9. RAGE Part 06: Destroy The Barricade


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Now that you have your vehicle set up, we'll be able to tackle another Side Mission, "Durar's Time Trial" but we'll come back later. The time is based on your difficulty, and playing on Ultra Nightmare makes this one really hard: there's no room for errors. As such, we'll be upgrading our vehicle a little later, so we can come back.

Screenshot - Destroy The Barricade

Return to Dan, and he'll ask you another favor. He needs to deliver a message to Major Clayton in Wellspring, but the Shrouded Clan built a blockade on the only road leading there. As such, he'll ask you to destroy it with some explosive charges. He will also give you his Sniper Rifle so you can take out the bandits from afar, and it's better that way too: they're firing a Rocket Launcher and you will need cover in order to complete this mini-mission. Got outside the Hagar Settlement exiting through Durar's Garage. Take cover using the big rock on your left and notice the two Shrouded on the left and right firing explosives at you. Take them out first.

Screenshot - Destroy The Barricade

Screenshot - Destroy The Barricade

As soon as you did that, you could advance close to take out the ones on the turret or you could just take your Buggy and plant the explosive charges. Either way, after blowing up the blockade you'll need to return to Dan. The time to say goodbye has nearly come, but he has one last favor to ask you...


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