8. RAGE Part 05: Missing Parts


- Collector Cards: 3
- Recipes: 2
- Minigames: 0
- Side Missions: 1


Go meet Durar in the garage, and he'll inform you that the buggy needs some new parts to be able to get you to your locations safely. No worries, since he'll guide you back to the Outrigger Settlement to meet up with Johan Outrigger, the guy you've seen working on a vehicle earlier when we picked up the Medical Supplies for Dan. Before we make way to the Outrigger Settlement, we'll stock up on some supplies (ammo, bandages, Wingsticks, ...) and do our second Side Mission. Once you're ready, jump on your ATV and drive towards the Ghost Hideout.


NOTICE: The Outrigger Settlement will close after completing this story mission, so do this side mission right now. You'll be risking missing a schematic, voiding the Obsessive Compulsive achievement.

Once you arrive at the Ghost Hideout, instead of going right and across the bridge we'll go to the left. You'll see a launcher. Interact with it and two mutants will spawn in. If you want to preserve ammo, and start working on a different achievement; run back to your ATV and run them over. You should be able to get 2 - 3 kills this way. This Side Mission is now completed, so we'll drive towards the Outrigger Settlement next.


Before we'll speak to Johan, return to Ramos Outrigger. For completing this side mission, he'll reward you with a new schematic as well as $100.

Received after completing the "Mutant Alert" Side Mission. If you fail to turn in this mission before the settlement closes, this schematic can never be obtained again.

Once this is done, we'll go see Johan. He'll tell you to go get these parts yourself in the Wasted Garage. To help you out on your quest, you'll receive some Fatboys for the Settler Pistol and the Lock Grinder schematic.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Received from Johan Outrigger (Story related)

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

You'll also receive the parts required to craft one, so do this right away. Once you are ready, cross the street once again and enter the Wasted Territory. Follow the path until you come across the lookout where you can see two Wasted members. Take them out before you descend the stair set. Once they are dealt with, descend and follow the mini-map. You'll notice you'll be going straight ahead instead of taking the U-turn as we did before. Kill the grunt who's waiting near something that looks like a doorway and continue your path. At the end of the walkway, take the ladder up and be ready to meet another clan member before you have a chance to enter the Wasted Garage.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Screenshot - The Missing Parts


Map #05 - Wasted Garage

Once you've entered this new area, you'll be able to find Small Gears and Hardware Packet; but there's also some money in the parking meter. Open the door with a Lock Grinder and descend the stairs to meet some grunts. There's a variety of enemies that either rush towards you or hide behind cover. Either way, deal with them and sweep the room for any useful items as well as some junk that you'll be able to sell once you get back to the Hagar Settlement.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Proceed forward until you reach an electrified door and the Alternator. Kill the three Wasted members that are waiting to greet you, and pick up your first Buggy part to open the electrified door. This doorway will allow you to descend a floor, so you can continue your quest on having your own Buggy. Once you are descended a handful of Wasted members will be there to greet you. This will also be the first time you'll need to watch out for grenades flying around. Deal with them by any means you see necessary and before we continue to collect our second part, we'll be scavenging the place for a Collector Card.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

From where you descended the stair set, continue walking forward until you reach another set of stairs that ascends. At the top, in this small room, you'll find this collectible.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Keep moving to find more enemies as well as another locked door. Craft another Lock Grinder (you should have found enough parts) and open the door to pick up some more supplies including Bandages, and HE Grenades. Continue your rampage until the room is cleared to look around for more useful items in the room. Once you are done, head down the stairs where you will encounter a closed door. Before opening this, there's another collectible for you to pick up.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts
On the opposite side of the door, you'll find this collectible hidden in a cardboard box.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Advance by opening the door, and you'll be in another main area where things start to heat up. There will be a lot of bandits rushing towards you and there will be lots of bullets aimed towards you. The best method here is to advance slowly, keeping your Wingsticks at the ready for those rushing in on you and the Settler Pistol to pick off the ones behind cover. Once the room is cleared, pick up all the shiny objects you can find and continue down a narrow corridor. You'll be able to spot some yellow gas tanks, shooting them will allow the nearby door to blast open. Backtrack until the point where you can enter this room and pick up a set of Feltrite Crystals and other small objects.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

If you paid attention, you'll probably noticed the Quake symbol on the wall right before entering the adjoining corridor. There's another piece of loot you can pick up here, however this one is only available after clearing out the garage off enemies. I personally went back after a side mission that occurs here, but if you finish this level, you can enter the garage again to get yourself the Shambler Plush. Other than the $150 you could receive for it by selling it, this item holds no other value in-game. In order to access the Room, you'll need to activate 3 switches. For those interested, I'll leave a video here that shows you the way you should take before you can pick it up.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Continue your carnage and grab the Distributor Cap from the car. This will blast open another door, so you can advance your adventure. The final area will lead to your first boss fight. Equip the Settler Pistol with the Fatboys (if you have any remaining). Once the Boss spawns in, he'll call in for reinforcements and there's an infinite number of them. You could take this opportunity to farm money and ammo; however I decided to take out this guy as soon as I could. Aim for the small opening of where his turret is and you should be able to deal with him in about 4-5 shots. Additionally, every time you kill one of his reinforcements he'll present his head to you providing some easy shots. However, you want to handle this, after killing him you'll be greeted by one last Wasted member equipped with a shotgun so be ready for that.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

You'll be able to continue on the left of where the Boss was blocking your path. Do so to spot the Piston Assembly on a table but be aware that picking up this item will spawn yet another Wasted member to rush in on your position. Before we exit the garage, there's two more things we want to do here. First up, open the door next to the one where the clan member spawned from with a Lock Grinder. There's some more loot to collect here including another set of Feltrite Crystals.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

Screenshot - The Missing Parts

On the opposite side of where you collected the Piston Assembly, you'll be able to pick up this collectible, hidden in a small box.

Exit the Wasted Garage and notice that you are close to the starting point of the game. At this point, you'll have the following achievement unlocked for you as well:

Waste Management

Complete Wasted Garage in the Campaign

Waste Management
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

In front of you, you'll be able to spot two more Wasted members guarding a bandit Jetter. Return to Durar Hagar to finish this mission.

Screenshot - The Missing Parts


- 01:46 - Schematic: Lock Grinder
- 12:58 - Collector Card: Wasted Club
- 17:39 - Collector Card: Wasted Pistol
- 23:41 - Collector Card: Wasted Turret

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