22. RAGE Part 19: Liberate Cpt. Marshall


- Collector Cards: 7
- Recipes: 2
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


Enter the Second Chance Bar and find Elisabeth sitting at the bar on the left-hand side. She'll tell you to follow her, and she'll inform you that the Mind Control Darts will help her and the Resistance. The problem though: Captain Marshall, their leader, has been captured and locked away. Who else but you can take on this noble quest to free him. Before we leave: talk to Jacob, he can be found in the Second Chance Bar near the right wall to accept (and possibly turning in) the "Finding Feltrite"-side mission. He only wants you to find 20 pieces of Feltrite Crystals. If you don't have 20 yet, don't worry: you will have them soon enough.

Another thing before we head out: Coffers has some more stuff to offer you. You can find the list below:

  • Authority Machine Gun Laser Sight upgrade ($250)
  • Authority Machine Gun AV2x Rounds
  • Dynamite Bolts schematic

It wouldn't be a bad idea to pick them up as soon as you can, especially the schematic for the notorious "Obsessive Compulsive"-achievement. Whilst you are at Coffers, make sure to set yourself up: two Lock Grinders, lots of Bandages and AV2X Rounds will set you up massively. The obvious crafting of Sentry Bots/Turrets and/or Wingsticks is also something to take into consideration. Whenever you feel ready, we'll head out.


Do the usual and follow the mini-map to your next location. As soon as you drive up the ramp in the Scorcher territory, another "Feltrite Tempest" mini-quest will start. The drops are conveniently back on your path to your current destination and this time around you'll need to pick up 7 crystals in 45 seconds. Once you are close to the mission marker, exit your vehicle: we'll need to kill two Guards up high first. Once that's done, interact with the switch on the left to open a gate. Inside go right (ignore the stairs, there are no items here to loot) and drop through the hatch. Follow the narrow path and interact with the entrance to enter this new area.


While you visit the Authority Prison, all Collector Cards and the EMP Schematic are missable items. If you forget to pick them up during this mission, you'll have to buy them later in a story. If you want to avoid splashing out lots of money on these items, follow this guide carefully!

Once you are inside, follow the path up and pick up some Small Gears on a box. Go up the stairs and proceed forward. Pick up some Beer Bottles and before you descend the small stair set, head into a small room on the left first to grab some goodies as well as another collectible.


On the operation table, you'll find this schematic.

Exit the room and descend the stairs, you'll come inside a small room with a generator on the right back corner of the room. Close to it, you can find another set of Beer Bottles. To proceed, we'll need to disable the generator. There are 3 ways of doing this: tossing an EMP grenade, shooting two Electro Bolts into it or wacking it with melee attacks. Whatever you decide to do, disable it and go to the newly unlocked area.


You can find this collectible inside a crate, near the back wall of the newly accessed room.

There will be a Guard on the catwalk up high. You can either opt to go in gun blazing, or taking him out using stealth by shooting an Electro Bolt into his skull. Once you've disposed of him, tackle the generator on the right to disable it and continue your path. A Shielded Guard will enter the room, you can shoot through the small gap on the left or toss an EMP. If the shield is red, bullets will penetrate.

Proceed with caution to the newly accessible room: a Guard will open the door on the opposite side spotting you immediately so be ready to take him out. Doing this will spawn 2-3 more Guards in the adjoining corridor so take them out however you like. After dealing with them, scout the room and hallway for some sellable loot and items, and before we take out the next generator, it would be wise to set up a Sentry Turret in the room where the first guard came from, aiming out the window. From the same window, you'll spot the generator. Throw an EMP Grenade towards it, exit the room and follow the newly unlocked path. You'll get two waves of descending enemies, and it's the first opportunity to kill an Enforcer whilst they are airborne. If you don't succeed now, don't worry: we'll have a better opportunity soon enough. Take out the enemies as you like, and proceed forward. In the left corner you'll find the generator so you can proceed to the right.

In the unlocked area, go right first to grab some ammo. Then, proceed to the left-hand side of the corridor.


In this newly unlocked room, you'll notice a cardboard box on top of a desk. Near it, there is a hole in the wall. Crouch and enter the hole to find this cart on the left whilst facing the dark wall.

You'll hear a female voice talking about some "Automated Defense System": this means turrets that will shoot you on sight. It'll be important to take out those generators as fast as you humanly can, and the first one is easy since power source is basically right in front of you. Take cover behind the hexagonal boxes and throw an EMP Grenade: you can now safely go up the stairs and enter the corridor but be aware: the next turret is waiting for you. Sprint into the small corridor on the left and throw an EMP through the whole on your right, this will disable the power source; but an Enforcer will come out rushing towards you so take him out fast.

Follow the path until you come into another big room accompanied by a new turret. Taking out the power supply is a little more challenging, but still doable: proceed from cover to cover until you are close enough to throw an EMP Grenade. Follow the path once again (what else can you do ...) and you'll come across another firefight. This would be the perfect room to try to unlock the "Hat Trick"-achievement since there are plenty of enemies around. Either way, take out the Enforcers and proceed on your path of destruction by destroying the generator on the left-hand side and proceeding on the right, going up the stairs and dealing with more incoming enemies.


After the first firefight, ascend two flights of stairs and at the top take a hard right. This collector card along with some other items is found inside a cabinet.

Once you reach a control panel, you can breathe easily: we are almost near the end of this mission, and for now there are two approaches to the following section: shoot the enforcers patrolling at the bottom of the cellblock, open the door and deal with the mutants that will come to rush you or ambush the enforcers by opening the cellblocks releasing the mutants, and dealing with the leftover enemies before descending. Either way, you'll need to interact with the switch on the control panel at one point or another. After you've cleared the area of potential threats, follow the path until you descend some stairs. Before we liberate Captain Marshall, we'll go and pick up yet another collectible which requires a Lock Grinder.


Once you reach the area the two Enforcers were patrolling, go to the right to descend some more stairs and follow the corridor. At the end, on the left-hand side, you'll see an unlockable door. Use a Lock Grinder to do so, and pick up this card inside this small room. There's a Feltrite Crystal in this room as well.

Once you've picked up this collector card, go and interact with the button to release the Captain. A brief conversation will trigger, and he'll soon get a weapon from a box opposite of his cell which will trigger some Enforcers to spawn in. Deal with them and follow Captain Marshall's orders. Before heading out to the last part of this mission, check the box Marshall for a weapon from, there's yet another collector card to be found in there.


Accessible once Captain Marshall picks up a weapon from a chest, this collectible is found inside.

Move up inside the courtyard and keep Captain Marshall covered since you'll need to keep both him and yourself alive. He's pretty bad ass though, so focus on the enemy more so you can move up whilst taking note that Enforcers are more than happy to mount the turret at the back of the area. You can easily get rid of most enemies by using your Sniper Rifle, but clear out this area as it suits you. Once that's done, Marshall will ask you to scout the area to find a way past the security barriers. Go to the back of the area on the right and ascend a stair set to find a generator. Throw an EMP to disable it, and you'll be ready to start the last part of this mission: keeping Captain Marshall covered from incoming attacks.

Don't be shy to mount the turret yourself: Enforcers will descend from a Dropship making them easy targets to unlock the "Jetpacker"-achievement. To make full use of this baby: shoot in burst so you don't overheat it. Hold off the enemies and at some point Captain Marshall will have the exit opened.


Kill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descent

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Captain Marshall will then try to bypass controls of an elevator, but it will (obviously) crash down meaning you have to find a way out yourself. Luckily, this will be an easy task. On the right, there's a door an Enforcer will come through: punish him for his naivety (with the Shotgun for example) and proceed. Before we make way for the exit, there's an opportunity to pick up yet another Collector Card:


In a small room on the right-hand side of this newly unlocked area.

Go to the left, and continue to the exit. Once you are able to grab the wheel of your vehicle, head towards Wellspring. You'll have the following achievement unlocked as well:

Jail Break

Complete Authority Prison in the Campaign

Jail Break
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Head to the Second Chance Bar and proceed to the back. Captain Marshall and Elizabeth will be waiting for you to give you your next assignment.


Ascend the first flight of stairs to find this collectible on a barrel, this card is nearly unmissable.


- 05:48 - Schematic: EMP Grenades
- 07:03 - Collector Card: Power Supply
- 13:49 - Collector Card: Giant Mutant
- 20:32 - Collector Card: Captain Marshall
- 22:21 - Collector Card: Dropship
- 29:13 - Collector Card: Shielded Guard
- 30:53 - Elizabeth

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