20. RAGE Part 17: Hijacked Well


- Collector Cards: 2
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0


Once you've shared Kvasir's findings with Major Clayton, you'll hear a bell ringing. The major will tell you that Carlson is probably exaggerating, but asks you to check it out nonetheless. Before you head to the well, make sure you are well-equipped: some Sentry Bots, Wingsticks, a Lock Grinder and obviously Bandages will come in handy. Fill up the ammo you'd like to use against the Ghost clan, but be aware that some will have extra armor on.


While you visit The Well, the two Collector Cards are missable items. If you forget to pick them up during this mission, you'll have to buy them later in a story. If you want to avoid splashing out lots of money on these items, follow this guide carefully!

Talk to Carlson, he'll tell you the Ghost clan are up to no good and are threatening to poison their water supply. It's up to you to stop that. To help you on your quest, Carlson gives you some Electro Bolts as well as the recipe. Once you feel you're ready, interact with the small dome-like structure on the floor.

As you spawn in, you'll find another NPC named Jerry sitting next to the body of a fellow worker, and he'll warn you about the bandits around the corner. Crouch and sneak forward, and you'll see two to three enemies in a puddle of water: an excellent chance to try out your Electro Bolts. Aim at the water that surrounds them and you'll kill them with one shot. Head down some stairs and you'll hear three more enemies in the room to the right. Using stealth is not an option in this case, so go in gun blazing with your shotgun. Loot the bodies of your foes and proceed forward.

Proceed forward and you'll face a rushing Ghost member, dispatch of him however you'd like. You'll soon come to an intersection that both has a ladder and a stair set, and you'll need to ascend the ladder to continue your quest. You'll find some more Ghosts consuming the body of a Wellspring citizen, so kill them however you like. Proceed forward and you'll find a locked door: use a Lock Grinder to grab the goodies inside and proceed. A handful of Ghosts will be awaiting you so, and it's advised to continue this section with caution. At the end of the hallway, you'll meet a Ghost AR and a few Bonesticks will attack you from behind to surprise you.

Head up some stairs and you'll find a pile of bodies in the center of the next room. As you could've guessed by previous missions this will be an ambush so be ready to stand your ground. Deploy a Sentry Bot to watch your back and as soon as you clear the locked room, some more reinforcements will rush towards your current position. Continue along the path and deal with the incoming enemies. Soon you'll be in a long corridor with some pillars in the center: you are now in the area of where one of the Collector Cards is. Before we start exploring, deal with the incoming enemies first whilst moving from pillar to pillar. There will be a few Bonesticks as well as Ghost AR's. Once the room is cleared, return to where the corridor starts and hug the left wall until you find a small hallway leading to the left and use the ladder.


Head up the ladder and loot all you can find. Although it's hard to see, this collectible is found on the right-hand side of the room op top of a cabinet.

Proceed forward and down some stairs: you'll find two more Ghosts in a water-surrounded area so use your Electro Bolts as soon as the two enemies are close to each other. Go to the area where you've killed them and more will come to your position. Again, kill them however you like. Proceed and have a Sentry Bot ready: this will be another holdout area with a twist. There's a switch on the "ground" floor and you'll need to go through the locked gate up some stairs. Once you interact with the switch, more Ghosts will spawn and having a Sentry Bot (or two if you're feeling lethal) allows them to jump on top of the platform killing them rapidly. Keep interacting with the switch until the game allows you to proceed.

Head up the stairs and you'll hear the ongoing gunfight between Wellspring Guards and the Ghost-clan. Keep going, killing enemies while you proceed until you meet up with Valder. He'll tell you to follow and you'll meet up with more guards near a locked gate. Before we start engaging, let us pick up the last collectible in during this mission.


Instead of engaging in the fight, go to the dead end on the left to find this card on top of a red cabinet.

This fight is pretty straight forward: kill the incoming Ghosts. Once the room is cleared, move in to pick up the toxin and use the switch on your right to take a lift up. Proceed down the path and don't forget to pick up a box of Pinkies. Use the hatch to exit the level and go back to Carlson to inform him about your success: he'll be very grateful. He'll tell you to go and see old man Kvasir again, which is exactly what we will do.

Before I forget, you should've unlocked the following as well:

Wellness Plan

Complete The Well in the Campaign

Wellness Plan
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- 18:10 - Collector Card: Mine
- 21:26 - Collector Card: Valder

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