27. RAGE Part 24: Gearhead Vault


- Collector Cards: 3
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0


As expected, Redstone isn't impressed with what you've done in the Subway station and demands you to embark on a bigger quest: infiltrating the Gearheads base to steal some plans to eliminate the electricity problems in the town. The Gearheads are the most powerful enemies on the game, and are heavily armored. Besides that, they also tend to have Sentry Bots alongside them which is a bigger threat. Luckily, the EMP grenades will come to save you as well as AV2x Rounds in your Authority Machine Gun. Don't forget to stock up on the usual (Bandages, Wingsticks, Pop Rockets, ...) and let's get going. The entrance of where you'll need to be is close to the strum mini-game, search for a door that has a yellow poster that says Management Office and enter it.


Once you've entered, you'll notice some items at the bottom of the stairs. Pick them up and move up the stairs to spot a Gearhead right in front of you. If you want to approach this stealthily, pick off the Gearhead on your right behind a car first before dealing with the aforementioned enemy. Things are about to heat up, with a dozen of enemies coming to rush towards you as well as two enemy Sentry Bots. Proceed slowly whilst dealing with them, and you'll notice a Gearhead Minigun coming into the room. I'd advise to kill them with Pop Rockets but feel free to deal with them however you'd like. Once the room has been cleared, head up the slope to find you first Collector Card in this level.


After heading up the slope, you'll find this card on the drivers seat in a white vehicle.

You'll notice two/three more Gearheads you'll have to deal with before you can move into another big area of this quest. Your path will be blocked by fire, so proceed to the room to your left after leveling. Loot the room and go up the ladder to be ambushed by a handful of Gearheads. Deal with them how you'd like and proceed slowly through the level as you clear out some more Gearheads. Once you interact with the valve to put down the fire, you can take the elevator down to enter the lobby of what previously was a bank.

There will be a lot of resistance on your path, so be sure to have those Bots and Bandages at the ready. Most of the Gearheads tend to stay afar, so your Sniper Rifle might be your best bet to clear out the regular grunts whilst keeping yourself ready for another Gearhead Minigun that will spawn in. Deal with them out as you prefer and after you've killed all Resistance in this area, don't enter a new room yet: there's another collectible waiting for you.


From the main lobby, when looking at the counter, make your way to the far right of the area to find this collectible sitting on the edge of a flower pot.

To continue your missions, make your way all the way to the left and enter some dark offices. Before you do, it might be recommended to have your Pop Rockets at the ready since two Gearhead Miniguns will try to trap you. Blast them with explosive ammo as soon as you spot them, and once they are dealt with, the flames on the exit will vanish. Before you move on, there's something else you might want to do.


Inside the offices, interact with all the keyboards. There are 7 items to interact with which will open a secret room. There's no way of telling if done correctly, but the ones you correctly interact with will make a sound. Count them to be sure, and this will open a secret area at the end of the level.

Head out the back once you are done exploring, and head up the stairs. A fire barrel l will come and say hello as well as a Gearhead Club, so greet them accordingly: we are almost near the end of the level. The next room will pose another challenge, but luckily it's also one you can take advantage off. The blades that spin in the middle of the room with kill the Gearheads faster than they can say "RAGE", but the regular grunts (again) tend to stay back. Your goal is to reach the vault behind the spinning thingy and pick up the sample, but have your guard up: another Gearhead Minigun will come in.

After dealing with him, head back to the room with the spinning thing, and take out some more regular grunts. Take them out as you like (the propeller might also do it for you) and advance towards the stairs. A door will be locked and due to a blast in a wall, a new Gearhead Minigun will come to meet you. If the timing is right, he might be killed by the propeller; if not deal with him how you prefer. Proceed through the new exit, but before you advance down the stairs we'll pick up yet another collector card.


Once you enter the newly unlocked room, face the stairs and turn around. Behind the counter, you'll find this card on a chair.

Head down the stairs and kill the two Gearheads that came in. Proceed and interact with the valve to disable the flames. You'll find yourself back in the lobby of the bank, with the last few enemies greeting you. Deal with them and make your way back to where you've entered. Before you leave the area though, and if you successfully interacted with the keyboards, you'll be ready to enter the DOOM Room.


When facing the exit, there's a previously locked door. In this room, you'll be able to pick up the Doom Marine bobblehead.

Exit through the door you've came in and you'll be back in Subway Town. Make your way back to Redstone to turn in this mission and to get another assignment.

Vault Assault

Complete Gearhead Vault in the Campaign

Vault Assault
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- 11:40 - Collector Card: Advanced Sentry Turret
- 23:16 - Collector Card: Gearhead Shotgun
- 25:25 - DOOM Room Easter Egg (Part I)
- 30:29 - Collector Card: Gearhead Jet
- 33:25 - DOOM Room Easter Egg (Part II)

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