we'll roam the area for useful collectibles. Stay on the left-hand side and you'll notice yellow, explosive gas containers. Go through the blown open doorway to find some sellable items as well as ammo. On the right of the area, you'll find a locked door which you can open with a Lock Grinder (Pinkies sell for a lot of money smile!) and two ATMs you can loot some money from.

Interact with the fuse box to start another "defense" section, a Sentry Bot sure will prove useful during this one since another Slime Mutant will come to meet you. Once the gate opens up, descend the stairs. At the bottom, you'll find one open area on your right. If you decide to make a U-turn, you'll notice some lasers: we will access that part of Dead City Central later on. Continue until you reach a lookout position on 3-4 Mutants. You can opt to take out some of them with stealth, but you can also descend the stairs to deal with them. Either way, once you reach the bottom, you'll spawn some more Grunts so be prepared to deal with them as well.

Continue your path and you'll soon reach a Shanty Town. Progress with caution: Mutants will come and rush you to head you in the head at surprising times. Once you've made it through, head up the stairs. You'll come another locked door you can burst open with a Lock Grinder to find some more goodies. Continue the linear path and you'll soon find a Rocket Launcher. Before you pick it up, save your game: we'll make great use of it right away.

This is pretty much the only boss fight in the game and what a fight it is. The way to beat the Giant Mutant is simple: he'll toss debris at you and when he does he'll expose a weak spot at its chest. Time your shots with the Rocket Launcher and hit him. Once you do, you'll enrage him, and he'll be smashing the position he aims at with his giant hands. After three of these hits, he'll grab the building for whatever reason exposing its brain. Shoot it and it will go back to chucking debris. This sequence will repeat itself three times, the target it will aim at will be clear due to a red mark on the floor. Rocket Launcher ammo is unlimited as long as the Giant Mutant roams so don't try to be nitpicky with your ammo. As a last hint: the target you'll be aiming at will be clear as soon as you zoom in with the Rocket Launcher using cn_LT. Killing the Giant Mutant will clear the way to the hospital.

Once you've killed him, go left through the newly opened doorway. Go up the stairs and follow the path, a few Mutants will attack you while you roam these hallways so have your shotgun at the ready. You'll soon reach the room which has the upgrade waiting for you. Interact with it and another trap will start. Use a Sentry Bot to your advantage and clear the room of Mutants. Follow the path to the exit and don't forget to pick up the craft able and sellable items along the way.

Once you interact with the exit-hatch you'll unlock

It's Alive!

Complete Dead City in the Campaign

It's Alive!
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Jump in your vehicle and head back to Mr. Kvasir.


Before you cross the makeshift bridge to turn in this mission, look around the left edge of the area to find this collectible on a rock. You were able to pick it up earlier during "Part 10: Feltrite Sample" but I've included it here to make sure this written walkthrough is on par with the video guide.

Once Kvasir recognized you've made it "back in one piece" and finishes the upgrade you were after, you can return to Wellspring to turn in the mission to Major Clayton.


- 00:12 - Collector Card: Slime Mutant
- 19:59 - Collector Card: Sentry Bot

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