29. RAGE Part 26: Ark Equipment


- Collector Cards: 2
- Recipes: 1
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


In the Resistance Base, you'll meet up with Lassard who will task you to find yet another Decrypter in another Ark, that emerged in the Jackal Canyon. You'll need to retrieve that piece of equipment so that Lassard can decrypt your ID Drive. Before we head out, it's important to know that the Jackal Clan likes to fight from a distance and it's recommend you stock up on Sniper Rifle ammo as well as Explosive Bolts. The usual supplies (Bandages, Wingsticks, Pop Rockets, etc) should always be a standard purchase at this point in time.


Before we head into the Eastern Wasteland to finish this fetch-quest, we'll activate this one as well. Find Norbu close to the Fez Bar. As the name of this side mission suggests, we'll need to go find some Comet Bloom. If you have some in your inventory already, the game will automatically give them to Norbu as shown in the video below at 0:33. If you don't have any in your inventory, I'll be in the exact location at 3:45 in the video: it's a small passage to the left of where the Jackal Canyon is. In this location, you can also work toward the "Roadkill"-achievement.

Either way, make your way up the rocky stairset, cross the bridge and interact with the gate to access the Canyon for your next main mission.


Once you've entered the Canyon, hug the lefthandside for some pick ups, including another collectible.


On your left, in a small cavern, as soon as you enter.

Continue down the path and deal with the lone enemy. Your presence will not be going unnoticed, and it's time to enter the fight. Enter the cave opposite the closed gate and deal with another two enemies rushing towards you. You'll probably noticed some fire arrows being shot at you, use your sniper rifle to deal with the enemies on the tower before proceeding. They are incredibly accurate so use the cave you've passed as cover and to regenerate health if needed. Once the troops are dealt with, cross the small bridge and pull the lever to unlock the previously locked gate.


On the opposite side of the lever you need to pull to advance through the mission.

Return to the gate and watch three Clubs and two AR's closing in on you. Deal with them how you like and continue your path. On the tower to your left, there might be one or two enemies shooting at you, and another Club will zipline down. Proceed into another cave, and two explosive barrels will come and meet you, as well as another three Clubs to wack your head in. Have your Shotgun and Wingsticks ready to deal with them and continue down the linear path where you'll find a zipline to enter a new area of the Canyon. Dispose of the two enemies shooting at you and continue down another zipline. Whilst progressing, another set of enemies will rush into your position so deal with them before progressing. Cross the makeshift bridge again, deal with another two Clubs and ride the elevator down.

You'll arrive in their living quarters (I think), and you'll immediately be greeted by 3-4 enemies. Kill them and loot the nearby cabins before following the path. Two Jackals will emerge from the ground, and another set will rush in so expect a heavy fight: these guys are quite fast and agile but nothing your Shotgun and Wingsticks can't handle. Progress across yet another makeshift bridge into a cave. You'll enter a close quartered, chaotic area marking the near end of this mission. You'll spiral down some makeshift bridges whilst fighting off some enemies but there are also explosive balloons in the area. If you time your shots well, you might get a few out of the air whilst dealing with the incoming forces. At the bottom, you'll notice the Ark. After dealing with all the enemies (one will come out of the Ark), interact with the display to listen to President Davis if you'd like too; otherwise interact with the nearby blue display so you're able to pick up whatever it is Lassard wants. You'll unlock the following after completing the mission:


Complete Jackal Canyon in the Campaign

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On your way out, another Jackal will come annd say "hi", great him with some bullets in the face and ascend the stairs on your immediate left to ride some sort of zipline back up to where you've entered the Canyon. Greet two more Jackals and make your way back to Lassard: we're almost at the conclusion of this amazing game!


Once you've arrived, go down to the Resistance base and speak with Lassard. Follow the conversation with Captain Marshall and he'll tell you to go see Portman about some explosives. On his left, you'll find another schematic.


On a desk on the left near Portman.

If you've continued the conversation with Portman as I have in the video below, decline the mission: we have some other things to do first!


- 04:28 - Collector Card: Jackal Crossbow
- 07:53 - Collector Card: Jackal Club
- 26:48 - Schematic: Authority Augmenter

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