6. RAGE Part 03: Medical Supplies


- Collector Cards: 3
- Recipes: 2
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 2


During your quest to take out the Ghost Clan, some other clan raided Hagar's Settlement. Dan asks you to go to another nearby settlement, the Outrigger Settlement, to meet up with Rikter. He'll promise you to get you your own buggy after returning, who wouldn't do this for such a reward? After accepting the mission, and before taking the ATV, go talk with Halek. Sell your junk, including the Wolf Goblet, so you have plenty of cash to replenish your ammo and supplies. Make sure to pick up some Wingsticks as well as Bandages. If you could afford the Assault Rifle, don't buy it just yet. We'll be getting that weapon soon without splashing out any cash (provided you have the DLC installed). Once you are ready, get on your ATV and follow the marker on your mini map and make way to the Outrigger Settlement.


Map #04 Outrigger Settlement

Once at the Settlement, proceed going up the tower until you are blocked by a dude with a Shotgun in his hands. His name is Rikter. He'll take a look at the list and tells you to go talk to Janus.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

Before speaking to Janus, make sure you pick up the collectible on the couch in front of her. This one is missable and will set you back a big amount of your cash, so avoid that.

Talk with Janus, and she agrees to help but only if you find out what happens to Juno. In return, she'll give you the recipe for the Bandages. Before you get the chance to descend, Rikter asks you a favor as well. He'll ask you to fix the radio tower, which conveniently lies on your path. Accept your first real side mission and descend the tower. No need to take your ATV since the entrance of the next part is right across the street (well, sort of ... laugh). Follow the mini-map to start your first mission.


As soon as you enter the area that's marked in blue on the mini-map, it is advised that you start sneaking. Once you descend from a stair set, you'll hear two enemies having a chat. Take the left door opening to dispose of the enemy quickly with a Wingstick, and quickly turn around the right corner to take care of another one.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

After killing your first two enemies, you can find this card at the bottom of a stair set on top of a chair right next to some Beer Bottles.

Start descending some stairs, and you might see two more bandits across. Both of them have Assault Rifles and since we're not equipped just yet to face them up close, fall back to where you killed the first two of their friends and aim for their heads with the Binocular mod on the Settler Pistol. After taking both of them down, descend the stairs completely, following the path marked on the mini-map. On your right, you might notice a small cave entrance. Go check it out since there might be a Night Blossom growing there. Continue and another bandit might rush towards you. Kill him using any means and continue your path up the small ridge.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

You'll encounter an abandoned house. Enter it and pay attention to the noise that plays. This is the sound of a nearby Mutant, an enemy with unpredictable movements who always comes up close to deal melee damage. Proceed forward while sneaking so you can take him out by surprise by using a Wingstick: you aren't equipped to go up close and personal. Interact with the body the mutant was focused on, and proceed your path. You'll come into a room with a ladder up, but don't go there yet.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

In the dark and final room after interacting with the body, go to the left-hand side wall to find this well-hidden collectible.

After finding the previous collectible, head up the ladder.


As soon as you surface, head forward. You'll find a panel which you'll need to interact with. Do so and take the zip line down. Continue down the ladder and enter the Outrigger Settlement.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies


Take the route you've previously taken up towards Rikter. After briefing Rikter on the repair you've done seconds ago, you'll be rewarded with the Combat Shotgun. Nice reward for the first Side Mission, right?! Proceed forwards and tell Janus about your findings. After some chatting, she will give you what she promised.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

Rewarded for completing the "Where's Juno?"-mission.

Screenshot - Medical Supplies

On your way down, make sure to speak with Ramos Outrigger and accept the "Mutant Alert" Side Mission. Jump on your trusty ATV and return to Dan Hagar. He'll be very grateful and rewards you with $100 and tells you to go talk with Durar Hagar to get you your own buggy, but we'll go for our first DLC-mission first. In case you don't have it installed, you can skip the next page altogether and proceed to "The Missing Parts".

Image 1

This schematic is now available for purchase with Halek for $50. It is recommended you buy this one right away.


- 03:16 - Collector Card: Janus Outrigger
- 05:44 - Collector Card: Sentry Turret
- 10:17 - Collector Card: Rikter Outrigger
- 12:20 - Schematic: Bandages

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