28. RAGE Part 25: The Price of Power


- Collector Cards: 2
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0


Redstone wants to gain a more permanent solution, and invites you to infiltrate the Power Plant in the Eastern Wastelands. Before you get a chance to leave, he'll advise you to get a vehicle "with a bit more kick in it", and that's exactly what we'll do. Make your way down to the racing track, and you'll meet a familiar face: Starky. He challenges you to another race, in which you can win his Monarch.


Although Starky is driving a better vehicle, this shouldn't cause you any problems. Pick up the Boost Canisters when you can, and step on it: there's really not much else I can say. After successfully beating him, your new vehicle will be waiting for you in his garage, and he'll vouch to get it back (he won't tough ...). Before you leave, it might be useful to complete some (or all) available races in Subway Town to get this baby upgrades as soon as possible. Make sure to stock up on Vehicle Ammo and Quick Use items as well since the Eastern Wastelands are a bit more challenging.

Before we head to the exit of Subway Town, it's also recommended visiting the Fez Bar. Speak with the bartender to get a repeatable mission: taking out enemy vehicles; but there's a fun twist: for every Authority vehicle you take out, you'll earn double the cash and Racing Certificates! Another note to consider is stocking up heavily on supplies: this mission is more or less the most difficult one in the game. Make sure you've purchased all Armor Upgrades, have plenty of your favorite Quick Use Items and have the max amount of ammo for your Authority Machine Gun and Sniper Rifle. Have about 150 Pop Rockets ready as well since we'll be facing some (mini-)bosses in the process as well. If you're in need of cash, you can consider traveling back to Wellspring to play the Video Poker mini-game or you could play Strum in Subway Town (the easiest mini-game in the Base Game). Whenever you feel ready, head to the garage and let's start exploring the Eastern Wastelands.


Follow the mini-map to the Power Plant, and you'll soon find some enemy vehicles along the way. There's also two vehicle jumps close to your destination, so you might want to get those out of the way. Once the area is cleared of roaming enemy vehicles, you're free to enter the Power Plant, but before you do, there's a collector card to pick up.


Found on the right of the Power Plant Entrance.


Upon entering, you'll notice a lone guard. Take him out with your Wingsticks and proceed left. You'll notice a yellow power box as well as a camera above it. Shoot the power box with either the Electro Bolts or the Pulse Shots, and you can opt to shoot the camera so you can sell it later on at Jani's Supplies. Proceed to the right at the end of the corridor, loot the body and shoot yet another power box. Before we proceed, explore the upper level for some items and proceed by going to the bottom floor. Here, you can shoot the third power box in this area and search for any usable items, and once you're done ascend the stairs in the corner for your first fight. There will be a Gearhead Sentry waiting for you, and as soon as you deal with him you'll meet with 4 other friendly faces. Deal with them and open the door on the left using a Lock Grinder for some ammo and sellable items.

Proceed forward and meet some more Gearheads as well as two Sentry Bots, greet them accordingly with your bullets. Ascend the stairs and meet the two Gearheads on the opposite side of the area before getting shot by a guy on an upper floor. If you are using the Settler Pistol or Sniper Rifle, you might see an elevator ascending with handful of enemies in, including a Gearhead Sentry. Deal with the Sentry first, and make your way around to gain access to the elevator. Interact with the lever and interact with it, another 4 Gearhead grunts will come in so deal with them before entering the elevator. Once the area is clear, enter the elevator, ascend and enjoy the short cut-scene.

Once you are able to control your character again, sweep the first room for loot. Proceed further and you'll head some Gearheads talking. Another big fight will take place, so progress slowly whilst clearing all corridors. Proceed forward into a small room and use the ladder to reach a lone enemy in a small office. Kill him and proceed, two Sentry Bots will advance to your current position. Deal with them, proceed forward and take out some more Gearheads. You'll reach a rather large room where the boss demands his minions to start the decapitator: this is your cue to crouch.

Your first challenge is another Gearhead Sentry, deal with him and soon some other enemies will come in. Again, deal with them and progress. Ascend the stairs and you'll be facing another five enemies in a small area. Proceed forward to the right, whilst dealing with some more incoming enemies. You'll soon find yourself in some kind of generator room, and behind this room is your last big firefight before facing the Gearhead Boss. In this next area, a dozen of Gearheads will threaten you, but there's also a Gearhead Sentry that will spawn in. A Sentry Bot might be very useful in here to deal with the grunts or to distract the enemies' attention while you take the time to blast their head off. Clear the room of the heavy resistance, and proceed into another generator looking room. Check the room for useful items, including a bandage, and head up the stairs.

The Gearhead Boss will be waiting for you with his shotgun, and he'll attack you with Pop Rockets. I opted to use Explosive Bolts but returning Pop Rockets might also be useful in this situation. There's not much room to avoid his shells but move quickly, and he'll be dead in no time. Once you've done that, interact with the switch to redirect power to Subway Town. A grunt will come in to rush you: use Wingsticks to deal with him and ascend another small set of stairs to meet another Gearhead. Kill him or let him be killed by the Subway Town guard that comes in to greet you.

Descend some stairs and you'll be back in the previous big area. This time you'll be helping the Subway Town forces clearing out the remaining enemies: you could use the three switches in front of you to aid you; but your Sniper Rifle will work just fine. Once the room is cleared, exit through the newly opened door behind the switches. You're now back into the room where you've entered.


Before you exit, use the newly opened door on the left and ascend the stairs. You'll find this collector card at the top

Exit and head back to Subway Town. Things will have changed, and the office for Major Redstone is no longer available. Back to the underground then to meet up with Captain Marshall.

Power Struggle

Complete Power Plant in the Campaign

Power Struggle
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


- 08:52 - Collector Card: Monarch
- 46:26 - Collector Card: Gearhead Boss

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