3. RAGE Enemies




The Ghost Clan is an insane group of cannibals that occupies the old Rutherford Hotel, which is now their base of operations known as the Ghost Hideout. These will be the first enemies you'll encounter after leaving the Ark, and will fight during the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat". They're very agile and adept at using the environment to perform jumps and other tricks to disorient enemies. They prefer close combat, making use of Wingsticks and bladed weapons like sickles and kitchen knives. Those that don't prefer close combat resort to pistols and assault rifles.

- Variants:

  • Ghost Bonestick, specialized in close combat
  • Ghost Pistol, uses a Settler Pistol
  • Ghost AR, used an Assault Rifle
  • Ghost Boss, only seen fleeing away



The Wasted are easily recognized by their British accent (or their face paint in the form of the Union Jack) and mainly reside in the Wasted Garage located on the old Dam Facility site north of the Hagar Settlement. These enemies are first encountered during the "Where's Juno"-quest and mainly use hand weapons and grenades as their main way of battling. These bandits are also proud owners of all turrets scattered around the Wasteland.

- Variants:

  • Wasted Club, specialized in close combat
  • Wasted Pistol, uses a Settler Pistol
  • Wasted Shotgun, armed with a shotgun and moves in slow pace
  • Wasted AR, armed with an Assault Rifle
  • Wasted Boss, fought during the "Missing Parts" mission



The Shrouded clan live in a complex known as the Shrouded Bunker. They are first encountered during the quest "Destroy the Barricade" and are the most technologically advanced and intelligent bandit clan in the Wasteland. They mostly use assault rifles and grenades, whilst also taking advantage of nearby cover. Once killed, they often drop ingredients as random loot. The biggest threat in this clan are the Minigun and Shotgun Shrouded since they are equipped with heavy body armor.



Like the Wasted, the Gearheads are easily recognized by their Russian accent and mainly reside in the Gearhead Vault, an old power plant located east of Subway Town. They are first encountered during the quest "Gearhead Vault" and are heavily armored. They mainly use explosives and robotics during combat, making extensive use of Sentry Bots and Turrets.



This clan resides in the Jackal Canyon south of Subway Town and are first encountered during the quest "Ark Equipment". They are equipped with minimal armor and use improvised hand weapons and crossbows as their means during combat. The trademark of this clan is howling like wolves, using the walls of their canyon to amplify their shouts. They also like to swarm you with a whole group, so your best bet is having those Sentry Bots ready.



The Scorchers control the Scorcher Territory. They could be compared to the Ghost Clan since they also use the environment to their advantage. They use improvised hand weapons, including spiked baseball bats, as well as firearms and grenades. You'll encounter them in the main game in their vehicles during "Wellspring Bound", but are first sighted during the "Rumbles In The Dark"-mission.



Regular Mutants

Wild and savage creatures that love to surround you for close combat. These enemies never run in a straight line and their movement is hard to predict. Luckily, the Wingsticks and Combat Shotgun will allow you to live that one moment longer.


  • Club Mutant, comes up close with sharp objects or bones to whack you in the head
  • Dagger Thrower, as their name suggests they mostly attack by throwing daggers but aren't afraid to come up close
  • Scoop Mutant, throws explosive objects from long range
  • Dyno-Mutant, rushes to your position whilst holding dynamite fuses
  • Armoured Mutants, only available in the Scorcher DLC Pack and come up close to attack you. Due to their thick skin, they are a lot harder to deal with but explosives and armor piercing rounds are your best bet!


A moderately big Mutant that has two types of attacks: one of them is rushing in on your position to bash you, another is to swing its tentacle at you to blur your vision and do a great deal of damage. Explosives and armor piercing ammo will be your best bet to kill this fella!

Large Mutant

This variant uses a Grenade Launcher to deal damage and stays for away from you to avoid damage.

Giant Mutant

Encountered during the story once, luckily! Uses the environment to attack you as well as melee attacks. Not recommended to keep this guy as a pet!



The Authority will use their technological edge to their advantage, but since we have EMP's at our disposal as well as Feltrite-infused ammo-types they're not really a big threat.


The standard enemies in the game and the main antagonists. They are heavily armoured and use long range combat to damage you.


  • Shield Guard: Uses an energy field to advance to your position whilst holding out the Authority Machine Gun to shoot you to keep you pinned down
  • Authority Sniper: Not encountered very often, but will use height to their advantage. Their position is easily recognisable due to their laser sight.

Elite Guard

Very heavily armoured, and very heavily armed to blow your head off with the Authority Pulse Cannon. Try to have some distance in between yourself and this guy whilst you get some headshots in!

Authority Mutants

I chose to include this kind of Mutant here, but they are basically the same as the regular Mutants previously described. Instead of melee attacks, they will shoot you with the laser arms and are a big threat if they surround you with a group.

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