30. RAGE Part 27: Abandoned Distillery


- Collector Cards: 1
- Recipes: 1
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 2


It's important we complete every possible side mission available before we advance with the story so we don't miss our "Obsessive Compulsive"-achievement. One of the things on our To Do-list is visiting the Abandoned Distillery to retrieve some stuff. To be able to access this area, we'll need to find Dietrich in Subway Town, who is on the second floor in a room behind Jani's Supplies. If you followed the video guides, we have already accepted this mission before. Since this is a Mutant infested area, make sure you stock up on Sentry Bots/Turrets, bandages, Shotgun ammo and Wingsticks.


The entrance to the distillery is close to Subway Town, leaving us wondering why Dietrich didn't grab a Shotgun himself and fetched his own items; but hey, we're here for the collectibles! Enter the caves on the right and follow the path.


In the caves towards the distillery on the right on a crate.

Follow the path into a desert-like area and pick up the Desert Spore on your left before interacting with the door at the end of the path.


Follow the path until you reach an unlockable door: you'll need a Lock Grinder to advance. If you don't have any in your inventory, don't worry: in the office on your right there is one conveniently placed so you can proceed. Pick up all the small objects as well for you to sell when you return to Subway Town and unlock the door. Follow the path once more until you meet your first mutant: progress and you'll see him feasting on some corpse. Dispose of him however you like and once you've dropped down from the tube, use an Electro Bolt on the powerbox on the right to unlock a storage room containing a lot of useful items including an Advanced Sentry Turret.

Proceed forward to meet some more mutants, you'll find some Feltrite Crystals along the way, and ascend the spiral staircase to enter a machinery room. Check the room for some more sellable items, and once you've almost reached the end, you'll hear more mutants to be found on your path. I decided to take them out with the Nailgun and Railgun Slugs, but if you don't have the DLC (or if you don't want to use the weapon) you could try and stealth kill them with your Crossbow or Wingsticks. Progress and notice two mutants climbing up a structure. Enter the area and your first big fight will start: use a Sentry Bot in combination with Wingsticks and your Combat Shotgun to fend off the first big horde. At the end of the area, there's a small gap to drop a level: do so and go near the end of a small corridor to pick up some more small items and to find a valve. Interact with it and return to where you've came from. As soon as you've ascended a ladder, go to the immediate right to find a gate partially opened. Crouch and enter the room to unlock the following achievement:

Dev Graffiti

Find the secret Developer Graffiti Room

Dev Graffiti
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now that's done, let's progress: ascend the silo in front of you and continue the laid out path whilst fighting off the incoming Mutants. Soon, you'll arrive at the actual distillery. Deploy a Sentry Bot and ascend the stairs on the left or right of the structure. Loot the area for some more small objects and place a Sentry Bot near the railing to fend off some future incoming Mutants. Once you're done, interact with the switch on the right: whilst the jugs are filling up, you'll need to fend off a big horde of Mutants twice (one for every jug). Once the first wave is done (or read: once the first jug is filled), deploy another Bot and Turret before reactivating the machine once more. Fend off the second horde in the same fashion as you did before until the second jug is filled.

As soon as you pick up the second jug, a door behind you will open with a handful of mutants behind it. Deal with them and follow the path to the exit. We won't go back to Subway Town just yet: there's another Job Board Mission to complete close to the exit of the Abandoned Distillery.


Follow your mini-map and enter the Blue Line Station. The first time we've visited this location, we faced Mutants; this time we'll be fighting the Shrouded Clan. The mission is simple: leave no one alive. There's is little to no small objects since we've looted this area before, but as you enter you should notice 3 dead guards ready for you to loot. Follow the path to encounter your first handful of enemies and use any means to dispose of them. As soon as you cleared the first area (or if they fell back), loot the corpses as well as vending machines for some extra cash.

Once you've reached a dark corridor, there's a Sentry Turret waiting for you. Shooting it will deal with it but an EMP grenade might come in handy as well. Continue down the path to greet another handful of Shrouded on a railroad and follow it to reach an open area where guards from Subway Town are laying down fire on some more Shrouded. Assist them by taking out the first nearby enemy and proceed to take out some more Shrouded in the distance by using your Sniper Rifle or special ammo for your Pistol (Fat Mamma bullets will do the trick nicely!). Cross the open area and ascend the ramps to find yet another Turret shooting at you. Destroy it and progress through the bathroom stalls. You'll reach another train station with a handful of enemies, one of them up high behind a Turret so it would be wise to deal with him first.

Once this area is cleared, loot them as well as the nearby vending machines, and proceed to the left through a train to reach a small office. As you exit the office, there will be another Turret up high on your right so deal with it before it deals with you. Ascend to where the Turret was and another batch of enemies will spawn in; one of them being a Heavy. Deal with him first: Fat Mamma bullets to the head will take it him easily and kill the remainder of the Shrouded troops. Turn left at the end of the hallway so spawn in some more troops who will remind you about the horrors of Call of Duty: World at War. Once they are dealt with, go back to the stair set to spawn some more Shrouded in. Descend the stairs and move straight ahead: another set will spawn in through a door on the left.

Go through the door and the last Shrouded member will come and meet you. Once you've dealt with him, this mission is over and you can return to Subway Town.


There's only one thing to do, go and meet Dietrich to give him his jugs of Blueshine. As a reward, he'll reward you with your final schematic:


Received from Dietrich after successfully completing "Abandoned Distillery".

This will also unlock:

Master Chef

Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through

Master Chef
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable


- 01:33 - Collector Card: Jack Portman
- 12:57 - Dev Graffiti Room
- 19:25 - Job Board Mission: Eviction Notice
- 38:15 - Schematic: Regenerative Infusion

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