24. RAGE Part 21: Lost Research Data


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Our good friend wants you to return to the Dead City, and he wants you to retrieve the data of the works the Authority has been doing. Stock up on ammo for your Sniper Rifle, Authority Machine Gun (AV2x Rounds) and your Shotgun. Captain Marshall will also provide you some equipment, which could come in handy; especially the EMP Grenades. Once you are ready to head out, grab the Cuprino from the garage and make way to the Dead City.


This mission isn't half as long as the previous mission in this location, and you'll be scavenging the Dead City backwards this time. Keep in mind that any collectibles mentioned on this page are missable, so stay wary of your surroundings and don't forget to thoroughly look in every corner to pick up all the loot you can find.

Enter the Dead City through the same hatch as you did before, and follow the linear path whilst also taking out the lone mutants you will come across. You will soon get to the room where you've grabbed the Defibrillator Upgrade, so progress through the hallways until you meet an Authority Drone. Stay on the first level and pick off the Enforcers with your Sniper Rifle whilst also avoiding incoming Grenades. Once you've dealt with them, descend the stairs and turn left.


Found on a small table underneath the stair set you've descended.

Loot the rest of the room for ammo and sellable items, and progress your quest. There will or should be some Enforcers another level below you, so pick them off in the exact same fashion as you've done before and move forward. You'll find yourself in a locked room, with Enforcers busting through. Deal with them however you'd like, and proceed through the newly opened door. Ascend the stair set until you hear the sound of a Mutant. An Enforcer will happily clear your path, but it's up to you to deal with the Enforcer now. Below him, in the area where you've dealt with the Large Mutant, there will be another Enforcer waiting for your arrival. Proceed forward and you'll soon hear how more Enforcers are hunting Mutants. One is found a story above your location whilst three others are either on the same platform as you or one level below: deal with them as usual and follow the path.

You'll descend into the Shanty Town, with two snipers looking for you so take note of their Laser Sight. Move forward slowly but steady and pick them off once you see them with either your Sniper Rifle or the Explosive Bolts (my preferred way of dealing with them). Once you've cleared them, you'll be good to proceed forward. You'll see three Enforcers shooting Mutants so you might want to bust out the Mind Control Bolts to unlock the "Hat Trick"-achievement. Whatever you do, once you descend the stairs and enter the open area, a Dropship will allow three Enforcers to move in on your position. Clear the area, and proceed up a stair set to enter another building.

You'll see a Laser Grid soon and you know what that means: keep those EMP's ready for use. The generator can easily be found by spotting a small hallway on the left-hand side close to the laser grid. You can toss the grenade through the hole in the wall to disable it. Enter the new area and you'll notice the game will notify you to grab the data which is in a small room close to yet another laser grid.

The next generator is actually in a room you can access by interacting with the closed door on the left of the grid. Melee the device or throw an EMP to disable it and proceed. You'll come to an open area and to progress we'll go up the stairs. You'll be ambushed by a handful of Enforcers: be aware of what happens in front of you, but most importantly behind you. Deal with them however you prefer and proceed: we're near the end of this quest. After dealing with these threats, interact with the doors to access the second part of Dead City.

Head up some stair sets and you'll come to an open area where you've previously fought a Kraken. This time the threat won't come from a Kraken, but 4 Enforcers. One will be overlooking the place while the three other patrol the area. Once you've dealt with them, proceed inside the building (use the ramp on the right) and once inside look for a stair set that descends to disable a generator. Once you've dealt with it, you are free to proceed your route to the exit. Continue to follow the linear path, ascending some stairs, moving through the "It's a trap"-room so you can stealthily deal with an Enforcer overlooking the final big area. Descend the adjoining stairs and deal with the enemies the Dropship delivers to you: there's one shielded enemy and two regular Enforcers. Once they have been dealt with, descend through the hole in the floor to access the underground garage (or something that looks like it).

There will be 3 enemies lurking around: 2 regular Enforcers and to finish this level off with a bang you'll be greeted by an Elite Enforcer who utilizes the BFG as his main weapon. Blast him with whatever you have left and once he's dead, you'll be allowed to leave the Dead City to return to Wellspring where you can meet up with Captain Marshall. Once you interact with the hatch, you'll unlock the following story related achievement:

ytiC daeD

Complete Dead City Reverse in the Campaign

ytiC daeD
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- 10:24 - Collector Card: Drone

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