33. RAGE Part 30: Rite of Passage (DLC)


Before we move on, it would be wise to change your current loadout. My preferred ammo-type are the Fat Mamma bullets from the Settler Pistol and I mostly used the Railgun Slugs to scout up ahead if possible to see where enemies are. Sniper Rifles might come in handy here as well but the explosive touch Fat Mamma bullets offer will help you against the Heavies that will present themselves. Make sure you have more than enough Bandages to get through this part effectively: a set of 60 - 70 should suffice.


Follow the corridor and go left at the end. You'll meet a familiar face: Stew. How he got there from Subway Town is another story, but the point is that he can provide you with supplies, so stock up if need be. This part of the mission will solely focus on human enemies (except the bossfight, but we'll get to that in time) so stock up on everything you might need or extensively used in the previous part. Make sure you have ammo for your Rocket Launcher, you'll need it.

Hug the right side of the destructed are to be able to ascend a stairset and follow the path. As the game suggests, save your game: it will get quite intense. Continue forward to meet the first three enemies of this mission, deal with them as you like and more will spawn in. There will at least one Scorcher mount a turret, so make sure you kill him before you do anything else. Another dozen will be there to be taken care off, and once you do follow the corridor and descend another stairset to spawn in another duo. Follow the path, ascending another stairset to spot two more Scorchers and proceed to face your first heavy and a few of his companions. Once you've dealth with them, enter the elevator on the rightside of the room to reach the upper floor.

Once you've exited the elevator, search both ends of the corridor for some useful pickups and go outside to have a first glance of an aircraft. A dozen of enemies will come in and rush your position, but a Sentry Turret might help you fend off those that come too close. Proceed forward with caution: more Scorchers will spawn in including another Heavy. Once you've cleared the area, proceed down the path up some stairs for a small puzzle.

Before we solve it: scout the room for the items laying around. Once you're done, go to the pedestal in the middle of the room and pick up the Feltrite Crystal. You'll notice a pedestal with a bowl rising to the ceiling. At the same time, the room is filling up with explosive gas. Make sure to act quickly: a skull will spawn on the right hand side next to the door through which you came in: pick it up and place it on the left stone lever to open a door behind the pedestal. Proceed down the straight forward path and soon Scorchers will notice your presence. You'll arrive at an open area, and another battle will enfold.

Once the area is cleared of the first wave, ascend some stairs at the backend of the are and proceed left: two more Scorchers will spawn in. Continue forward and you'll see a turret which you'll need to use to bust open a door on the opposite side. More Scorchers will spawn in, feel free to use the turret to dispose of them without wasting ammo. When the wave has been dealt with once more, navigate through the newly opened exit and follow the path. The game will prompt you to save once more and it would be a wise thing to do as they ask: the boss fight will start.

Descend the stairs and the gate behind you will close. The airship we've noticed earlier is back, and it's your job to shoot it down: this is where your Rocket Launcher comes in. The airship has two types of attacks: shooting you with a Turret or unloading explosives down to the playable area. During this first sequence you can only damage it by shooting the metalplates on both sides of the ship that cover the energy source. Once that is uncovered (you'll recognise it by the blue color), keep shooting it to deal a lot of damage. Make sure you stay behind cover at all times when the airship is laying down fire. As soon as you damage it enough, a set of Scorchers will come to the ground: use the Railgun Slugs to dispose of them whilst you stay behind cover. Killing them will make the ship disappear, allowing you to move to the next area. Make sure to save your game here once again.

To access the next area, you'll need to cross the bridge that will open up on the right hand side. Whilst it is opening, another set of Scorchers will come and meet you. Cross the bridge to spawn 3-4 more. Deal with them and another set will spawn along with the airship. The second sequence didn't change: shoot the blue areas to deal damage and as soon as there is 1/3 of health remaining, our method will change slightly. Before we work that out, we'll kill the incoming enemies that will spawn from the ship. To damage the ship significantly now, we'll need to target the 6 powersources that spawned in at the bottom: you can either continue to use the Rocket Launcher or use the Sniper Rifle for easier targeting. In between waves of explosives and Turretshots, the ship will also occasionally spawn in a set of regular enemies. As soon as you destroy three of these power cores, the ship won't be able to fly anymore and the boss fight will finally be over.

Soon an elevator will come down (probably behind you) with another set of Scorchers, dispose of them and ride the elevator back up. Follow the cave and straight forward path until you reach Sarah, to release her you'll need to interact with both buttons on both sides. Watch the cutscene and enjoy your final moments of the Scorcher DLC. After Sarah proposes to get a drink, you'll spawn into a new trophy room where you can view all your current accomplishments whilst the following achievement unlocks:

Fired Up!

Complete Scorcher Base in the The Scorchers job path

Fired Up!
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You can use this place to play Five Finnger Fillet as well as the Strum mini-game. To leave, interact with the door on the left of Sarah.


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