23. RAGE Part 20: Recover ID Drive


- Collector Cards: 0
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 3


Captain Marshall will ask you to recover your ID drive back in the Ark you emerged from, but before we head back to the start we'll finish some Side Missions first, so we can earn a bit of cash and an upgrade for the Sniper Rifle. Obviously, you don't need to do this right now if you don't want to or if you've finished it already.


Reward: $200 - Sniper Rifle Auto-Loader

This side mission is straight forward and easy, with you providing cover to two Wellspring citizens to repair water lines. Start with shooting the mutant on the right-hand side. Doing so will trigger the guard and the mechanic to step outside. The next sequence is easy: Mutants will spawn in waves, changing their spawning direction. If you watch the video underneath this section of written text, you can see the waves and how they spawn. The only thing you'll need to learn is kill the mutants while they are moving. Other than that, this is pretty easy. As a small side-note: you can successfully complete this mission if the guard dies, only the mechanic needs to survive.


Reward: $200

Pretty much the same as the previous "overwatch"-mission, but this time around the threat will come from some Bandits. You'll notice a Buggy with three Wellspring guards and soon into this mission, they will get ambushed by a Bandit vehicle. Score some easy headshots and take note of any rushing enemies to deal with them fast. Whilst your allies can stand their ground, melee attacks can deal severe damage. After the first wave, the vehicle will move to the left and the second time around, Bandits will start shooting from the bridge above the caravan. Deal with them as you did with the first wave and keep an eye out for RC Bomb Cars. Clearing out this second wave triggers the end of this mission.


Reward: $200

Again, the same as the two side missions above: you'll be watching Sheriff Black's back whilst he's making an exchange with the Authority. As always, things go wrong and it's your job to deal with the Authority forces first. Focus your attention on the snipers, their red laser is a dead give away for their positions. They will also take note of your presence and shoot you, so it's important you deal with them before they kill you. After the first wave, a Dropship will come with backup: shoot the Enforcers the moment they hover above the ground since it will only take one shot to deal with them. Another wave of enemy snipers will spawn as well, so do what you have to do to grab your cash reward.

With these missions finished, you should've completed all Job Board Missions Wellspring has to offer. After successfully completing five, you will have unlocked the "Mr. Oddjob"-achievement, but you'll need to complete all for the "Obsessive Compulsive"-achievement.

Mr. Oddjob

Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through

Mr. Oddjob
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Let's go back to our main missions!


Stock up on ammo for both your vehicle and your guns, you'll be facing some Enforcers. AV2x rounds should be your best bet, although Pulse Shots or Electro Bolts are pretty effective as well. Either way, take your Cuprino out for a drive and follow the mini-map until you reach the exit of the Wasted Garage. Park your vehicle and meet the three Enforcers by shooting their brains out. Move on up to the Ark and interact with the display. Once you can grab the drive you're after, go back outside to meet two more Enforcers. Meet them in the exact same fashion, jump in your Cuprino and go back to Captain Marshall to get yet another assignment.


- 00:57 - Mutant Menace (Job Board Mission)
- 04:34 - Caravan Cover (Job Board Mission)
- 09:13 - The Exchange (Job Board Mission)

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