32. RAGE Part 29: Scorcher Threat (DLC)


Before we start this mission, allow me to say that you will need to stock up on supplies heavily. Here's what I would recommend on Ultra Nightmare at the bare minimum:

  • 50 bandages
  • 60 Wingsticks
  • 15 Sentry Bots
  • 100 Sniper Rifle bullets
  • 100 Pop Rockets
  • 150 Shotgun shells
  • 75 HE Rockets

Obviously have your other guns ready for use as well. Fat Mamma bullets are recommended as well since they have a high damage output. If you are in need of money, play the Video Poker game in Jackpots and save often. I was able to make about $5.000 in about 45 minutes and used this method throughout the game to keep my ammo supply at a healthy minimum. Once you are ready to start and finish the final DLC-mission, head to Jackpots and speak with Sarah to get going.


Once you've entered the tunnels, proceed forward until you've reached a small building. Get to the right of it and up the ladder so you are able to enter from the top. In here, pick up the small items from the shelf. Interact with both consoles (you have to rotate cn_LS and cn_RS to get a green light on both dials) to open the gate. Once you do, Sarah will be grabbed by Scorchers, leaving two/three enemies behind for you to fend off. The first two will bust through the door of the building you're in, another will hide behind cover.

Go through the open gate and proceed forward until another enemy spawns. Kill him quickly, and the corridor will be closed by a gate. Scan the room for pickups and proceed to the left, and up the stairs. There's some useful ammo to be collected opposite of the switch you need to pull, and once you interact with it two automatic sentries will activate along with a big Mutant spawn. Get your Shotgun out, and maybe spawn a bot to help you defend yourself. Once you hear a ring, the area is clear and you are ready to progress. Before we progress through the newly opened door, there's an unlockable door in the tunnel below the platform you were on. Open it and pick up all the loot you can find. Go through the newly unlocked corridor and once you reach a big open area, another big batch of Mutants will spawn, including some Slime Mutants; you know what this means: Shotgun and Wingsticks ready with a Sentry Bot (or maybe two) assisting you.

Proceed forward until you hear an unknown roar whilst reaching a closed gate. This is a pretty tedious one, and I ended up using the following trick to get past it: back up against the gate whilst holding cn_A and backing up. This should help you get past it easily, but what you might find on the other side is probably the reason why it was closed in the first place. Spawn a Sentry Bot immediately and have your shotgun ready. You'll meet a new enemy: the Armoured Mutants. They are very hard to kill, but your Shotgun with Pop Rockets might be the easiest way.

Once you've dealt with them, proceed through the straight forward corridors to advance. Whilst moving, one or two more roars might give you a brief scare; but soon you'll arrive at another room covered in greenish goo. Once you reach the middle of the room, the entrance and exit will be closed and more Armoured Mutants will come in trying to give you a good old swing of their clubs. After dealing with a handful of these fantastic creatures, the exit will open up again. Go through the small corridor and another Armoured Mutant will bust open a door rushing at you, deal with it however you'd like.

Inside the newly opened room, there's some useful loot to find so be sure not to miss it. Proceed forward and a Slime Mutant shows up to join the party, but again: deal with him in any fashion you prefer before moving forward. Follow the corridors until you can ascend a stairset and make sure you're ready for yet another ambush of Armoured Mutants in combination with a few Slime Mutants in a very open space: Sentry Bots and Pop Rockets will help you very much in this very heated battle. Stay aware of your surroundings: they can show up pretty much everywhere. After you've killed about a dozen, a Kraken will show up: the very same combination will help you out greatly. After finishing him and his buddies, a gate will open up at the end of the room on the left hand side spawning in two more Armoured Mutants. I don't need to tell you what to do anymore at this point, continue the path after dealing with them until you reach a duo of Scorchers: finally some human(-ish) enemies!

Dispose of them and fall through the hole in the floor to continue your rescue mission. You'll soon hit a long corridor with another level: interact with it to spawn two Sentry Turrets as well as another big wave of Armoured Mutants. Since you don't have the advantage of height this time, it would be wise to get another set of Sentry Bots to accompany you. An audio cue will allow you to breathe easily again, so follow the stairs on the left to another unlockable door. Pull the lever and pick up the ammo found near it and descend the stairs to continue your path through the tunnel. You'll soon hit a door leading to the Scorcher Base, which is the final mission of this DLC. Interacting with it will unlock:

Rite of Passage

Complete Wellspring Tunnels in The Scorchers job path

Rite of Passage
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