4. RAGE Part 01: Prologue


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- Recipes: 0
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The game starts off with a beautiful intro. A meteor arrives in the Solar system, clips the moons of Saturn and braces the Moon before making an impact on Earth. Right before the meteor hits the earth, dozens of people are being put into cryogenic chambers so that mankind would survive after the meteor destroys most life on the planet. Sounds good, right?!

Screenshot #01 - Prologue

As you might imagine, it doesn't go according to plan. As soon as you gain control over the main character (Nicolas Raine for those interested), you'll be asked to calibrate so look up/down/left/right when prompted. An audio log will start to play, saying you will be mankind's last hope and finally you can step outside into the Wasteland. You'll meet a friendly face soon before you hit the main road, and there will be another friendly soul after that.

Screenshot #01 - Prologue

You'll be saved by a character named Dan Hagar, founder and leader of the Hagar Settlement, and he'll ask you to hop into his buggy. Since he insisted on saving your life, he'll force you into doing the same for his settlement...

Screenshot #01 - Prologue


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