5. RAGE Part 02: Quell The Bandit Threat


- Collector Cards: 5
- Recipes: 0
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


Map #01 - Hagar Settlement

The friendly faces you've met on the way to the Hagar Settlement are part of the Ghost Clan. Your first assignment is going to their hideout and wiping them out. Don't do what he says immediately after accepting his job, there is some more stuff we need to take care of in the Hagar Settlement before we start our first real mission.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

After accepting the first mission from Dan Hagar, turn around and go to the back. Next to the bed, on the left side, you'll find your first collectible at the bottom of the nightstand.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Head outside through the garage. On a barrel, next to Becky, you'll find the second collectible.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

From the entrance of the Hagar Settlement, go all the way to the left towards the building where Dan is standing in. On a rock, hidden in the corner, you'll find your final collectible in this area.


Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

We'll first start looking for a person called Loosum. You'll recognize her since she's throwing up something that looks like a boomerang. She will introduce you to Wingsticks, a very useful item to have during your adventures. She'll challenge you to a simple mini-game: hit as many targets as you can in the time frame she'll give you. On Ultra Nightmare, you'll be aiming for 10 targets. After successfully completing this mini-game, you'll be able to buy some from the merchant, which you can find in the underground.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Before we start kicking butt, we'll make sure we are well supplied. Dan already gave you a Settler Pistol with some Ammo, and you should have enough with what is provided. You are also given $50, which we will spend wisely. First of all, pick up the Binocular mod for your pistol. It will come in useful since this game seems to think that one headshot isn't enough to stop certain (read: all) threats. With the leftover money, you can opt to buy more Wingsticks and/or some Bandages. After getting geared up, we are ready to take the ATV towards the Ghost Hideout.


Since you will be traveling through the Wasteland on a regular basis, I will be adding the area map here. Should you need it during your play through(s), you can reference back here.

Map #02: Wasteland

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Follow this walkway until you reach the end. Halfway towards the Ghost Hideout, you will soon meet a destroyed bridge with something hovering towards the left. On your left side, you'll see a railing. Park your vehicle and follow the railing onto some concrete to find a very well hidden collectible at the end.

FIELD GOAL #01 - ARK SITE: While in the area of this collector card, use it to your advantage to score a field goal. All you need to do is drive top speed into the railing and launch yourself in between the goal posts. It's better to do it now while the area isn't covered with enemy vehicles.


Map #03: Ghost Hideout (First Floor)

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

When you arrive, you can use the chance to look at an inactive enemy vehicle. Follow the marker on your mini map across the bridge and enter the hideout. As soon as you encounter a dead body, the game will notify you to loot it. This will be one of the key actions during your quests in the Wasteland so take the chance whenever you can to get some extra junk, ammo and cash. In the wooden box to the left, you'll find some extra loot. These objects will be shiny and it might prove useful at the start of the game to search entire areas in search for these items: you'll be able to sell them at any store for a guaranteed cash reward. Continue forward, crouching and jumping as the game instructs you to until you reach an area with a strange looking lock. We'll be coming back to this area later to pick up whatever is behind that door. In the next big area, you'll meet the first member of the Ghost Clan. After dealing with him, head to the left-hand side to find some Small Objects and a Cloth Rags against the back wall. Be sure to pick up the book and mug on the counter and proceed down the corridor where a Bonestick will rush towards you. The best way of dealing with these kinds of enemies are your Wingsticks, so it may be good for you to try out this tactic. After dealing with him, proceed and pick up an Electrical Wire Kit in the box on the left.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Before proceeding, you'll find this collectible between the torches on the platform in front of you.

Head into the open area and take the long route to make sure you pick up a Beer Bottle to your right.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

While taking the long route behind the statue, you'll find this collectible underneath the table near the entrance to the next corridor.

Map #03: Ghost Hideout (Second Floor)

Proceed through the door opening to meet more enemies. Deal with them accordingly and proceed until cut scene pops up on your screen. The Ghost Clan will take you to their kill room and soon you'll get stabbed. This is when the next element of game play pops up: the defibrillator (or defib). Follow the instructions on screen and after the prompt to save your game (which you should often do, there is no autosave).

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

After opening the door from the kill room to freedom, crouch using cn_B: you'll be able to sneak up on enemies. Dispose of him using your preferred actions (I would suggest a Wingstick to the face) and pick up the Pistol Rounds behind the door. The noise will alert his fellow mobsters, so get ready for a fight. You'll be facing some that rush towards you and others that take cover. With your Wingsticks you can take out the ones that charge towards you quickly, and for those that are in cover you'll be able to make good use of your Binocular mod on your Settler Pistol.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

After you've cleared the area of enemies, you'll find some Pistol Rounds on the right-hand side of the room. Turn around and use cn_A on the right corner next to the television: a secret door will open so you can get the Wolf Goblet. Other than the $150 you can receive for it by selling it, these items holds no other value in-game. The video below might give you a better indication on how to pick it up smile.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Move forward and another Bonestick will charge towards you. Further, you'll be in a room that has two more enemies and soon after killing them, another one will rush towards you. Before leaving this room, make sure to pick up the Pistol Rounds and Bandages to your left in the bathroom. Continue your adventure by proceeding forward. You'll come to another circular area, and 2 Bonesticks will rush towards you by using the zip lines. After taking them out, you'll come to the next area with a new quick-use item: the HE Grenade. At this point, another enemy will rush towards you and three others stay behind cover. Obviously you'll wanna take out the rushing enemy first. Cook a grenade and throw it over to the other side of the hallway. This will kill most, if not all, remaining enemies in this section. Be aware that vaporized enemy bodies will not drop any loot. Advance until you come across some vending machines, picking up the cash that you can get while investigating them.

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Continue through the bedroom while picking up ammo, and sneak up to the next enemy to take him out by surprise with some accurate shots to the back of the head. From this position, you can already take out those at a lower level so it would be worth to pop out from time to have some shots at the enemies. Proceed and go down the stairs, but don't forget to pick up the Beer Bottles. You'll be at the final area of your mission at this point, so things are starting to heat up. Pick up the two HE Grenades and use them to kill both enemies in the hallway. Loot the vending machine for some extra cash and mop up the remaining enemies in the big area. One of them might be equipped with an Assault Rifle, so make sure you use your bandages when you need to use them. Take the zip line down and proceed to the location where you came in. Jump on your ATV and return to Dan Hagar to receive your reward: armor and some cash. As you could've guessed though, it's not over yet...

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat

Oh, and you should've unlocked the following after riding the zip line:

Ghost Buster

Complete Ghost Hideout in the Campaign

Ghost Buster
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Screenshot #02 - Quell The Bandit Threat


- 01:04 - Collector Card: Dan
- 01:17 - Collector Card: Grenade
- 01:42 - Collector Card: Loosum
- 04:55 - Collector Card: Dagger Thrower
- 09:08 - Collector Card: Ghost Bonestick
- 09:18 - Collector Card: Ghost Boss
- 13:50 - Wolfenstein Easter Egg

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