26. RAGE Part 23: Mutant Menace


- Collector Cards: 1
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0


As said before, make sure you're stocked up on ammo for your Shotgun and Authority Machine Gun, but also have plenty of Sentry Bots and Wingsticks. Obviously, the Advanced versions will give you an edge and it's highly recommended you have those ready to craft. The Advanced Sentry Bot has better armor whilst the Advanced Wingsticks have a better targeting system and can kill up to three targets. You can choose to exit Subway Town on foot or with your vehicle since the mission location isn't too far away from Subway Town.


The Eastern Wastelands is a big place, and it's a lot more open than the Northern Wastelands. It is recommended you beat Stark so you have a better vehicle since the Cuprino would last long out here. There are 7 remaining vehicle jumps for you to complete. I'll put a map underneath this section, but should you reference back to it during the remaining (side) missions, you could always come back here.

For now, follow the mini map and enter the Blue Line Station.


NOTICE: Throughout this mission there's are tons of ATM's and/or vending machines to loot for cash. Make sure you interact with all of them!

Once you've spawned inside, grab the Hardware Packet from the counter ahead and loot the bodies before descending the stair set. Ignore the mutant running past and grab the Gas Can to the left. Enter the train and turn right so you can pick up yet another Gas Can and some Feltrite Crystals. Retrace your steps and continue forward. Once you've exited another train and entered the other side of the station, spawn a Bot and proceed forward. Loot the nearby vending machines and ATM's for some cash and start fighting some Mutants on the way: an excellent way to test those Advanced Wingsticks.

Move up the stairs right in front of you and once at the top go to the right: there's a Collector Card to pick up.


You'll notice a closed gate with a yellow box next to it. Shoot it with an Elector Bolt or Pulse Shot to open it. Enter the unlocked area and pick up the collectible next to some loot.

We'll continue to explore and go to the left-hand side of the stairs to enter a bathroom. Sweep the rooms and stalls for sellable loot and finally we'll go the location where the TNT is flashing. Don't pick it up yet though: let deploy a Sentry Turret in a corner aiming at the fence that's still open: it will drop as soon as you interact with it. It would be wise to save that second slot of a Sentry Bot. Interact with it as soon as you are ready. You'll be swarmed by Mutants, but luckily your Quick Use Items will come in handy. Eventually the fence will open up again, along with some suicidal Dyno-Mutants.

Return down the stairs whilst dealing with incoming Mutants, and as once you are back down to the main level a door will open up. Inside you can grab some loot, enter the crashed wreck to advance your quest. Once you get to another big area, spawn a Sentry Bot since you'll be swarmed once again. There's a variety of enemies here, but you should take aim at the Scoop- and Dyno-Mutants as soon as possible. Once the area is cleared, sweep the area for loot and head up the stairs.

Once you turn left to go inside another bathroom area, a handful of Mutants will come to attack you once again. Deal with them and advance whilst looking for some useful items. Go through the hole in the wall and be ready to drop some Bots in yet another big area. There will be some waves of regular Mutants, but soon a Large Mutant will show its face. Use Pop Rockets to deal with him but be aware of your surroundings and the health of your Bots. Once you've cleared the area, loot the room and advance by going up the stairs and passing through a dark tunnel. Keep your eyes open for loot and incoming Mutants: you'll soon come to the final area.

As soon as you reach the final big area, you'll be tasked to place dynamite. These spots are lit up for you and easily recognizable. As soon as you've completed this mini task, you'll be tasked to use the detonator. Once you interact with it, two Kraken will spawn in along with some regular Mutants. Clear the room as you normally would. The last wave of Mutants will open the train wreck you've entered at the start of this mission. After dealing with them, proceed to the exit and return to Foreman Jones in Subway Town to finish this mission. Once you've talked to Jones, return to grumpy Redstone to finish this chapter.


- 05:18 - Collector Card: Dyno Mutant

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