25. RAGE Part 22: Gaining Influence


- Collector Cards: 0
- Recipes: 3
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0


Once you meet up with Captain Marshall, he'll tell you that he and you should move to Subway Town. He also tells you to wrap any loose ends you might have so before you talk to Captain Marshall again, ensure you've done the following:

  • Story Related Mission 1 - 16 successfully completed (Shouldn't be an issue, otherwise you wouldn't be here)
  • 43 Collector Cards obtained
  • 14 Recipes obtained
  • 6 Job Board Missions completed
  • Side Quests 1 - 6 completed
  • Completed all Stanley Express missions
  • Completed Racing set 1 - 3
  • 11 vehicle jumps successfully completed

As you noticed, I've done all the things that involved driving (jumps included) off camera; but you should ensure that you've got all of these done. I would recommend you get somewhere in between 91 - 94 points in the "Obsessive Compulsive" tracker in-game (the award-system seems randomized from time to time). You can come back to Wellspring at any time you'd like (which we'll do for the DLC-missions soon enough), but it's better to have the main game completed as stated above. Either way, for sake of this walkthrough, we'll interact with our buddy and enter Subway Town.


You've reached the second part of this great game, and it's your job to ensure the Authority loses their grip on human kind. Captain Marshall will introduce you to Lassard (a guy who loves technology) and Jack Portman (for things that go Boom, go see him). Obviously, you've already met Elisabeth. Captain Marshall wants you to become best buddies with Major Redstone.


In the new base, pass Mr. Lassard and go left inside Elisabeth's lab. You'll find this card next to a dead Mutant on a tray.

Go up the lift and meet up with Saul, the guy who runs the garage. He'll talk a bit, but he'll send you straight up to Major Redstone. Before we can explore Subway Town a little more, we'll need to do that right away. Exit the garage and go up the stairs to your left and take another left once you arrived at the first floor. Enter the office and listen to what he has to say. To earn your stay, you'll need to help him do things. As a first test, he wants you to go speak with Foreman Jones and discuss the little Mutant problem he has. Accept the mission, but before we go speak with Jones we'll see what Subway Town has to offer.


On the major's desk, on the left, you'll be able to pick up this Bobble Head.


We'll start with exploring the first level. Hug the left wall and you'll soon find Stew. He offers supplies at a lower price than the stores you visit, and his offers often change. Don't forget to go meet him in between missions, and see if he has anything you might find useful. Sometimes you can buy his items and sell them back to Jani for a small profit making it easy to get quick money.

Continue your path while hugging the left wall and you'll soon find the Strum mini-game, in which you can earn an achievement: an extended explanation can be found here. Walk past him to find an unlockable door: use a Lock Grinder and pick up the Feltrite Crystal as well as the Night Blossom. Exit the room and continue your sweep around the first floor. In the video I got a bit lost, but opposite Redstone's Office you'll find Jani's Supplies who sells a lot of useful items. These are listed below:

  • Supplies: Heavy Armor Upgrade
  • Ingredients: Advanced Wingsticks, Advanced Sentry Bot, Advanced Sentry Turret

It is recommended you buy these items as soon as possible, since this is the reason why we waited to complete the final DLC-mission. Either way, let's continue to explore Subway Town and descend the stairs to go to the Main Street.


On Main Street, there isn't much to cover really. We've already met Saul in the garage and there's only two more things left to cover here: the Job Board and the Fez bar. Let's go to the Fez bar first to activate a continued side quest: taking out enemy vehicles for Racing Certificates and a small cash reward. On a positive note: taking out Authority vehicles will grant you double the normal amount. In the Fez bar, we'll also find Abbott for Five Finger Fillet and Teague for Rage Frenzy. You need to beat her hardest deck for an achievement, but we're not ready for that yet: we still have some cards to find.

Exit the Fez bar and right across you'll notice something flashing: that's the Job Board. There are already missions for you to accept but for this part, we'll continue our main story so we can get on Redstone's good side. Right in front of the Fez bar there's a stair set leading down, so descend the stairs as we can cover the last bit of this page.


Once you've descended, the first thing you notice is the Tombstone mini game, but what really brings us here is the Subway Town Speedway which holds two more sets of races, and Sparky's Autoparts where you can upgrade your vehicle. For some races, you'll need another vehicle which we will cover later. For now, you can choose to do some races, or to continue our story.

Ascend the stairs and move in a straight line. You'll meet Norbu who gives you another Side Mission ("Comet Bloom"). You can accept it now, but we'll cover it much later in this walkthrough. Move forward until you meet Foremand and accept his mission. Make sure you're stocked up on Wingsticks and Shotgun ammo, but some AV2x Rounds would come in handy for certain challenges...


- 04:55 - Collector Card: Authority Mutant
- 14:00 - Schematic: Advanced Wingsticks
- 14:00 - Schematic: Advanced Sentry Turret
- 14:00 - Schematic: Advanced Sentry Bot

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