21. RAGE Part 18: Secret Delivery


- Collector Cards: 0
- Recipes: 2
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0

This is a very short mission, which basically only entails bring the previously found toxin to Kvasir and returning to Wellspring to meet up with another NPC. I take this opportunity to return to the Hagar Settlement to get the Advanced RC Bomb Car schematic, but you might've already turned in this mission. Nonetheless, the only point of this mission is heading to Kvasir to hand you another awesome element of the game, so let's go.


On your way to Kvasir, a Feltrite Tempest mini-quest will start. This basically means you need to pick up x amount of Feltrite Crystals whilst driving to receive those Crystals, and they can be used to upgrade your Defibrillator once more. For this specific event, you'll need to pick up 7 Crystals in 20 seconds, which is easy enough since they will spawn on your path.

Continue your path to Kvasir's lab (or hideout), and give him the toxin. After some talking about the Authority and the Resistance, he'll want you to return to Wellspring and search for Elisabeth in the Second Chance Bar with a new schematic. Accept the quest and return to Wellspring.


Received from Kvasir (story-related).


- 01:27 - Recipe: Advanced RC Bomb Car
- 06:02 - Recipe: Mind Control Darts

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