34. RAGE Part 31: Assault Authority Bridge


- Collector Cards: 1
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 0

This is it: our point of no return. After completing this mission, certain parts of the game will be locked so make sure you finished all the races, found/bought all collectibles and completed every Job Board and Side Missions!


After the adventures in the Scorchers DLC, go back to Subway Town and meet back up with Portman in the Resistance base. Accept his mission and he'll give you the explosives needed to complete this mission. Jump in your vehicle and follow the mini-map. Once you're past the Jackall Hideout, a few mutants will await your arrival: run them over to progress towards the "Roadkill"-achievement. Jump out of your vehicle and interact with the locked gate to blow it open. More Mutants will spawn so run them over again to preserve your ammo and follow the mini-map through the destroyed gate. More Mutants will be on the road so you surely can't miss the following achievement:


Run over 10 Mutants

4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Once you reach a dead end, jump out of your vehicle again and interact with the green button to ride the elevator up. Once you arrive at the top level, an enemy will be waiting in front of you, and a set of three Enforcers will spawn on the right. After killing them, another set of three will spawn on the left. Before we place explosives, we'll scout the area for our final collectible:


Found behind some boxes on the left side of the bridge where you need to plant an explosive.

Picking this one up, provided you followed this guide and collected all of them, you'll unlock:

Gotta Have 'Em All

Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through

Gotta Have 'Em All
6 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

The remainder of this mission is easy: plant explosives on the left- and rightside of the bridge and ride the elevator back down. Drive back to Subway Town to meet up with the Resistance and they'll give you their final mission. As a reward for completing this mission, Portman will give you some "extra firepower": the Authority Pulse Cannon. Grab it and prepare for the next and final mission!


- 04:35 - Collector Card: Elite Guard

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