31. RAGE Part 28: Finishing our remaining Side Missions


- Collector Cards: 0
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 2

It is important that you do all mini-games, races, vehicle jumps and side missions before the next story related mission "Assault Authority Bridge". Even though races aren't recorded (they would be really boring to watch anyway), make sure you've completed (read: finish first) ALL races in Wellspring and Subway Town as well as doing the Strum mini-game previously mentioned in this walkthrough. This page will only describe the remaining Job Board/Side Missions so they can provide any assistance if need be.


For this mission, we'll return to the Gearhead Vault. The Authority has taken over and it's our job to stop them from whatever they are doing down there. Enter through the Management Office close to the Strum mini-game guy and interact with the door to enter the car park. My weapon of choice will be the Railgun, but if you'd like to use stealth you can also use Electro Bolts on your Crossbow: they are a one hit kill. Either way, take out the two roaming guards however you'd like and progress to find the first generator: use an EMP to destroy it. This will alert the nearby enemies, and two more guards will advance towards your current position. Take them out and advance up the makeshift ramp. Follow the balcony up another makeshift ramp and take out the three roaming Enforcers. Proceed into the bank area to find the second mobile generator; use an EMP to get rid of it. Go through the newly unlocked corridor to find three more guards on your path, deal with them again and move up the stairs into the vault area. At the top, go to the right and kill another roaming Enforcer. Descend the stairs and you'll hear two Enforcers noticing your presence: it's time to go loud.

In this corridor, you'll also find the final generator. Destroy it with an EMP and this mission will be over. Return to Subway Town and go back to the Job Board to activate the last mission.


We'll travel back to the abandoned distillery now, and no much has changed since. Instead of taking the long route like we have before, we'll take a right after entering and down the stairs to end up meeting a dead thief with some mutants. Again, we'll need to fill up two vials of Blueshine so we'll apply the same tactics: one Sentry Bot and a Sentry Turret, Shotgun ready to pump some lead into those Mutants and Wingsticks close in case they want to hug you with their knives or clubs. Once both jugs are filled, you can exit the distillery the same way you've entered. As an added bonus you can now sell the vials of Blueshine at Jani's or Coffers.

With this mission completed, we've covered all Job Board Missions and we're ready to tackle the final two story related missions. If you own the DLC though, we'll start off with the final DLC mission, divided into two parts. Get ready for some carnage!


- 03:40 - Job Board Mission: Help Wanted
- 13:55 - Job Board Mission: Bounty Hunter

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