Raiden Fighters Aces (JP)

Xbox 360

Raiden Fighters Aces (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

First Stage10 (10)Completed Stage 1 (any games or difficulties)
Playing 1h. Over11 (10)Played for more than 1 hour
Quick and Dead53 (50)Marked score 10,000,000 over for the quick shot bonuses (through the games)
Bonus Chain33 (30)Raised to the maximum level of the power of Bonus Chain (only for RFJ)

Least Earned

Score 100,000,000202 (50)Acquired score 100,000,000 over (difficulty : NORMAL or above)
Score 50,000,00094 (40)Acquired score 50,000,000 over (difficulty : NORMAL or above)
Playing 96h. Over17 (10)Played for more than 96 hours
Playing 48h. Over17 (10)Played for more than 48 hours
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