Railway Empire Walkthrough

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Railway Empire Walkthrough

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Hello everyone and welcome to my walkthrough of Railway Empire. This is my first walkthrough and I hope it's up to the high TrueAchievements standard you've all come to expect. This walkthrough will take you through the story and then the 11 scenarios you need to complete and will provide you with all you need to obtain the games 55 achievements.

(The 'Gone With The Headwind' scenario in the south-east region was included in a title update and is not required)

The majority of the game is not that difficult, with only a couple of the scenarios being a little more trouble to complete. I have included my personal ratings and the Month & Year I completed each scenario at the end of each scenario's write up so you know what you're aiming for if going for president rating on your first try.

There are separate pages for the campaign and then the scenarios are grouped into regions for your ease of navigation depending on which of those you want to tackle first.

Your looking at a minimum of around 30 hours to complete this game if everything goes your way (10 hours for the campaign and then 20 hours for scenarios), if however it doesn't go your way be prepared it can take considerably longer. One scenario, in particular, took me around 10/11 attempts to succeed and they don't play the same way every time so your method can fail one time but succeed on another attempt.

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