Railway Empire Walkthrough

10. DLC - Mexico

Welcome to the walkthrough for the Mexico DLC for Railway Empire!

To obtain the 8 achievements included in this DLC pack you are looking at playing the scenario and then a 100-year free mode game. Overall you are looking at 6-10 hours of game time to finish it.


The ¡Viva Mexico! scenario is different to the scenarios included in the standard game as it contains 19 tasks rather than the standard 10, and it has 2 separate task lists to choose from, one of which is far easier than the other to complete.

I would recommend putting the AI difficulty on Hard to make earning a president rating that little bit easier. Use the normal rail network and trainiac pause mode.

You begin this scenario with a station in Veracruz and 2 easy tasks to complete. Task 1 is simply to connect your network to Mexico City. Once this is done you can work on Task 2 which is to grow Mexico City to 55,000 population. Growing Mexico City to 55,000 only takes 5 different goods which are slightly different from the standard game (Wheat, Beer, Meat, Coffee, and Logs). Hook up lines to supply these goods to the city and then start expanding south to Oaxaca and Acapulco. You can also start supplying Oaxaca with the same 5 goods you are supplying to Mexico City to grow this city too.

Use your innovation points to unlock 'Precision Components' (100 points) and then the Stirling locomotive (300 points), then create a 'Passengers and Mail' train line between Mexico City and Veracruz - once this train has made a couple of journeys it should set a speed record and earn you the following:

Speedy Gonzalez in Railway Empire
Set a speed record with a Stirling in the Mexico scenario.
  • Unlocked by 70 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 2.50) 97

Very soon Task 2 should be complete and Task 3 presents itself which is to transport 50 loads of Coffee to Veracruz. Set up a train to do this now, then SAVE THE GAME! Once your newly created train arrives in Veracruz, you will be spoken to by Leland Stanford about ignoring Diaz and exporting 60 loads of Coffee via Acapulco (this is your alternative Task 3). Select the train that is supplying Coffee to Veracruz and change its train line to go to Acapulco instead. Create 2 more trains to deliver Coffee to Acapulco - once you have delivered 60 loads of Coffee to Acapulco you will complete the alternative Task 3 and earn the following achievement:

Open Borders in Railway Empire
Mexico scenario: associate yourself with Stanford.
  • Unlocked by 56 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 97

Now you want to load your earlier save, ignore Stanford, and continue to deliver Coffee to Veracruz. Whilst the Coffee is being delivered you can expand east to the cities of Campeche, Merida, and Belize City and start supplying these 3 cities with the 5 goods mentioned earlier.

Once 50 loads of Coffee are delivered to Veracruz you will complete Task 3 and earn the following achievement:

Mexico First in Railway Empire
Mexico scenario: associate yourself with Diaz.
  • Unlocked by 77 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 2.38) 97

We are now presented with Tasks 4-7 which are to grow the cities of Oaxaca and Campeche to 45,000 population and to grow Merida and Belize City to 60,000 population. If you don't already have these cities connected to your network and supplied with the 5 goods they need to expand, now is the time to do this. You will need another town to supply Beer for these cities - so you want to connect to Tuxtla and use the Brewery there (you can supply and grow Tuxtla as well). Belize City and Merida may need a little more supply to grow to 60,000 and there are Vegetables and Fruit nearby which will help them reach the required population.

As soon as you complete 1 of these 4 tasks you will receive Tasks 8-11 - which is to deliver 20 loads of Weapons to each of the 4 cities you were growing. Luckily, you don't need to construct a Weapons Factory as Weapons are imported to Mexico City, so simply set up a train line from Mexico City to each of the 4 cities.

Make sure your cities stay above 60% fulfillment and while they are growing you can connect the city of Tampico to Mexico City. Then connect the city of Nuevo Laredo to Tampico so that you are ready for your next tasks. Finally, connect the city of San Luis Potosi to the Milk/Coffee rural business north of Mexico City. Start growing San Luis Potosi and continue growing Mexico City as you need Mexico City to reach 105,000 population for a later Task. You will need to supply additional goods to keep it growing now as we cannot build a Museum. You will need to supply Sugar, Cotton, Milk, Vegetables, Fruit, and Mescal.

Once Tasks 4-11 are all complete you will receive Tasks 12-14 - which are for 3 Express lines between Veracruz, Mexico City, Tampico, and Nuevo Laredo - so create a 'Passengers and Mail' train line using the Stirling locomotive for each of these 3 lines and you will soon complete all 3 of these Tasks.

Next, you will receive Tasks 15-17 - which are to Transport 100 loads of fish, produce 2 loads of Canned Goods a week, and connect 1,000,000 people to your rail network. There is a Fishery just east of Veracruz which you can build a station at, then build and set up a Warehouse nearby to hold Fish. Next, connect these together and put a train to supply Fish to the Warehouse.

Once Mexico City reaches 105,000 population there will be demand for Canned Goods and as a result, you can now build a Steel Refinery and a Preservers - which you want to build in San Luis Potosi (demolish existing industries if there are no free slots). Expand both these industries as much as you can, then supply the Coal from Fernandez Pit to the north and Iron from Cuartero Quarry to the east. Set up a train to run from your Warehouse storing the Fish to San Luis Potosi and before long you should complete Tasks 15 & 16.

To connect 1,000,000 people to your network, simply connect to more cities and expand them with the 5 goods mentioned earlier. This will complete Task 17. Once complete, our final 2 tasks will be revealed as which are to gain a company value of $55,000,000 and buy out Don Lorenzo's company.

Task 18 should be complete or close to complete so you can turn your attention to Task 19. For this, you want to take out the maximum bonds you can and buy the maximum amount of your opponent's company you can straight away. You should have a good income, so just keep buying his company until you own 100% and Task 19 will be complete.

If you still need to increase your company value for Task 18, you can buy some businesses and industries, and once you hit $55,000,000 company value Task 18 will be complete.

Scenario complete! And as the rating screen loads up you should get the following 2 achievements:

¡Viva México! in Railway Empire
Completed the Mexico scenario.
  • Unlocked by 62 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 2.66) 97

El Presidente in Railway Empire
Complete the Mexico scenario as president.
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 3.54) 97

I personally completed it with the AI on Very Hard in July 1880 with a rating of 41.6

Free Mode

As there aren't any specific tasks to complete - and the task list is different every time you play a Free Mode game - there isn't much assistance I can give towards completing it. However, if you need to grow cities up to 55,000 population, then focus on the 5 goods mentioned in the scenario section and then add some of the higher goods and museums if you need a population boost. For connecting X amount of cities, businesses or stations simply connect the required amount of those and you will probably get a couple of other tasks such as build a museum/university at a specific city.

Load up a 100-year free mode game on the Mexico map using the normal rail network, 0 competitors, maximum starting money and use any start city.

Once you start, establish a decent network, connecting 4-8 cities and start growing them all so you are earning plenty of money. Once you hit $8,000,000+ you can build stations in each of the cities (25 in total) and connect them all to your network for the following achievement:

El Mariachi in Railway Empire
Connect all cities in a game in Mexico.
  • Unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 2.62) 97

Now you just need to complete this game for your final 2 achievements and there are 2 ways of doing this. The first method is to just keep playing the game until your last task expires and you will be shown the rating page or the second and quicker method is to simply complete all of your tasks. Once you do, the rating page will show. It should be noted you only need to complete 1 Task for these achievements - although completing all them is far quicker than waiting for them to expire. Either way, once your game is 'complete' you will unlock the following 2 achievements:

Gran Fiesta in Railway Empire
Complete a free game in Mexico.
  • Unlocked by 52 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 2.93) 97

Centennium in Railway Empire
Centennium79 (30)
Complete a 100 year era fee game.
  • Unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 2.64) 97

And that is 8/8 achievements for 200 Gamerscore and concludes this walkthrough!

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